10 Basement Flooring Ideas to Magically Transform Your Subterranean Space
5 min read
June 7, 2022

10 Basement Flooring Ideas to Magically Transform Your Subterranean Space

5 min read
June 7, 2022

Do you have a basement floor with nothing but your old belongings and a maze of cobwebs? If you do, then you are wasting precious real estate! Estimates say that a square foot in an American home usually costs around $123. Your underground labyrinth holds so much untapped potential. It's time to clear it out and put it into good use.

Once emptied your basement, you will end up with a blank canvas on which you can do anything! Don't be so modest about it. Think big! What do you feel your home is missing? Maybe you have been commuting to the gym daily, wasting time on travel. Why not transform it into a personal gym? A personal gym at home is only one of the many creative ways you can transform your basement.

If you wish to learn more fresh and exciting flooring options for your basement project, scroll down and read the rest of the article!

What Is the Best Flooring for My Basement?

basement flooring ideas - Basement with carpet flooring

Below are some flooring ideas for your basement that would help you achieve your dream personal gym, home theatre, and what have you!

1. Epoxy Flooring

Do you want a cheap way to make your basement flooring clean and neat? You may like the glossy finish that an epoxy floor can offer you. Aside from the immaculate aesthetic, you will find that this floor is effortless to maintain. Water spills and dust don't stick, and you can quickly wipe them off with a rag!


  • Affordable and won’t hurt your wallet
  • Extremely resistant to wear and tear
  • Durable and will last a lifetime


  • Subfloor installation may need prior treatment
  • The slippery surface makes it risky for children and pets

2. Concrete Stain

Have you always dreamed of installing marble floors but don't have the money for it? You can apply stained concrete on your basement flooring to achieve a look similar to marble, tile, and wood flooring. They also come with the extra benefit of being extraordinarily cost-efficient and resilient against peeling and chipping. 


  • Adds aesthetic appeal to your otherwise boring and gray concrete floor
  • Works well with floor finishes that increase the durability of the floor
  • Doesn’t cost much to install, making it an economical option


  • Only changes the aesthetics of your floor, not how it feels
  • Highlights your concrete floor’s imperfections (like cracks, for example)

3. Ceramic Floor Tile

You may find that your basement floor is more humid than any floor of your home. Humidity often damages and warps flooring materials like wood. Ceramic tile flooring can save you from floor maintenance and repair as it is waterproof. It also comes in many colors and sizes to fit any interior design you have in mind.


  • Highly resistant to water damage and staining
  • A safe option for households with sensitive allergies
  • Comes in countless patterns and design options


  • Feels hard and cold to the touch, which a floor rug or a carpet can resolve
  • Takes too much time and expertise to properly install

4. Vinyl Floor Tile (and Vinyl Plank)

Unlike ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring (in the form of a vinyl tile and vinyl plank) leaves no mess after installing it. Most vinyl tiles and planks come with a snap-on installation feature, making them a breeze to install. Any DIYer can finish this flooring in one afternoon. You can even do it yourself over the weekend. Explore basement vinyl flooring ideas by picking unique designs.


  • Requires little to no maintenance due to its high durability
  • Feels softer than other flooring options like ceramic tiles
  • Straightforward installation that can be done by anyone


  • Emits volatile organic compounds or VOCs that may harm occupants
  • Substandard vinyl flooring can negatively impact the resale value of your home

5. Engineered Wood

Are you aiming for an authentic wood look and feel for your basement flooring? You can do so without the costly price and difficulties involved in installing hardwood flooring. Instead, you can install engineered hardwood that can better tolerate the humidity in your basement. The layer on its surface also lends it extra durability against wear and tear.


  • Adds resale value to your home, unlike synthetic flooring
  • Feels and looks like genuine hardwood flooring minus the cost
  • Exhibits moisture resistance to a certain degree


  • Like a solid hardwood floor, engineered wood needs regular maintenance
  • Manufacturers often use certain materials to cut down costs

6. Painted Concrete

What's wrong with concrete? If you prefer taking advantage of your basement's concrete floors and walls, you can add a little character to the room by painting your floors directly. So grab a bucket of latex floor paint, dip your roller, and start painting your floors. That's all you must do to achieve a modern industrial look in your basement.


  • An economical option since you spend little to cover a large space
  • Offered in various colors that retain their vibrance over time
  • Covers up your floor’s flaws (like cracks)


  • Basement floor paint makes your floor slippery
  • Things like rust and oil may bleed through the paint

7. Rubber Flooring

Skip the time-consuming commute to the gym and build your own in your home. Rubber flooring is a must if you ever decide to turn your basement into a personal gym. This tile flooring will absorb the pressure and shocks from using gym equipment, protecting the concrete floor beneath. A soft yet firm rubber floor can protect you from fatigue and injuries.


  • Feels soft and good to walk on
  • Insulates sounds, perfect for home studios
  • Easily recyclable once you need to dispose of them


  • Introduces a distinct odor to the room
  • Moisture can seep through the rubber mat

8. Roll-Out Mats

If you take a long time to decide what to do with your basement flooring, you can do a temporary flooring solution instead. Roll-out mats, which come in rubber and plastic varieties, provide you with temporary yet durable flooring in case you need to use your basement for activities. You don't need adhesives to install them; they have a non-slip texture beneath to prevent accidents.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Provides immediate but temporary flooring
  • Comes in plastic and rubber options


  • Can be slippery on glossy floors despite having a non-slip texture
  • Usually exhibits a utilitarian aesthetic

9. Laminate Flooring

Like vinyl plank flooring, laminate floors can imitate the appearance of a hardwood floor, thanks to their image layer. However, despite being similar, vinyl and laminate differ mainly in what you can find beneath the top layers. Laminate floors have a base layer made out of particleboard wood. As you may have already figured out, this makes the flooring susceptible to damage caused by humidity and water.


  • Resilient against high foot traffic
  • One-day installation even by non-pros
  • Made from recycled materials


  • Can be damaged by water and humidity
  • Can only be replaced if damaged  and impossible to refinish

10. Cork Flooring

Are you building a sustainable home? Your choice of flooring material for your basement floor should also live up to your environment-friendly lifestyle. Cork flooring is made of tree bark and other natural sources, making it a fine choice for the environmentally conscious. Cork also has inherent practical properties like insulation for sound and heat.


  • Absorbs sounds and heat (best paired with sound-insulating wall tile)
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Provides cushion to your feet


  • Heavy furniture can damage it
  • Prone to damage by pets and dropped objects

Spend your weekend clearing out your basement and turning it into something valuable and fun! Whether you want to use this newfound space as a home theater, a personal gym, or a play area for your children, having the right flooring is a must. Your chosen basement flooring option can turn a dull, grey concrete slab into the room of your dreams.

Once you have settled on a flooring material, head to our Installation Tools section to discover the tools you will need for your basement project!

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