Pep on a Blue Step: The Cheerful Twist of the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Peel and Stick Floor Tile
7 min read
December 15, 2021

Pep on a Blue Step: The Cheerful Twist of the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Peel and Stick Floor Tile

7 min read
December 15, 2021

What do you think and feel about the color blue? It may differ from person to person, but blue is mostly known as one of the saddest colors on the list. People also use the words "feeling blue" or "having the blues" when they're in a gloomy mood.

Now you're sitting on the couch and pondering about your color choice for a new flooring plan. You like blue, but you also want to build a livelier home setting. Usually, you'd go for colors such as yellow, pink, or green, but you scroll through some blue peel and stick floors and find light blue tiles exhilarating.

Specifically, you come across the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Peel and Stick Floor Tile and can't take your eyes away from its crystalline beauty. We figured many people would get curious once they see these Lucida tiles, so we made this review for you!

It's blue. It's peel and stick. And it will help your home improvement project look pretty and run smoothly. Get to know more about the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue in this article.

Introducing the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring Review: Turn Gloomy Blue to a Cheerful Hue!

What does this blue vinyl flooring have that other blue floors don't? You might have this question in mind as you try to make your final flooring decision. Of course, many other blue tiles are as good, but there are some things that you can find only in the Lucida Sicilian Blue Tile. We're breaking down these details below.

Best Advantage: The Psychology of the Eye-Catching Sicilian Blue Design

Let's talk about what makes this flooring eye candy: the enchanting crystal blue visuals! This is not just any blue vinyl; this blue vinyl has a festive twist that puts a pep on your step. It incorporates a floral pattern reminiscent of mosaic and Sicilian flooring styles.

It also turns tables of color psychology. Suppose you want blue but don't want a gloomy impression in your home. In that case, the Lucida Basecore Sicilian can live up to your expectations. Just look at how it lights up the entire space! It complements the sunlight and brings a peaceful vibe to the room reminiscent of a refreshing outdoor afternoon tea.

Flooring Technologies

The good things about the Lucida Sicilian flooring don't stop there. Aside from its breathtaking design, it also features three core technologies: EnCore, CorePrit, and CoreSet.

EnCore Technology

EnCore technology features three transparent flooring layers that give the flooring strength and durability.

  • The first layer is urethane with a ceramic bead finish. This is a double UV coating that provides commercial-grade strength and quality.
  • The second layer is an abrasion and stain-resistant hardened vinyl wear layer for high resistance.
  • Lastly, high-definition decorative film prints for a natural, vivid, and smooth flooring look.

CorePrit Technology

Next is the CorePrit, which is the spine of this Lucida product. It's made of white limestone virgin dry back luxury vinyl tile. Dry back LVT is hard vinyl fixed to a subfloor using adhesive and heavy-duty rollers. This makes the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue suitable for apartment complexes, DIYers, and home renovation.

CoreSet Technology

Last but not least, the CoreSet technology is a low-profile adhering material that solidifies the installation of every vinyl plank.

Important Product Specifications

We just highlighted the main features of the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Flooring. Hence, there could be some minor yet important details that you still want to know. So here's a list of the flooring product's specifications, such as dimensions and subfloor compatibility.

Tile Dimensions12×12 in
Overall Thickness12 in
Wear Layer Thickness0.30 mm
ProfileMicro bevel edges (45-degree cut down the long sides of floorboards)
Tile Coverage (per box)36 sq ft
Tile Coverage (per pallet)2,592 sq ft
Overall Weight35 lb
Resistant toScratches, stains, slips, mildew, UV rays, fading, and fire
Water Performance100% waterproof
Approved and Recommended UseResidential and commercial
Warranty10 years (5 years for commercial use)
Available ColorsBlue and Gray

What Are Some Notable Disadvantages?

Now, let's discuss the shortcomings behind the glamor of the Lucida Basecore flooring. Even with its excellent features, this flooring will still have some disadvantages. You need to know them to evaluate your purchase decisions.

  • Most users reported design issues. Some received gray-toned tiles instead of blue. Others had problems with the pattern's edges, saying they weren't properly aligned, so they were challenging to install.
  • There are concerns with the right tile size, so ensure to carefully look at the sizing details or ask for the manufacturer's assistance if you're still unsure.
  • While it's super easy to install, some users reported having problems with the adhesive strength. Some tiles do not stick well, causing them to move or lift. However, that can also depend on the installation.

Basics of Vinyl Floors and the Peel and Stick Method

The Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Flooring might be a good choice, but it won't work if you're not familiar with its core points: the installation method and type of flooring. Knowing the correct way to install and take care of your floor is the best way to make the most of your investment.

blue peel and stick floor tile - vinyl tile - gray peel and stick vinyl image

About Peel and Stick Installation 

Let's start with the installation method of the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Tile, which is called peel and stick. Peel and stick, also known as self-stick tiles, are made with pre-attached adhesives on the backing. What you do is simply remove the backing and press the floor tiles into the desired position.

Is It Affordable?

Peel and stick are one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable flooring installation options. It's very DIY-friendly, so you don't have to pay for installation costs. Usually, peel and stick tiles will cost you $1 to $5 per square foot, but it also depends on the style and quality of the product. Hence, it saves your time and money without compromising quality; what more can you ask for?

What Is the Step-By-Step Process of This Installation Method?

Knowing the installation steps will make it easier to understand how to peel and stick flooring works. Here are some basic instructions that can guide you through this method:

  1. Subfloor Preparation - This is a crucial step that will secure the adhesive strength of your peel and stick floor tiles. Peel and stick installation requires a clean, flat, and smooth subfloor. Therefore, clean your subfloor thoroughly and get rid of dust, debris, or dirt on the surface before laying down the tiles.
  2. Subfloor Layouting - The second step is measuring the subfloor and putting markings to ensure proper application. It is best to test out a few tiles before going for the entire space so that you can still make any necessary adjustments.
  3. Adhesive Peeling and Tile Sticking - The last and most important step is to lay down the tiles or planks. Simply remove the adhesive backing and press them on the subfloor.

It's quick and easy, but also something you have to do well in one shot. If you keep removing and reinstalling, the adhesives might start to wear out or catch dirt. Of course, there are some peel and stick floors made to endure repetitive installation. Even so, it is best if you could make it in one go.

What About Emergency Fixes?

What if you realize that you need to cut some parts or adjust your layout lines in the middle of the installation? Don't fret; you can fix it immediately using common tools (e.g., utility knife). Unless it's major damage that already involves the subfloor, you don't necessarily need professional assistance.

What Are the Best Places for This Installation Method?

Peel and stick installation is the go-to if you're looking for a short-term and affordable flooring solution. It's durable, but at the same time, easily replaceable. You may apply this flooring method in guest rooms, bedrooms, and walk-in closets.

Some experts advise you not to use it on entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms due to the high moisture and traffic properties. That said, some customers still pushed through on these zones and had no problems at all. In the end, it may depend on your preference, installation skills, and flooring quality. 

About Vinyl Tile Flooring

Now that you understand how peel and stick works, let's proceed with the Lucida Basecore's type of flooring, which is vinyl. Vinyl is known as an affordable and versatile flooring option. But, what exactly can you expect from it, and how much upkeep will it require?

How Is Vinyl Flooring Made?

Vinyl flooring is a multi-layered PVC-made material. These layers make the flooring durable, waterproof, and moisture-resistant.

What Are the Types of Vinyl Floors?

There are two main types of vinyl flooring. These are (1) vinyl rolls and (2) luxury vinyl tile (LVT). They're made up of the same components but structured differently.

  • LVT comes in tiles and planks and is designed to resemble natural flooring styles (e.g., stone, hardwood, and ceramic). It's easy and fast to install.
  • Vinyl Roll comes in large, cushion-backed fiberglass sheets. It incorporates a wide variety of designs, is phthalate-free, and has low VOC emissions

How Durable Is It?

Vinyl flooring is considered a highly durable material. However, some factors can determine how long your floor lasts. These include the material's quality, the manufacturing process, and how well you installed it. They all influence the durability and lifespan of your vinyl flooring.

What Are the Best Spaces for Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl is the number one choice for splash zones like bathrooms and kitchens because it's water-resistant and durable. That being said, it's also great for almost any area in your home.

How Is It Maintained?

Luckily, vinyl needs only minimal upkeep. You don't have to use special tools and pay for maintenance costs. Instead, you can get by with common cleaning tools and repairing equipment.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are looking for a luxurious-looking flooring option but don't want to go the expensive and time-consuming routes. In that case, the Lucida Basecore Sicilian Blue Tiles might be just what you need. The design alone brings a bright mood to your entire space, so don't worry about the gloomy psychology of the color blue. The Basecore Sicilian is your game-changing flooring solution!

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