Get Rid of Carpet Corner Curls with These 4 Carpet Holder Grips for Hard Floors
4 min read
April 27, 2022

Get Rid of Carpet Corner Curls with These 4 Carpet Holder Grips for Hard Floors

4 min read
April 27, 2022

Imagine finding a pretty piece of rug online. You can totally see it matching your living room flooring, so you save up money for it.

You click the checkout button, happy that you got a good deal for a carpet you've been frothing over for months. And then it arrives. You unwrap it and roll it on the floor, and there it is—the annoying curls on the corners that you just can’t flatten. You're frustrated because your vacuum cleaner always catches those carpet curls.

Carpets are beautiful home decoration pieces—except when they curl. But some installation tools can prevent carpet corners from curling before you even get your favorite carpet. So here are four of the best carpet and rug floor grips to hold down those annoying curls.

carpet holder grips for hard floors
 - Black Gorilla Grip tape

Best Seller: Gorilla Grip

Gripper Details

Gripper Size: 8 × 2 inches
Options: 8, 12, 16, and 24 pieces

High Points of Gorilla Grip 

It has a strong and long-lasting flooring surface grip. Gorilla Grip's outstanding feature is its proprietary carpet tape adhesive that can hold down any carpet or rug. In particular, it prevents bubbling and curling, which can cause accidents indoors. The Gorilla Grip carpet and rug pad also maintains the same level of stickiness even after several months on the floor surface.

Hurdles When Using Gorilla Grip

It can damage some flooring surfaces. While Gorilla Grip is true to the value it offers, it may not be for everyone. If you have laminate, vinyl, linoleum, or hardwood flooring with a weak lacquer surface, the gripper may peel off the floor print when you pull it.

Where You Can Check Out Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip is a brand you can trust to keep the carpet curls and bubbles away on floors with moderate foot traffic. Learn more about Gorilla Grip on Amazon.

Marketplace Choice: Sahhika

Gripper Details

Gripper Size: 3.9 × 3.9 inches
Materials Used: Silicone, polyethylene terephthalate
Options: 10 pieces

High Points of Sahhika 

Peels without residue. The Sahhika triangle rug gripper is fitted with a mild adhesive because its wider coverage area compensates for it. As a result, their carpet holders can grip tile floors without any leftover glue. That means you can easily remove the carpet for repositioning or cleaning without worrying about the gripper leaving a mess on the hardwood floor.

Hurdles When Using Sahhika

Adhesion may not last long in high-activity areas. For instance, your area rug or carpet may not hold up long if you have kids and pets around. The adhesive may loosen up if they trip on the carpet even at a moderate force.

Where You Can Check Out Sahhika

Solo-living adults and couples who are into beautifying their homes for themselves and their guests will benefit from this gripper. Uncover what else Sahhika can offer on Amazon.

Rising Star: Yoohi

Gripper Details

Gripper Size: 8.62 × 5.59 inches
Materials Used: Silicone
Options: 10 pieces

High Points of Yoohi 

Unique design with wide coverage. Yoohi's clover leaf design makes this gripper adaptable to round- or square-shaped rugs and carpets. Its size is also larger than most grippers, making it capable of supporting heavy area rugs and carpets installed in your living room flooring.

Hurdles When Using Yoohi

It doesn't reach the carpet edges. The clover leaf-shaped design will not get into the corners of a typical carpet, making the edges vulnerable. You may find the carpet corner curling up after a while, or you may trip on the carpet and accidentally peel the gripper.

Where You Can Check Out Yoohi

Yoohi is your choice of carpet holder grip for round-shaped carpets or those with rounded corners. If your home has carpets and rugs like that, Yoohi is worth a look on Amazon.

Highly Rated: SlipToGrip

Gripper Details

Gripper Size: 6.6 × 6.6 × 5 inches (Triangle)
Materials Used: Polyethylene terephthalate
Options: 4 pieces

High Points of SlipToGrip 

Uncommon adhesive. SlipToGrip has a hook-and-loop carpet holder grip for your floor carpet to keep it from curling. What's cool about this feature is it allows frequent peeling. You can easily remove your rug or carpet when you need to and pop it back quickly as often as you like.

Hurdles When Using SlipToGrip

Hook-and-loop nonslip rug pads are prone to dirt accumulation. SlipToGrip's innovative adhesive design consists of tiny hooks and loops that can attract dirt when you're sweeping the hardwood floor. Unfortunately, the trapped dirt can weaken the bonding strength of the rug gripper.

Where You Can Check Out SlipToGrip

SlipToGrip is for homeowners concerned about keeping their carpets clean and their floors away from the sticky adhesive. You can explore more of SlipToGrip's amazing features on Amazon.

carpet holder grips for hard floors
 - A woman and her children playing on the area rug

Gorilla Grip Can Straighten Those Carpet Curls

Bond strength is the main feature that we want. It is the solution for keeping your carpet's corners from curling. And Gorilla Grip's strong adhesive proves to be one of the best carpet holder grips for hard floors. It can straighten out your rugs, no matter what the size or shape.

Because the adhesive is strong, it can weather heavy traffic. Gorilla Grip keeps its firm hold on both the carpet and the hard floor, whether you have kids and pets frolicking or guests coming over. Thus, you won't have to worry about the annoying corners that trip people over. The gripper will keep the carpet straight for a long time.

Want to discover more tools like carpet holder grips? Explore our website. We’ve got tons of reviews and buying guides for different flooring products. So check them out now and be a wiser homeowner.

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