Create Chip-free Cuts Using These 4 Best Saw Blades for Cutting Laminate Flooring
4 min read
June 27, 2022

Create Chip-free Cuts Using These 4 Best Saw Blades for Cutting Laminate Flooring

4 min read
June 27, 2022

Are you bothered with certain scratches on your laminate floor? Are your cuts never as clean as you want them to be? The saw blade might be the culprit. And when it comes to repairs, using the right saw blade is important to make your work look more professional. 

We all know that laminate is one of the toughest floor types due to its aluminum oxide protection layer that quickly wears out any cutting blade. This article explores the four types of saw blades suitable for laminate flooring. Each is strategically designed to produce smooth cuts without leaving behind any leftover laminate floor pieces. 

Our Top Pick for Circular Blade: WEN Professional Circular Blade

one of the best saw blades for cutting laminate flooring

A circular blade lets you cut through the toughest materials cleanly and precisely. It's also much easier to manage than other saws, so you'll be less likely to make mistakes while cutting. Best of all, it's a specific saw blade that's less prone to leaving floor cracks and chips. 

If you're a big fan of a saw blade that can work in a pinch, here's something from the WEN store you might like.

Product Name: WEN Professional Circular Blade
Arbor Size15.88 mm
Number of Teeth4
Tooth MaterialPolycrystalline diamond-tipped
Blade Diameter184 mm
Blade Kerf1.8 mm

What is it about the WEN Circular Blade that we love?

WEN Professional Circular Blade blade can handle everything—from light-duty pruning to heavy-duty fence cleanings such as fiber cement or laminate flooring. It has a 4-teeth polycrystalline diamond-tipped blade and a large arbor hole that can cut through the laminate floor's protective layer. Moreover, this saw blade's dimensions are perfect for making precise cuts and reducing minimal waste.

What isn't there to love about this circular saw blade?

We love that this blade doesn't create floor chips, however, it's only compatible with most 7-1/4-inch circular, tile, and track saws. Aside from these saws, the outcomes are likely to be mediocre.

Our Top Pick for Miter Blade: MAKITA Miter Saw Blade

MAKITA Miter Saw Blade

We’re not biased about which is the best blade to use for cutting laminate flooring, but if you ask us, Miter saw blades are topnotch. These flooring saw blades are made from high carbide steel with a unique tooth shape that reduces chipping and splintering. Plus, the negative hook angle of this blade prevents the blade from snagging on the cut material ensuring a smooth finish every time.

If a miter blade is your choice, the MAKITA saw blade has these features and more for your laminate floor:

Product Name: MAKITA Miter Saw Blade
Arbor Size15.88 mm
Number of Teeth80
Tooth MaterialMicro-Grain Carbide
Blade Diameter254 mm
Blade Kerf2.31 mm

What makes a MAKITA miter blade so great?

Makita's A-93681 miter saw blade has 80 carbide-tipped teeth with a modest 5-degree inclination to decrease chipping and extend blade life. Its 10-inch blade diameter and thin kerf support the teeth, enabling the saw to cut through the flooring with minimal resistance and strain on the motor. Its micro-polished finish also improves the cutting effectiveness of the blade.

What isn’t there to love about this miter blade?

It produces a loud sound like a jet engine taking off, and it may be an annoyance to your neighbors at any time of day or night.

Our Top Pick for Jigsaw Blade: BOSCH Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blade Set

BOSCH Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blade

Did you know that the jigsaw blade's teeth are closer together than those on a typical saw blade? It helps to keep the blade from getting trapped in the material. But if you want to know more, read on to see why BOSCH could also be the best saw blade for cutting laminate for your flooring needs.

Product Name: BOSCH Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blade
Arbor Size
Number of Teeth36
Tooth MaterialCarbide Strip
Blade Diameter91 mm
Blade Kerf

Why did we go for a BOSCH Jigsaw blade?

Each blade in the set measures 3.62 inches and has 14 teeth. The heat-resistant carbide teeth are arranged in a mix of small and large teeth, with the front teeth slanted back and the back teeth angled forward. This teeth design allows the blade to cut more aggressively and prevents the floor from cracking.

What could possibly be wrong with this jigsaw blade?

The most significant limitation here is that it is sluggish to cut. The BOSCH Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blade is designed to move up and down rather than side to side. As a result, it takes longer to cut with a jigsaw than with a traditional saw. So, if you're working on a time-sensitive project, you might want to look for a different blade.

Our Top Pick for Laser-Cut Blade: NORSKE Tools Laser Cut Blade

Norske Tools Circular Laser Cut Blade

Laser-cut blades are made of exceptionally hard, brittle materials that will not dull after continuous usage. Compared to standard blades, it also produces far less dust and debris. This is an extremely crucial feature because even little dust particles can cause the material to chip or shatter easily.

Let's look at the NORSKE Tools saw blade’s other components and why it offers excellent precision cutting and low dust production. 

Product Name: Norske Tools Circular Laser Cut Blade
Arbor Size15.88 mm
Number of Teeth40
Tooth MaterialLaser Cut
Blade Diameter203 mm
Blade Kerf

What made us choose a Norske Tool blade?

Norske Tools designed this circular laser-cut blade with great performance in heavy load applications in mind. Norske Tool’s best saw blade for cutting laminate wood flooring has a 15.88 mm arbor and can easily cut through an array of materials. Its 203 mm diameter also gives tons of cutting force while remaining lightweight. In addition, the kerf or width of the blade minimizes the spread of dust and debris.

What's not to love about this laser-cut blade?

The only downside to this Norske Tools Circular Laser Cut Blade is that it is a little wide so you'll have to use a little pressure when cutting through tough materials.

Say Goodbye To Never-Ending Floor Dusts and Cuts

Chipping is a regular occurrence when cutting laminate flooring. It's unpleasant and might detract from the whole glance of your flooring installation. Luckily, these four saw blades are designed to help you avoid chipping while cutting your flooring. We've also included our top pick for each blade type to make it easy to choose the right one for your needs.

Now that you have the best saw blades for cutting laminate flooring, it's time to start your project! Be sure to browse our website for great tips and advice on everything—from flooring tools to flooring repairs.

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