5 Colorful Foam Floor Tiles to Build a Workout Wonderland at Home
5 min read
May 26, 2022

5 Colorful Foam Floor Tiles to Build a Workout Wonderland at Home

5 min read
May 26, 2022

Do colors get you moving in your home gym? We get it. It's not easy to be enthusiastic about regular exercise even though you already know its advantages. You could be feeling this way for various reasons, and one of them may be the dull color of your gym.

Typically, a gym's color scheme is based on the most popular neutral hues: black, gray, white, and brown. They give off a relaxing, neat, and professional look to your space. However, it's not for everyone. Some people prefer vibrant shades to feel motivated to work out.

Are neutral colors not enough to get you pumped up for exercise? If you need extra motivation to jumpstart your workout routine, consider using foam floor tiles in fun, vibrant colors. Here are five of our favorite foam floors to spruce up your space!

5 Gym Foam Floor Tiles for Lively At-Home Workout Sessions

Looking for a way to add life to your dull home gym? Check out these six colorful foam tiles! They are perfect for creating a fun and inspiring workout space. With so many different colors to choose from, you can create a unique look that will energize you every time you walk in to begin your exercise routine.

1) Norsk Reversible Interlocking Foam Mats

The Norsk Foam Mats are all about variety and kid-friendliness. If you're looking for a set of foam tiles for the entire family to use, these mats are a fantastic option.

gym foam floor tiles - norsk eva foam tiles

Color Specifications

The Norsk Interlocking EVA Foam Tiles are available in eight colors: blue, brown, green, dark green, gray, yellow, orange, and rainbow pack. 


  • Patented standard reversible design - comes with textured anti-slip surfaces and different colors for each side of the mat. You have the freedom to create the pattern that you like.
  • Shock-absorbent cushioned surface - helps reduce the intensity of impact through absorption. Norsk offers various density and thickness options to match the level of impact on your intended area.
  • Interlocking tooth design - allows you to combine and expand tilesets without using adhesive.
  • Non-toxic and closed-cell high-density EVA foam - resists moisture, promotes kid safety, and includes thermal insulation and noise-reducing properties.
  • Versatile application - suitable for low-intensity home gyms, daycare centers, play areas, workshops, camping, basements, trade shows, and anti-fatigue areas.


  • There's a strong odor that is hard to get rid of.
  • The colors may rub off on you.
  • Stains and dents stay on the tiles.

2) Stalwart Interlocking Foam Tile Flooring

Here's another family-friendly option that you can place in your home gym for tough workouts or recreation with kids—the Stalwart Interlocking Foam Tile Flooring.

Color Specifications

Stalwart sells various colors for your selection, from single shades like gray and blue to multi-colored sets (blue, green, yellow, and red).


  • Non-skid textured EVA foam padding - excellent solution for tough activities that require extra cushioning.
  • Non-toxic mats - free from harmful components like lead, phthalates, and BPA. As a result, it's also safe to use as playmats for children.
  • Interlocking system with puzzle piece edge - easy assembly of the tiles, no adhesive required.
  • Versatile application - suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as camping, home gym, playmats, garages, and yoga areas.


  • Lacks sturdiness and thickness.
  • Some tiles don't fit and have inconsistent color shades.

3) Forest Floor Premium Wood Grain Foam Tiles

How about a rusty, colorful wood look for your home gym? Check out Forest Floor's interlocking foam tiles if you want something that gives off a tough look with a soft and comfortable twist.

Color Specifications

These Forest Floor tiles are available in seven colors. There's carbon, cherry, walnut, mahogany, light bamboo, slate, and white oak.


  • Faux wood grain finish - an affordable, beautiful, and versatile painting technique applied to recreate the appearance of real wood.
  • Interlocking system - installation system designed for easy assembly. There are two removable border pieces pre-attached to the tiles; you can trim them to get the perfect fit.
  • Anti-fatigue cushioning - a mat feature that helps in reducing lower body strain and provides joint support.
  • Versatile applications - install and use these tiles for high-traffic areas. Examples include the basement, living room, playroom, garage, home gym, yoga and dance area, trade shows, and classrooms.


  • These aren't the most durable tiles. The wood grain finish bubbles up and gets easily discolored when exposed to sunlight.
  • The tile's thickness is inconsistent.

4) Skip Hop Playspot Geo Baby Foam Tiles

These pastel color combos and designs from Skip Hop EVA Tiles give your home gym a lovely and bright atmosphere! You can also use these cute and sturdy foam tiles for your little one's recreation.

foam floor tiles for gym - skip hop playspot baby foam tiles

Color Specifications

Skip Hop offers four colors and designs. Choose between gray and cream or gray and peach for color combinations. Meanwhile, choose between the Little Traveler or the Vibrant Village for foam tiles with designs.


  • Customizable tile design - allows you to unleash your creativity and create multiple patterns and designs. Skip Hop also provided 12 sample patterns you can start with if you're out of ideas.
  • Babyproof EVA foam - non-toxic, easy to clean, soft, and odorless EVA foam tiles. You can use this in your baby's room to help keep your baby safe and sound.
  • Interlocking tile system - comes with a decor-driven design to make assembly easy and enjoyable. You can even let your little one join in the fun by connecting the tiles like puzzle pieces.
  • Additional edge pieces - 32 edge pieces help double the security of the interlocked foam tiles.


  • Depending on your preference, these tiles may lack thickness.
  • They can only handle limited abuse; they might wear out or tear up easily.

5) Incstores Premium Soft Wood Foam Tiles

Our last product recommendation is another wood-inspired foam tile design. The Incstores Premium Soft Wood Foam Tiles give off an impression of rusty outdoor exercise with a soft twist. Let's see if this home gym flooring look would be right up your street!

foam floor tiles gym - incstores softwood foam tiles

Color Specifications

These foam tiles are available in eight shades with sizing variations. Colors include light and dark oak, onyx, gray, cherry, cork, mocha, and maple. For size variations, you get to choose between 3/8 to 5/8-inch tiles.


  • Closed-cell high-density EVA foam rubber - provides a solid grip, balanced impact handling, and aesthetically pleasing tile profile. These mats are also 100% allergen and latex-free, water-resistant, odorless, durable, insulated, and lightweight.
  • Shock-absorbent EVA foam tile - handles the intensity of high-impact activities well so that you won't feel the hard floor beneath the tiles and play with confidence. 
  • Interlocking tile system - allows for easy assembly and comes with two detachable edges to secure the locking of tiles.
  • Versatile application - these elegant softwood foam tiles are great for gyms, trade shows, basements, exhibits, living rooms, and convention floors.


  • It might not hold up over time in extremely high-impact or high-traffic areas. See maintenance instructions to prolong their lifespan.
  • These foam floor tiles for the gym are not as thick as advertised.

Make Your Dull Home Gym Vibrant With Colors

Workout motivation can be challenging, especially if you have a dull home gym. Ensure that your fitness area is not only sturdy and comfortable but also stylish. This way, you'll feel pumped up whenever you're about to start a session.

Let some bright hues in to get that body moving. Try one of our five recommendations on home gym foam floor tiles if you want a more colorful workout area. Whether you want rustic wood or rainbow-infused tiles, we got you covered with this review.

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