5 Advantages of Brick Tile Flooring for Your Living Spaces 
5 min read
April 18, 2022

5 Advantages of Brick Tile Flooring for Your Living Spaces 

5 min read
April 18, 2022

The best material for your home can increase the overall appearance of your living space because of the different features that make your home more comfortable. Choosing a flooring material depends on your needs and preference. 

It's not always true that the more expensive, the better flooring material you have. There are cheaper options you can explore that can give the same aesthetics and functionality equal to expensive flooring materials. 

In this blog post, we'll be putting a spotlight on one of the most underrated flooring materials used for home flooring. Let's learn more about brick flooring and why this unusual choice can be the most suitable choice for your home. 

What You Need to Know: 5 Advantages of Using Brick Floors 

Brick is not a popular choice for homeowners. Many find it unappealing and outdated. But when placed strategically and properly, it can give a classic, timeless look to your space. Furthermore, it has features that can compete with other flooring materials. Let us explore further the unique features of this flooring and why this is the one suited for your needs. 

1. Extreme durability and long-lasting flooring. 

Brick floors are known for being robust. This flooring material can compare to the strength of natural stone tiles. Many users attest to its resistance to wear and tear. This flooring material is suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic or outdoor parts of your house like the patio, garden path, or poolside. 

Bricks don't need much maintenance. You'll worry less about the cost of maintaining your floors. With proper and maintenance care, brick flooring  can even outlive its owners. Furthermore, many situations have shown that a room with brick flooring prevents the fire from spreading and creating more damaging impacts. 

2. Design variation.

You can experiment with different looks with brick flooring. There are several brick variations you can choose from. You can use rectangular, square, and hexagonal tiles to decorate your flooring. Furthermore, the natural look of brick tiles is already pleasing. As time passes, brick flooring will form a rugged look that can be appealing to some homeowners. 

But if you're not a fan of rugged looks, you can apply a coating on the surface of your flooring to keep them smooth and shiny. Aside from the traditional reddish hue of the bricks, they are also available in whitewashed and darker shades. You are also free to lay down the bricks in any formation you prefer. Some homeowners lay them in a circulation way, some the traditional horizontal installation. With these options, you can definitely find bricks that match  your home's theme.

kitchen with traditional brick flooring

3. Compatible for both indoor and outdoor flooring.

Many people see traditional brick for walls or building a fireplace when it's also versatile flooring. Brick tile flooring has no limitations when it comes to location. You can install this flooring material indoors or outdoors. Since we already know the brick flooring is extremely robust, this will work well in the house's entryways or receiving halls. 

It's also good as a kitchen floor choice since this material is fireproof. It's a great way of preventing fire hazards in your home. Brick flooring is also excellent for your outdoor spaces. Brick pavers can withstand any weather condition, so you can install this on your patio or your backyard spaces. This flooring material can surely elevate the overall appearance of your outdoor areas. 

4. Retains warmth in the flooring.

Brick flooring will work wonders on your home during the cold winter season. The material brick is known to retain a warm temperature, so your flooring will not feel too cold and uncomfortable underfoot. 

Brick is an excellent way to transfer heat. If you have an installed heating system underneath your floor, the bricks can spread warmth at a faster rate and retain it for longer periods. 

5. Cheap flooring alternative.

Bricks are relatively cheaper compared to other flooring materials. Moreover, the cost of installation is also not as expensive as other flooring types. So if you're looking for a cost-effective flooring without compromising looks and durability, bricks are an excellent choice. 

Brick is also made from natural materials found in nature abundantly, commonly clay and shale. You can also buy recycled brick tiles, so if you're advocating eco-friendly materials, these are your best options.

garden pathway bricks

Properly Maintaining Your Brick Floors

If you are now well convinced that brick tiles are the perfect option for you, it's also important to know how you can properly maintain your floors. Whether cheap or expensive material, all flooring needs proper maintenance to last long and keep its appearance. Here are ways to keep your brick floors in good condition. 

  • When installing brick tile flooring outdoors, they are prone to mold and moss. It's the same in the damp parts of your house. Regularly brush your bricks in the grout line to prevent buildup. Furthermore, you can dip your brush in bleach to prevent the moss from growing back. 
  • Bricks are porous, but they can withstand heavy water exposure. But some bricks are prone to water damage. Applying a sealer on the surface will protect your bricks from potential water damage. You can also double coat the sealer for more protection. It protects your brick from fading due to exposure to UV rays. 
  • Your bricks will look ragged after some time, especially if it's always under heavy foot traffic. You can apply floor wax to keep your brick tiles looking moist and vibrant. Just remember to scrape off the old wax before applying a new layer. Furthermore, brick floor wax can cover stains on your flooring. 
  • Make it a habit to inspect your bricks annually. It's important to know the root of the damage. Some flooring problems can come beneath the floor, and these issues should be addressed immediately before it ruins your entire flooring. In case of broken bricks, you can chisel them out and replace them individually. There's no need to change the entire flooring if not all of them are cracked or ruined. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want your home to look beautiful, the most expensive flooring material is not always the best way to go. 

Brick tile flooring may be an uncommon choice in modern times, but it will certainly give a unique decoration twist to your living spaces. It's beautiful, timeless, and looks expensive without that heavy price tag. Mix and match different variations of bricks from hues to shapes to elevate your home's overall look and feel. 

If you're looking for more options regarding your flooring material, we have different blogs that tackle deeper into solid hardwood, luxury vinyl planks, laminate flooring, and many more. Make sure to check them out. 

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