Achieve a Scandinavian-Inspired Home with Art3d Peel and Stick Hardwood Floor Tiles
4 min read
April 11, 2022

Achieve a Scandinavian-Inspired Home with Art3d Peel and Stick Hardwood Floor Tiles

4 min read
April 11, 2022

A Scandinavian-inspired home is easy to fall in love with. The generous amount of wood the interior design uses gives warmth to empty spaces, and the muted hues, instead of channeling gloom, give way to light. 

Scandinavian interior design does not need too many ornaments and induces more airflow to welcome natural illumination. But you are still free to splurge on textiles that keep you warm from the cold winter. 

If you are aiming for the same vibes for your home but are hesitant about using traditional hardwood because of the price and maintenance, there is an easy alternative you can use: the Art3d peel-and-stick hardwood floor tiles. Know how they are a great option for your home to achieve a Scandinavian-inspired space. 

Art3d Hardwood Floor Tiles In Focus

Aside from the wood-like design for the Scandinavian feels, below is a look at the brand’s price, product durability, proper installation, and how to keep it clean.

art3d hardwood floor tiles

The Art3d Brand

Art3d sells various flooring and wall covering, from 3D wall panels to backsplash tiles. Their wall panels include the following: 

  • PVC 3D wall panels
  • PVC ceiling tiles
  • Plant fiber 3D wall panels
  • Faux leather wall panels
  • Foam 3D wall panels
  • Peel and stick wood wall panels
  • Upholstered headboard wall panels

While the backsplash tile types are the ones below:

  • Vinyl backsplash sticker
  • Metal backsplash tiles
  • Mother of pearl tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • PVC composite tiles

Art3d’s wide variety of decorative home products shows that they are a reliable source. So, if you are looking for a one-stop-shop supplier for wall, floor, and ceiling design needs, Art3d could just be it. 


Art3d’s peel and stick floor tiles cost $89.99 for 36 pieces of 6”x36” planks with 0.06” thickness.


At first glance, the Art3d floor planks mimic real wood excellently because of the wood grain texture. The wood-like appearance shines even more because the planks have hues of real tree trunks—deep and light gray, aspen yellow, brown stone, and white-washed. 

These colors will match your home’s simplistic and muted colored walls and ceilings perfectly. Furniture and ornaments picking also becomes easier as the plain floor color is easy to match. 


Flooring durability is one of the most important considerations of homeowners when picking materials for their haven. With Art3d, you do not have to worry about your flooring being ruined by any liquid spills as it is water and stain-resistant. 

You can even roll furniture, walk on your stilettos, or skate indoors because of how abrasion-resistant this flooring is. Even as time passes, your flooring design and color choice will still look excellent and free from fading.


You can also put into your hands the design during installation time. After peeling the planks, stick them repeatedly in any of the following patterns below:

  1. ⅓ step pattern: Cut 36", 24”, and 12” planks. Place the 36” plank on top and fit the 24” and 12” planks below.
  2. Offset pattern: Cut 36” and 18”. Put the 36” plank above and the 18” plank below.
  3. Herringbone pattern: Cut 36” planks and stick them in a slated position.


In a Scandinavian-inspired home, cleanliness comes naturally because of the minimal furniture, good airflow, and natural light entry. Complement the pristine looks of your interior design with actual floor tidiness with the Art3d vinyl wood flooring that is easy to clean. 

Unlike real wood which needs several steps and special care for scrubbing, polishing, and maintenance, the Art3d flooring only needs regular mopping and wiping. You can wipe off regularly or any spills quickly without the peel and stick planks swelling or being discolored. 

Achieve a Scandinavian-Inspired Home With Art3d

Have the features of the Art3d flooring made you decide that it is what you are looking for? Now, it is time to begin the home renovation or designing! Here are our tips on how you can achieve a Scandinavian interior design:

Wood everywhere

In a Scandinavian-inspired home, wood is an imminent element. Aside from using the Art3d peel and stick planks for the floor, you can use them to design walls, ceilings, and even your shelves! You can even use them specifically as an office chair mat for hardwood and tile floors.

Sheepskins and rugs

To accentuate your Art3d peel and stick hardwood floor tiles indoors, avoid carpets, but go for rugs and sheepskins instead. The heavy and thick texture of carpets defeats the purpose of making your space look wide and light.

Light hues

All Art3d floors have light hues. Pick light hues for your furniture and ornaments too. This practice is done in Scandinavian designs to contrast long and dark winter nights. 

Complimenting with greens

Being close to nature comes naturally in Scandinavian homes with wood, air, and natural light. Complement these details by adding indoor plants into your home. The green also adds life to the muted colors of Scandinavian homes. 

Prioritizing warmth

Finally, Scandinavian-inspired designs aim for the home to become extremely cozy, and the best way to achieve this is by having snug items at home. Go for cozy beddings and mattresses, or invest in comfy sofas where you can curl up during the cold winter nights. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to add a Scandinavian style to your home, Art3d peel and stick hardwood floor tiles might be what you need. With their natural wood look and easy installation, these tiles can help you achieve the cozy yet stylish atmosphere you are after. 

They are also durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof to maintain an excellent-looking floor for a long time. Look back on our tips on complimenting your Art3d floor with rugs, sheepskins, plants, and cozy home textiles to achieve the warmth of a Scandinavian home you are aiming for. 

Not exactly what you are looking for? Explore our site for more reviews and informative blogs on floor types and designs.

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