Travel at Home: 5 Flooring Transition Ideas That Can Take You Anywhere
4 min read
November 8, 2021

Travel at Home: 5 Flooring Transition Ideas That Can Take You Anywhere

4 min read
November 8, 2021

Sometimes, you just really want to get away from everything and be someplace else with a different view from the usual. Fortunately, traveling doesn't always require luxury and huge distances— you can still have a casual picnic in the park or a trip to the nearby beach. 

But traveling has become difficult since the pandemic. While some places aren't necessarily banned or closed, there are new safety considerations. Some of them include wearing masks, social distancing, and disinfection. They might seem like minor tasks, but they can get in the way of your carefree and fun-filled trip.

This is where flooring transitions come in handy. Now, you don't have to step out of your home and you don't have to spend a luxury to travel. Instead, you can bring a multidimensional feel to your home through floor transitions. This article will discuss creative flooring transition ideas. Let's bring your traveling dreams to reality!

5 Floor Transition Ideas to Enhance Your Staycation Experience

Here are five transition ideas that will take you to a new setting without ever having to leave home!

#1: Bring the Ocean In: Wave-Cut to Wood Transition

When the weather gets hot or you live in places far from water bodies, the beach often comes to mind. It's a refreshing break from the busy urban life. However, if you can't afford a beach trip, you can bring the ocean waves to your bathroom or guest room instead. Whether it's tile, sheet, or plank installation of a certain material, wave-cut floor transition is possible and gives a different texture on your feet. 

#2: An Outdoor Extension: Wood to Stone Entryway Transition

The entryway is your home's first impression. It is also a turning point leading to different parts of your house. The last thing you want for this area is to feel uninviting or look boring. Stone flooring resembles the brick roads outside that look nice to walk on. It also matches the rough texture and visuals of wood. Give your home an outdoor feel for a start!

luxurious entryway view image

#3: Cowboy Life: Tile to Wood Plank Flooring

Are you a fan of classic western movies? Have you ever thought of living in a similar setting? Hardwood to tile transition is perfect for a western-themed room. It's not only easy to install, but it also makes a part of your home look rustic and classy at the same time. So if you want an authentic yet modern feel of cowboy life in a part of your house, this transition is your go-to. 

#4: For the Classic and Artistic: Wood to Accent Mosaic Flooring

If elegant and artistic touches best reflect your personality and interests, why not have them in a certain part of your home? Mosaic flooring makes a colorful and elegant transition from the outdoor look of wood. You may use it in large amounts or floor transition strips. Either way, both make your room feel different without making an entire home renovation. 

#5: For the Nature Lover: Tile to Laminate Flooring 

Whether you connect to nature through plants, animals, or elements like fire and earth, you can bring all of them into your home through flooring transitions. For example, a walk on leaf-shaped laminate floors will make you feel like you're strolling through a forest. Another option is a wood floor transition, where wood planks with tree bark designs take you closer to Mother Nature without stepping outside.

What Are Other Purposes of Flooring Transitions?

Flooring transitions can do more than "travel at home" decorations. Here are three more purposes of floor transitioning in the structural aspect. 

Flooring Structure Security

Flooring transitions become necessary when you need a shift in floor construction. It can be an installation of different tiles, blocks, or any material. Floor transitions won't damage the old floors and protect the flooring edges from wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic. 

Floor to Carpet Transition

Flooring transition is necessary when replacing a carpet with a different size, such as tile to carpet transition. A floor transition strip can help protect the original floor from damage caused by the rug's edges or chemical components, especially hardwood floors. 

white carpet on wood flooring image

Adding Floor Layers

In some cases, you might want to install more flooring layers on top of what already exists. This can be done smoothly and creatively using floor transitions and strips. 

Final Thoughts

Floor transitions are a must-have if you have a dynamic flooring plan. It gives your space visual appeal and allows you to get creative, such as recreating your favorite outdoor spots at home. They also protect and enhance the durability of the flooring structure and make transitioning more elegant and fluid in style.

There's a wide range of flooring materials and designs in the market, so you can be creative to your heart's content. However, always keep security and durability in mind, especially the use of transition strips. You will need that to handle your flooring projects properly. 

We hope that your flooring plans bring you a livelier lifestyle amid tough times!

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