Reinventing Your Washroom In Zen Hues Using Blue Bathroom Flooring
7 min read
December 3, 2021

Reinventing Your Washroom In Zen Hues Using Blue Bathroom Flooring

7 min read
December 3, 2021

Is your washroom looking a little drab? Dreaming about the day when you could finally remodel it? Reinvent the space in a hue that speaks closely to your heart—the color blue! Bring to life a bathroom with your favorite color or an image you saw in the magazines using blue bathroom floor tiles.  

We are here to give you a hand in making you realize the essence of a bathroom to your home's beauty and personal wellness. Get ready to dive into the specifics of bathroom areas to decorate and a particular focus on blue flooring for the bathroom. Let’s begin!

What’s With A Bathroom?

The living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen are the main rooms in your house. There are also extra rooms like a pantry, reception room, laundry room, and different rooms for recreation. Yet, the bathroom stands out among the areas you want to give extra attention to decorating because of the following reasons.

A Zen Area

Creating a home spa is best done inside the bathroom. It already has the mirror for your facial, the tub for a body pamper time, and the shower to give yourself a rinse. If you need more spa paraphernalia, you can add a stool or a comfortable couch in your bathroom and prepare the foot spa machine for some feet love.

Of course, the ambiance will not be complete without some scented candles or essential oils. Get your lighting a little dim to relax the eyes. You deserve this moment, so feel no rush. Find your zen as you pamper your body in a well-designed bathroom. 

Keeping Everything Clean

Keeping yourself clean is a must now more than ever, with illnesses and viruses quickly spreading. Ensure that you are clean after doing your errands outside by spending time in the shower or the tub. Using soaps and shampoos specially formulated to keep your body free from any bacteria would help a lot. Wash your hands, feet, and every nook and crannies of your body. As you lay in your bed sheets or comfortably sit on the sofa, you know you are not spreading any germs or viruses. 

Starting And Ending The Day Well

Why find wellness in different places when you can find it at home in your bathroom? You can begin the day with positive self-talk in front of the mirror. Boost your confidence a little more by knowing you’ll come out and face the world clean and fresh. 

As you end the day, practice the same process of assessing how you did your best throughout the day in the same mirror you used in the morning. Give yourself a warm relaxing bath as a treat for a whole day of hustle. 

porcelain tile

Why Choose Blue

There are plenty of relaxing things to do in the bathroom to ensure you are well physically, mentally, and emotionally. Reinforce calm and peace by using the blue color for your interior design. As one of the primary shades, the color gives you more freedom to create plenty of themes by mixing it with other colors. 

Stir A Relaxed Mood

If a relaxed ambiance is what you want to achieve, stick blue and white vinyl flooring and have arctic, teal, sapphire, or sky hues for the walls. Pair the same pristine white color for the tub, toilet, and cabinets. This place isn’t heaven yet, although you’ll surely experience zen just by its looks. Relax even more by following your bathroom self-rejuvenating routine. 

Going A Little Bold

From relaxing, let’s go to being bold! If you love mixing colors, then the shades of fuchsia, maroon, red, and pink are welcoming to your eyes. Play a little on which elements in the bathroom give the bold red or Fuschia color while sticking with blue floors. With a bit of mix and match, you’ll have a bathroom that screams your dauntless and creative personality. 

Chic And Classy

If you have blue porcelain tiles or vinyl floor tiles, you must be in for something classy and luxurious-looking. Check out floors with darker shades of midnight blue, navy blue, denim, or indigo. The deep dark color will make the lighter elements in the bathroom shine, like the tub, sink, wall, and shower, for example. 

Bringing In The Beach

You’ll have no time missing the sunny shore and the color of the sea if you bring the vibe to your bathroom. Just add bold yellow or orange hues to your bathroom to simulate the bright light from the sun. The blue flooring will make you remember the sea waves and the serenity of seeing the ocean horizon. 

Close To Nature

The ideas for blue-themed bathrooms are endless and depend on your imagination. Think a little deeper, and you’ll realize that achieving a natural vibe with blue, beige, and brown shades is possible. Blue wall tile and flooring match best with brown or beige cabinets. The beige sink, tub, shower, and toilet will also fit well. Add more life through a vase of fresh flowers or a pot plant. 

Which Parts Can You Reinvent?

Flooring with a touch of blue will be better if all the details inside the bathroom are jiving. Check out the major and minor stuff inside the bathroom you can reinvent. Make sure to think out of the box as you are about to bring your dream blue bathroom to life!

Major Areas Modification

  • Toilet: Go for white, beige, or bold colored toilet for your blue flooring. 
  • Sink: Make your sink a little extra by matching it with the color of your toilet. 
  • Bathtub: Thinking out of the box? Why not go for a Fuschia pink bathtub! The color won’t be a problem; it matches well with blue. 
  • Shower Area: Match the blue color of the flooring with blue tiles for your shower. You can also pick white, bold colors, or yellow if the beach theme is aiming for. 
  • Vanity Storage: The sink may also be the area for your vanity, so make sure to have enough storage for your beauty creams and oils. Cabinet colors should match the theme you are trying to achieve. 
  • Lighting: Create a dynamic and relaxing ambiance by shying away from dull white light bulbs. Use spotlighting for areas you want to highlight. You can also line your mirror or ceiling with LED lights. 

Minor Details

  • Grab bars and rods: Grab bars are best installed if you have kids or elders at home. Rods, on the other hand, keep your towels and robes neat. Consider the stainless steel material it is used to and how it will match the overall theme of your bathroom. 
  • Shelves: Even the shelves where your bathroom supplies, towels, and rugs are kept should be in harmony with the bathroom blue color theme. The color of your shelves should be the same as your other cabinets and storage. 
  • Towels: Go for a blue bathroom theme and pick towel colors that match it. The colors blue, beige, brown, fuchsia pink, or yellow matched with your bathroom floor and walls are pleasing to the eyes.
  • Rugs: From towels, also check your rugs. You do not want these tiny details to be an eyesore, so match them with your bathroom interior design too. 
wall tile

Your Choices For Blue Bathroom Flooring

After choosing the shades of blue you will incorporate into your bathroom and the areas to reinvent, let us now focus on the most significant part of your bathroom—the flooring. Here are some of the choices you have for your flooring types and designs. Each is best in achieving a particular look and vibe. Check them all out to see which one fits your vision best. 

Flooring Types

It’s a must-have quality for your bathroom flooring to be water-resistant. Prioritize this feature together with durability and price.

Vinyl: Despite your effort to keep the bathroom dry, moisture and spills will surely occur. Nevertheless, you won’t worry about ruined floors because the vinyl type is water-resistant. 

Waterproof laminate flooring: If you want to take the natural vibe with wood design but know that this material is susceptible to water and moisture, go for waterproof laminate flooring. There are plenty of wood designs of this type. 

Ceramic and porcelain tile: Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the favorite choices for bathroom floors because you can wipe off any liquid spills effortlessly. 

Waterproof carpet: When you hear of carpet, you must think, “not waterproof” or “easily gets wet.” But because of the advanced technology, there are already designs backed with thermoplastic for water resistance. 

Different Designs

You’ll have endless choices when it comes to design, but here are some of the most popular ones. 

Plain: If you want to go minimalistic and classy, go for plain ceramic or porcelain tiles. 

Geometric shapes: Go for plain to patterned ones. Geometric lines and shapes can be on top of your creative list. 

Mandala design: Waterproof vinyl and laminate flooring make it easy for you to achieve a blue mandala-designed flooring because of the single-click attachment of the floorboards. 

Wood Floors: Wood is a complex material to maintain on bathroom floors. With waterproof laminate flooring, you can achieve a natural vibe while ensuring you won’t have ruined and swollen floors. 

Final Thoughts

If you love the color blue, you’ll have a million reasons why you’ll have it as your home and bathroom’s primary color. Nevertheless, if you are still thinking about it, we hope that this list of whys and hows gave you some points to make the right decision. 

Just remember that aside from the color, you also need to check the flooring type and design. You can bring to life your dream theme by also making sure all parts of the bathroom are well-matched!

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