4 Rug Tapes for Hardwood Floors That Every Homeowner Needs
4 min read
May 2, 2022

4 Rug Tapes for Hardwood Floors That Every Homeowner Needs

4 min read
May 2, 2022

Imagine having to run across the room to get to something—perhaps the cookies burning in the oven or a leaking faucet. Then, in a split second, your back is flat on the hardwood flooring. You just tripped on a rug, and now you're stiff and cannot breathe.

Unsecured rugs and carpets can cause injury, and you can be its next victim. Worse, it can happen to your friends and loved ones expecting your carpets to be firmly installed. 

You’ll need an installation tool to prevent accidents from happening. So explore these rug tapes and see which suits your home carpet safety needs.

rug tape hardwood floor - A blue and turquoise rug with a TechPro patch under it

Best Seller: Techpro 

Quick Gripper Specs

Dimensions: 3.9 × 3.9 inches
Materials: Polyester fiber, acrylic resin
Varieties: 4, 8, 12, and 16 pieces

What Separates Techpro 

Techpro uses Vacuum Tech on their rug tapes. Underneath the square patch is a foam with hundreds of pores that suction the surface with applied pressure. This technology helps the patch adhere firmly onto the hardwood or vinyl flooring even without sticky glue.

Challenges to Expect from Techpro

It may loosen if pressure is released. It's awesome that your flooring will remain free of sticky adhesives. But the suction technology may lose its grip as pressure is released over time.

Where You Can Get Techpro

Techpro is a fantastic rug corner tape for hardwood floors with moderate to high traffic. If you're interested to find out more, check out Techpro on Amazon.

Marketplace Choice: Rabenda 

Quick Gripper Specs

Dimensions: 5.75 × 5.39 inches (package)
Materials: Polyurethane
Varieties: 12 pieces only

What Separates Rabenda 

Its triangle gripper design makes Rabenda an outstanding carpet tape for area rugs on the hardwood floor. The triangular shape makes it easy to tuck into the corners of carpets and rugs. Plus, the gripper tape has a wider coverage area that strengthens its grip on the hardwood floor.

Challenges to Expect from Rabenda

Its grip can be inconsistent. Rabenda uses a double-sided adhesive to attach the gripper to the rug and the floor, and how you handle the installation may affect the tape’s stickiness. So plan how you will bond the gripper to the rug and the floor.

Where You Can Get Rabenda

Rabenda is an easy choice for anyone with an area carpet or rug at home. If this product will suit your carpet needs, see Rabenda on Amazon.

Rising Star: Sollifa

Quick Gripper Specs

Dimensions: 7.08 × 1.18 inches (package)
Materials: Silicone, polyethylene terephthalate
Varieties: 16 pieces only

What Separates Sollifa 

Its grip is stable and long-lasting. Sollifa can keep heavy carpets and rugs in place, and the adhesive is enough to keep playful kids away from injuries.

It's also ergonomic. The thin, rectangular gripper has parallel sides that can form a triangle when used with another gripper. As a result, it reduces the coverage area and makes it easier to pull the carpet or rug out.

Challenges to Expect from Sollifa

The adhesive is too tough. The glue material used on both sides of the gripper is its strength, but you might have to contend with it when it's time to clean the carpet. If you're installing the tape on a linoleum or laminate flooring, it can peel off the floor's surface.

Where You Can Get Sollifa

Sollifa is a certified heavy-duty rug tape for hardwood floors with large carpets and rugs situated in high-traffic areas. Kids and pets will enjoy playing on the carpet when you have this around. See more of Sollifa on Amazon.

Highly Rated: TFS

Quick Gripper Specs

Dimensions: 7.08 × 1.18 inches (package)
Materials: Silicone, polyethylene terephthalate
Varieties: 8 rectangle pieces + 6 triangle pieces

What Separates TFS 

It gives you glue-free floors. Some gripper tapes have too many adhesives on them. Not only does this make them a hassle to remove, but they also leave sticky marks on your floor. TFS solves this issue by applying its own adhesive formula that you can easily remove and leaves no marks.

It also offers a variety of grippers. It's awesome that you get two types of grip design: a triangle and a rectangle. You thus have the option of choosing the gripper type that's most effective for your carpet's size or shape.

Challenges to Expect from TFS

It may not be suitable for high-traffic areas. It does not leave any marks when you remove them because the adhesive has mild to moderate stickiness. So if you have kids or pets that like to mess around the carpet, it may give out.

Where You Can Get TFS

TFS is an excellent gripper for adults living alone and occasionally hosting a few friends. This gripper will make sure your floor looks good while keeping you and your friends safe from slipping and falling. Check out TFS on Amazon if you want to know more.

rug tape hardwood floor - A man and a woman moving a roll of rug in the living room

Innovative tape design coupled with the no-glue Vacuum Techn makes Techpro the perfect choice for homeowners. It is easy to remove when you need to wash the rug or if you're moving out of the property. Plus, you can use this gripper in wet areas like the bathroom or the kitchen.

Explore our blog if you want to see more rug or carpet tape products and widen your options. We have buying guides and product reviews waiting for you to skim through so that you can buy just what you wish for.

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