Grizzly One: The Best Hardwood Floor Adhesive for Floors that Stick Around for Decades
4 min read
July 26, 2022

Grizzly One: The Best Hardwood Floor Adhesive for Floors that Stick Around for Decades

4 min read
July 26, 2022

Hardwood floors are a classic choice for beauty and durability, but even the best hardwood flooring can start to show wear and tear after a few years. This is where a good hardwood floor adhesive comes in.

The right adhesive will keep your floors looking new for decades while also providing a level of comfort and flexibility that other adhesives can’t match. There are many different types of hardwood floor adhesives, but one product that stands out above the rest is the Grizzly Polyurethane Adhesive.

The Grizzly One as a Hardwood Floor Adhesive

Grizzly Glue has been the leading manufacturer of polyurethane adhesives since 1992, and they’ve been offering quality adhesives for artisans and woodworkers for decades. They innovate adhesive products that decrease bonding time greatly while providing maximum bonding strength. 

The brand made three popular kinds of adhesive for different applications, but let’s take a closer look at the Grizzly One to see why it’s the best hardwood floor adhesive glue to use for hardwood floors.

Product Specifications

Item Volume Selection16 oz32 oz128 oz640 oz
Consistency7500 cps
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Compatible MaterialsWoodStone
Working TemperatureAbove 40°F
Working Time25-35 minutes
Clamp Time2-5 hours
Shelf Life15 months
ApplicationsInterior Exterior
hardwood floor adhesive-1 – Grizzly One adhesive in 640 oz

What We Love About The Product


Grizzly One is a multi-purpose adhesive that you can use to bond a variety of materials, including wood, concrete, glass, and metal. This makes it an ideal choice for numerous applications, such as hardwood flooring installation. You can even use it as a rug adhesive for hardwood floors. Moreover, the Grizzly One Wood Glue readily stains and can be colored to match your hardwood flooring.

7500 Cps Viscosity

Unlike other adhesives that contract as they dry, the Grizzly One expands. The expansion process helps fill any gaps or voids, ensuring a tight bond between the flooring and the subfloor. The high viscosity ensures that the adhesive will stay in place and not run off when applied to the floor which prevents the floor from coming loose over time.

One of the best things about this adhesive is that it doesn’t creep, which keeps the glue in place and prevents it from running down the sides of the wood planks. This makes it much easier to achieve a professional-looking finish.

Short Clamp Time

The short clamp time of two to five hours ensures that the floors will be securely in place and the adhesive cures in about 12 hours. This is ideal for quick and efficient repairs or installations.

In addition, it has an extended working time of 25-35 minutes, which gives installers plenty of time to make adjustments before the adhesive sets.

Industrial Grade

The industrial grade adhesive is a versatile product you can use for interior and exterior flooring applications. Its tough, durable quality can withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use.


The Grizzly One Wood Glue is solvent-free and eco-friendly, so rest assured that it is safe for your home and the environment. 


You can choose from a variety of package sizes. Thus, you can purchase enough adhesive you need for your flooring, avoiding any leftovers or waste. It also has a low consumption rate, so you get more bang for your buck.

What We Think Could Improve About The Product

The clamp time and curing time could be shorter so that installers can finish their projects faster and more efficiently. 


The Grizzly One adhesive is a top-of-the-line product that offers many benefits for bonding materials including hardwood, concrete, glass, and metal. It’s a versatile adhesive made of polyurethane that’s eco-friendly. Furthermore, it ensures an industrial bonding strength and is resistant to extreme moisture and temperature. 

Some installers may find the clamp time of two to five hours quite long, but the Grizzly One adhesive offers a quicker clamp time compared to other brands. The clamp time also depends on the thickness of the adhesive you apply. Additionally, you can work with this adhesive for 25-35 minutes, so you can make as many adjustments as needed before the glue sets.

The hardwood floor glue or adhesive also expands as it dries, ensuring that it fills any adhesive gaps or voids in between your flooring and subfloor. This makes it much easier to achieve a professional-looking finish. In addition, it has a low consumption rate and comes in a variety of package sizes to fit your specific needs. Grizzly One gives you great value for your money, so you don’t have to look further when it comes to quality flooring adhesives.

hardwood floor adhesive-2 – installing hardwood flooring

What to Look for in a Hardwood Flooring Adhesive

Before deciding whether or not the Grizzly One Adhesive is worth the investment, here are factors to consider when it comes to choosing quality hardwood flooring adhesives:

  • The hardwood flooring adhesive should be flexible so that you can work with it easily.
  • The adhesive should accommodate wood movement during installation.
  • The flooring glue should have a fast clamp and curing time.
  • The glue should not contract as it dries; it should expand instead for excellent flooring and subfloor bonding strength.
  • The hardwood flooring adhesive should be readily stained and colored.
  • The adhesive should be sanded and scraped off easily.
  • The glue should be ideal for various woodworking needs so that you can use it for professional, industrial, and commercial applications.

Final Thoughts

Our verdict? The Grizzly One polyurethane adhesive is the ideal glue you’re looking for in your hardwood flooring project. You can use Grizzly Glue’s innovative, construction-grade glue in a variety of applications, including interior and exterior applications. It not only guarantees an industrial bonding strength but also ensures an easy application process. 

If you’re interested in more flooring topics, don’t hesitate to explore our website. offers a variety of content, including product reviews, buying guides, and flooring-related blogs. So you can find all the information you need before purchasing flooring or related products.

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