Flooring Epoxy: Everything You Need to Know About This Lasting Floor Protection
5 min read
February 9, 2022

Flooring Epoxy: Everything You Need to Know About This Lasting Floor Protection

5 min read
February 9, 2022

Almost every flooring type has disadvantages in specific conditions. That's why it's hard to choose affordable flooring that will beautify your house and stand the test of time. 

If you think traditional flooring options such as solid hardwood, stone, or tile flooring are not for you, maybe epoxy is the perfect solution for your needs. 

Epoxy is an unconventional flooring choice, but it is a great option. It's easy to install, durable, and cost-effective; you can mix and match to create your flooring design. 

In this blog post, we'll cover all the things you need to know about epoxy flooring and why it is the perfect flooring for homeowners like you. 

What Are Epoxy Floors? 

The primary ingredient of epoxy floor coating is resin. Often mixed with a hardening chemical, resin creates a strong plastic-like material and an excellent quick-fix flooring. It also has a surface that does not react when in contact with other substances. 

Many people often confuse epoxy coating with epoxy floors. In reality, they are the same thing. Their only difference is the method of installation. When you coat the floor with epoxy, your main purpose is to give it a protective layer. On the other hand, epoxy floors are the result of repeatedly pouring the epoxy substance onto the base floor until the floor is at least two millimeters thick with the resin mixture. 

concrete flooring with epoxy floor coating

The Pros of Epoxy Floors 

You may be new to using epoxy in flooring, so we'll help you explore its different features and decide if this is the most suitable flooring for your home. 

Design and Appearance 

The designs you can make with this substance are limitless. You've probably seen it used on decorative tabletops or lamps. 

Epoxy floors have a bright finish that makes any room look enticing. This type of flooring is best for garages and large function halls because it requires little maintenance to keep its professional and new-looking appearance. 

When it comes to epoxy floors, your imagination is the limit. Some designers put glitters or epoxy paint for aesthetics. You can even use stones and Legos! You can do so many things with epoxy that you can’t with other floors. 

Affordable Cost 

If you are looking for the most affordable flooring material for your home, you’ve made the right choice. The starting price of epoxy flooring is $3 per square foot, and this only includes the actual substances you will pour onto your base floor. You can buy an epoxy flooring kit for concrete separately, and other tools will cost no more than $10. 

Additionally, epoxy installation does not need professional help; it can be a DIY project for homeowners. With the proper tools and a little patience, you can give your living space beautiful flooring in no time. 

Protective Layer 

People often use epoxy on concrete floors, but you can also coat wooden floors with it. It will then act as a protective layer for your base floor and slow down its deterioration. 

In addition, epoxy can prevent stains, dents, and grease. As a result, you can save on maintenance-related costs such as cleaning grouts and repairing cracks in the long run. 

Epoxy also protects your base floor from moisture that can ruin its quality. Additionally, pouring clear epoxy over wood floors can give it a shine for a longer period without needing to buff or polish it very often. 

Durability and Longevity 

When it comes to durability, nothing comes close to epoxy. That's why many use it to cover old floors. With proper installation, epoxy floors can last for more than ten years without denting and cracking. 

Additionally, you don't need adhesive to install this floor. All you need to do to have a durable floor is to wait for the mixture to harden. Just make sure to cover the entire flooring space to prevent holes or cracks from forming or moisture and other substances from passing through. 

Reflective Surface 

One of the unique properties of epoxy floors is their reflective surface. Even in dim lighting, they give off superior reflection, making the surrounding area brighter. They are especially useful in the dark parts of your house like the garage or storage room: the reflective surface gives you more confidence in navigating these dark spaces, preventing potential injuries. 

shiny epoxy flooring on a large function hall  

The Cons of Epoxy Floors 

As we mentioned earlier, every floor type has its weakness, and epoxy floors are not an exemption. So, before you cover your flooring with epoxy, here are some of the disadvantages you may encounter with this flooring type. 


Unlike LVT or special tiles, epoxy flooring has no anti-slip properties. Oil-covered epoxy, in particular, is one of the most slippery types of epoxy flooring. Other types may be tolerable, but you can still skid when the surface is wet. 

Remember that epoxy will work best in a part of your house that is always dry and, if possible, has no contact with water. Any liquid substance can make this floor slippery, so we do not recommend using it in the bathroom and kitchen, where it can cause accidents. 

Preparation and Application 

Preparing the mixture of the epoxy floor can be difficult. A flooring epoxy kit has a precise set of instructions and is very sensitive. You have to use the exact measurement of the mixture so that the epoxy hardens properly; otherwise, one wrong move can ruin it. 

Aside from the mixing, surface preparation requires a lot of effort. It should be free of grease, dirt, oil, or any substance that might affect the epoxy mixture. 

The hardest part of the application is leveling your epoxy mixture. Your floor must be even to create an even epoxy floor. Also, you must repeatedly flatten it to achieve a smooth surface. You have to work fast, too, because it hardens as you go, making it difficult for you to customize it. 

Temporary Fix 

Epoxy floors are durable, but they are not completely resistant to wear and tear. If you place this flooring on high-traffic areas, you will have to replace it after a few years if you want to have even flooring and protect your subfloor. Furthermore, when a part of your epoxy floor cracks, it will be hard to stop the damage from spreading to other parts of the flooring. 


Epoxy has a strong chemical scent that causes discomfort to some people. When you finish applying it to your flooring system, it will take a few days for the odor to dissipate. 

Additionally, epoxy contains strong chemicals, so you need to spend money on protective equipment like gloves, protective suits, and goggles to prevent it from contacting your skin, resulting in allergies or infections. 


When your epoxy flooring has hardened, it won't be easy to customize. For example, you want to change the floor's appearance. You have to completely remove the flooring because you cannot install or disassemble it in parts, unlike tiles and planks. 

Additionally, epoxy is difficult to remove from the subfloor, and it requires special chemicals and skilled workers to do so. Maintaining an epoxy floor and removing it will likely cost more than installing it. 

Final Thoughts 

The flooring choices available in the market can easily overwhelm you. And if you are a homeowner, your priority is to choose the best option to make your home feel warm and welcoming. 

But it's not always the expensive materials that can liven up our home. With innovative flooring products, even the simplest materials can make your interior elegant. So explore the possibilities that flooring epoxy can give you. It’s an affordable and creative way to reinvent your flooring. 

Has this article helped you? Check out our reviews and buying guides for other inspirations to help you choose the best flooring for your home.

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