American Floor Mats Review: Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles for Your Personal Workout Space
5 min read
May 9, 2022

American Floor Mats Review: Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles for Your Personal Workout Space

5 min read
May 9, 2022

Are you invested in keeping yourself fit and active but don't have the time to go to the gym often? Why not build your personal gym in your home? It will be more convenient for you and let you be on top of your fitness goals. Before you rush and get excited to furnish your space and buy your equipment, consider first what to do with your flooring. 

You don't want to ruin your floors with your heavy equipment. If you have a hardwood floor or stone, it may break, chip, and leave permanent marks on your flooring. But don't worry. This blog post will introduce an excellent floor mat to convert your living space into your personal gym. 

We can guarantee that these mats can protect your flooring as you grind through your fitness workouts.

warrior rubber gym tiles

A Review of American Floor Mat: The Warrior Rubber Gym Mats 

You will be surprised at the endless options for gym mats available in the market. These products may look the same and promise excellent flooring, but are they really worth it? 

We've picked one of the best flooring mats you can trust. So let's take a more detailed look into the Warrior Rubber Gym of American Mats and see if they are worth a shot. 

Extra-Thick Rubber Floor Mats

The first thing you need to look for in a rubber mat is its capability to protect your flooring. Don't settle for any rubber mat or your child's play mat in your personal gym. It will rip from the force of your heavy gears. Good thing the Warrior rubber mats are extra-thick and are specifically designed for spaces like this. 

The mats are crafted from heavy-duty rubber to accommodate intense workouts. They are available in different thicknesses: 1/4-, 1/2-, 3/8-, and 3/4-inch. All of these variations guarantee heavy-duty protection for your flooring. 

Wide Area Coverage and Easy Installation 

The Warrior rubber gym tiles are available in various sizes to make it easy for you to cover any space. The biggest rubber tile they have is 24 by 24 inches, covering 4 square feet. So, if you are covering a 24 square feet area, you will need only six of these rubber tiles to cover your floor completely. 

The rubber mats also come with easy installation. These rubber mats are interlocking, so you won't need any special equipment to put them together. Just snap the tiles together like puzzle pieces, and it is good to go. These tiles are also removable, so you can remove the mats as easily as you install them. 

Impact Protection

Aside from keeping your floors intact and protected, the Warrior gym rubber tiles can help you with your workout routine. Since the rubber tiles are extra-thick, it gives extra bounce and comfort as you take your every step. The thick rubber tiles absorb heavy impacts and vibrations that lessen the stress on your muscles and joints. As a result, it also helps prevent potential injuries. 


If you are looking for affordable but high-quality rubber mats, the Warrior gym tiles are your best option. Depending on your thickness and size preference, each tile may cost $14 to $39. But if you plan to buy in bulk for larger areas of your house or business purposes, American mats give a wholesale discount to their buyers.  

Product Lowlights of the Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles 

It is safe to say that all flooring types have disadvantages, and the Warrior rubber gym tiles may have some drawbacks you will encounter. Here are some of the lowlights of the product to consider before you buy them. 

Chipped Joints 

Since the rubber mats are interlocking, you need to snap them together to bind the tiles. Some users report that some tiles have chipped joints and can't bind them together properly. As a result, the tiles are wobbly and shaky, which causes the flooring mats to move in place. When this happens, accidents can occur that can lead to injuries. 

Customers also report that the rubber tiles have poor packaging, which may cause some of the tiles to be damaged. To be sure, buy from direct suppliers. Other resellers tend to sell damaged or second-hand items of poor quality. 

Different Sizes in One Package 

Some of the packages contain different sizes of tiles which will make it impossible for you to interlock the tiles together. Another tile issue is that the rubber mats' sides are not straight, so they won't interlock together. You can have the tiles replaced, but according to some buyers that returned their product, it takes a long time before someone addresses their concern. So instead, they opt to buy a new piece or package to compensate for the wrong size tile.

gym with black rubber floor mats 

Rubber Tiles Maintenance 

Before we end our review of the American floor mats Warrior rubber tiles, here are some tips to help you maintain and enjoy your rubber tiles for longer periods. 

  • Use warm water to clean and mop your floors. It will help lift off any dirt and stain off your tiles. Be careful not to use too hot water because it can melt your rubber tiles, creating an uneven surface. 
  • Proper maintenance of your rubber tiles includes wearing the proper shoes. Inside your personal gym, always wear trainers on your mats. Don't walk on your rubber mats with high heels because you may puncture them or create permanent dent marks. 
  • Use mild dish soap for cleaning your tiles. Avoid cleaners with bleach, for it may cause discoloration on colored tiles. Moreover, you don't need to polish your rubbers. Floor oil or wax will make their surface slippery. 
  • There are commercial rubber tile sealers to coat your surface to keep your rubber tiles from flaking or deterioration. These sealers will ensure your rubber mats will last longer. Just make sure to sweep and free your surface of any dirt and debris before coating. 
  • Practice sweeping and vacuuming your rubber tile surface regularly. Normal dust and dirt don't stick on your mats, so running a broom over them every after use will keep them clean. 

Final Thoughts 

It is essential to know that not all flooring types are compatible with your activities. But there are mats available to protect and cover your precious flooring. We hope this American floor mats review helps you choose the suitable flooring for your personal fitness space. 

American Floor Mats boast a selection of various floor mats; you may browse the products to explore more options. For more detailed reviews on flooring protection like rugs, mats, and carpets, you may visit our blogs for more information. 

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