Enjoy Cookouts All Year Round By Upgrading Your Patio: Interbuild Deck Flooring Review
5 min read
July 28, 2022

Enjoy Cookouts All Year Round By Upgrading Your Patio: Interbuild Deck Flooring Review

5 min read
July 28, 2022

Cookouts are a summer tradition, but they can be just as fun whatever the season! But if your patio isn't ready for all the action, it can quickly become frustrating. So if you're looking for a way to upgrade your patio and make cookouts last all year long, consider upgrading your deck flooring.

Upgrading your patio with deck flooring is a great renovation project to make it more pleasant for everyone. In this article, we'll review the Interbuild Acacia Deck Tiles. We'll also discuss how it compares to a plastic floor tile and how to install it. Read on to find out more.

Wood vs. Plastic Deck Flooring: Against The Elements

Deciding between wood and plastic for your deck flooring tiles is a big decision. Both wood and plastic deck flooring have their pros and cons when it comes to weather resistance.

Wood is vulnerable to rot and mold, but it can be treated with chemicals that help protect it from the elements. It doesn't absorb heat quickly due to its low thermal conductivity, but it retains the heat longer than plastic. This is bad news for people who like to go barefoot out on the patio under the glaring sun. Wood flooring is also more susceptible to water, sun, and insect damage, so it needs to be well-sealed and coated to maintain it in good condition.

Plastic is not as susceptible to rot and mold but can fade in direct sunlight. It also reacts more to temperature changes which may shrink or expand the flooring. This is not a good attribute for all-weather flooring, especially during the scorching heat of the summers and the harsh cold of the winters. As for its heat conductivity, it absorbs more ambient heat than wood but dissipates it rather quickly. Plastic can also get brittle in cold conditions and chip or scratch easily.

Finally, there is the question of appearance. Some homeowners prefer the raw look of hardwood, while others prefer the clean look of plastic. Both materials will experience fading down the line, but wood is easier to maintain because you can apply a protective coating to protect it.

The consensus? Wood is better for outdoor flooring, so we chose the Interbuild Acacia Deck Tiles for your patio deck flooring upgrade.

deck flooring - wooden flooring tiles

Interbuild Acacia Hardwood Patio Deck Tiles

Price: $59.99 (10-Pack)

Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 0.6"

Interbuild Deck Tiles are a great way to spruce up your grass or concrete patio floor. These tiles are made of acacia hardwood material, which is a durable and beautiful wood that is perfect for the outdoors. The tiles are easy to install, and they come with a special interlocking system that makes them sturdy and stable. These deck tiles are a great choice for anyone who wants an attractive natural wood deck that will last through the seasons.


  • The tiles are made of durable, FSC-certified Acacia wood.
  • Quick installation with the interlocking clips.
  • Attached to a plastic base built like a net to allow drainage and airflow.
  • Great for outdoor use all year round.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Easy to maintain and repair deck tiles compared to deck flooring rolls.
  • Thick enough to walk on comfortably but thin enough to easily fit under patio doors.
  • Lasts long with proper care and maintenance.
  • Also great for bathroom and poolside use.
  • Different wood hues are available for styling options.


  • The color looks like it’s spray painted on the wood.
  • Some of the interlocking clips will come broken; best to ask for a replacement when this happens.
  • The plastic base and screws will wear down faster than the wood board.
  • It’s hard to snap the tiles together on soft ground; you will need a flat surface like a concrete floor or paved ground.

Remarkable Qualities of The Interbuild Acacia Deck Tiles

Interbuild's deck flooring is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking to update their outdoor space. And it's no wonder – these real wood tiles offer several remarkable qualities that make them an ideal option for any patio, deck, or porch. 

Eco-friendly Wood Decking

This flooring solution is an eco-friendly choice for your wood decking needs. The wood or lumber used in these tiles is FSC-certified, meaning it was sourced from a Forest Stewardship Council-approved forest. This certification ensures that the forest is managed responsibly, with a commitment to conservation and the well-being of local communities.

In addition, FSC-certified wood is often less expensive than other types of wood, making Interbuild Acacia Deck Tiles a great value and an eco-friendly choice. When you choose Interbuild Acacia Deck Tiles for your flooring project, you can be confident that you are making a responsible choice for the environment.

Easy DIY Installation

If you're looking for an easy, DIY way to upgrade your patio flooring, these tiles are a great option. These tiles have a plastic base with interlocking clips that make them quick and easy to install - no nails or screws required. Plus, they're easy to clean and maintain, and they're an affordable way to give your deck or patio a fresh new look. Here's a step-by-step guide to installing interlocking acacia deck tiles:

1. Start by laying the first deck tile in the corner of your patio.

2. Clip the interlocking tabs on the sides of the tile into the base of the next tile. Do this for all the tiles until you're done.

3. That's it! Enjoy your new outdoor patio flooring!

Durable Flooring Solution

The Interbuild Acacia Hardwood Patio Deck Tiles are the perfect tiles to create a durable, solid wood deck for your home. These tiles are made from Acacia hardwood designed to withstand the elements and provide a beautiful, natural look for your deck. The tiles are easy to install and can be used on any flat surface, making them perfect for both newly constructed and renovated decks.

Acacia is a strong, stable wood resistant to rot and scratches, making it an ideal material for outdoor use. In addition, the wood is naturally slip-resistant so that you can enjoy your bbq party without worry. With regular coating and maintenance, these will last for the seasons to come, providing you with a beautiful, solid surface on which to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends.

Host Your Next Cookout On Fresh Floors

Deck flooring is a great way to enjoy cookouts all year round. Not only does it add an extra layer of comfort for your feet, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your backyard oasis. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your patio, we recommend taking a look at the Interbuild Acacia Hardwood Patio Deck Tiles. 

These tiles are made of premium acacia hardwood and feature a simple interlocking design that makes them quick and easy to install. Plus, they come with a 5-year warranty, so you know Interbuild stands behind the quality of their deck tiles. So, are you ready to host your next cookout on fresh new floors?

If you're planning your next flooring project, browse through our posts for more flooring reviews to find the best flooring solution for every corner of your home.

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