6 Flooring Ideas to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger
5 min read
July 4, 2022

6 Flooring Ideas to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

5 min read
July 4, 2022

You just moved into a small apartment. You love how it looks so far, except it feels cramped and uncomfortable. 

Living in a small space can be tough, especially when you have lots of stuff and the furniture has to go all the way to the walls. Not to mention having visitors or adding new things to your room—it can be stressful and overwhelming!

Luckily, you can save yourself from small space problems with creative flooring ideas. They don't actually add extra room to your area, but they create an illusion of a bigger space. 

Continue reading to discover some of the most incredible flooring hacks to make your small room look larger and less cramped!

Space Illusions: 6 Flooring Ideas That Scream Big Space Energy

Feeling cramped in your small room? You're not alone. Many people feel this way in small spaces. The good news is that there are design ideas for flooring that can help make your room look bigger and less confined.

Below are six of the best flooring design ideas and tips to help you create the illusion of space in your small room.

#1: Follow the Diagonal Rule

Flooring patterns affect how your small space looks and feels. If you want to create a big space illusion, consider diagonal flooring patterns. 

This flooring design trick works because it draws the eye outward and makes the space seem more open. The diagonal lines also create movement, making your small room appear larger than it actually is. 

Parallel, vertical stripes, and checkered patterns are other similar options. However, be mindful of the sizing when it comes to checkered floors; the wrong one can make the space look even more cramped.

#2: Choose Light, Bright, and Airy Flooring Hues

Light and bright-colored floors promote greater space with their open, uplifting, and airy feel. They can also help in letting in more natural light. Some popular examples of light flooring tones are cream, whitewashed wood floor, blonde, blue, light brown, or any other color with a lighter shade.

Why not dark flooring colors? Deep, dark shades can feel oppressive and limited. However, if your mind is set on using dark hues, consider combining them with bright and light-colored walls to create a contrast. That way, you can use your favorite colors without breaking the big space agenda.

#3: Install Large Planks or Tiles

If you want to achieve a spacious illusion for your small room, go for the bigger plank or tile sizes. It is pretty straightforward: large flooring takes up more space, stretching your eyes and making the room look larger. Avoid strips and other thin floorings.

Consider hardwood and laminate flooring for planks and luxury vinyl for tiles. These options are popular and can help open up your cramped space. Worried about the costs? Don't be. It's only a small room, so you don't have to buy a lot.

shower flooring ideas - white tile grout and spatula closeup

#4: Cut on Grout Lines

Reducing flooring grout lines is another excellent way to achieve a more spacious look in your small room. 

What is flooring grout? It's a hardened material that fills the joints or spaces between flooring tiles or planks. Too much grout can give off a busy and crowded vibe, further emphasizing how small your room is. But by cutting on these lines, you can make your flooring appear more expansive, giving off big space energy. 

The best materials for this flooring design are LVT and laminate floors.

#5: Avoid Large and Complex Design Elements

Too much element in your flooring adds a cluttered effect to your space. And when your floor is cluttered, it makes the room feel even smaller. So, to achieve a more spacious look, keep things minimalistic and straightforward.

Avoid flooring with large and intricate patterns or carvings. If you must, choose a simpler geometric design instead. They should provide a smooth and sleek surface so that your vision flows smoothly.

#6: Use One Flooring (with a Glossy Finish) for All Rooms

As much as possible, use the same flooring material for all or most of the rooms. It builds a sense of continuity in the flooring design, so your eyes won't get interrupted by different colors or patterns. Consequently, it creates a sense of space. It's as if the small spaces are all parts of something bigger. 

On top of that, go for a glossy finish to add more light to the flooring. 

Other Interior Design Tips to Make Your Small Room Look Spacious

Aside from flooring, you can also try to make your small room look bigger with these design tips.

Coordinate Wall, Decor, and Flooring Colors

Matching color schemes for your walls, decorations, and flooring creates an uninterrupted flow that makes small rooms look big. Plus, it's easier and quicker to find similar shades instead of experimenting with unusual combinations.

Still, you can try contrasting colors (light walls to dark floors). Even so, be careful of the wrong combination. It can break up space and make it look cramped.

Let the Light In

A well-lit room will look bigger than darker spaces. So let the light in, whether it's natural or artificial lighting. Open those windows, fold thick curtains, and add different lighting systems in your room, such as lamps or recessed lighting.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are more than just wall decor and accessories. They can also make your small room appear bigger in style! When placed strategically, mirrors bounce light around your small space, creating a larger illusion.

You can use either a large wall mirror, a floor-to-ceiling mirror, or an oversized floor mirror against the wall. Just be mindful of the quantity: too many mirrors in your small room can create a clashing effect instead of a spacious look.

design ideas for flooring - living room with round wall mirror

Invest in Big and Simple Furniture

Not all small things make way for more space. In fact, they may have the opposite impact, making your small room look even more cluttered. In this case, pick the big and minimalistic furniture instead. They're simpler to look at than small items with intricate designs.

Make Strategic Placements

Your furniture and accessory arrangement play a role in providing space in your small room. Ensure that these items won't block the view and walkways. This way, the floors are more visible and less constricted. Placing your cabinets or sofa against the wall is a good example.

Declutter or Use Smart Storage

Lastly, remove anything unnecessary in your small room. Excess items and decor only add more clutter to your space. If you can't let go of them, use smart storage solutions like floating shelves or floor-to-ceiling organizers to keep everything neat and open.

Dream Big in a Small Space

Have small space problems? We understand. A small and cluttered room can make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. It only worsens when you add more stuff or invite people in. But with the right flooring design and other space-saving ideas, you can achieve a spacious room in no time!

A cramped room doesn't mean you should completely hold back when choosing flooring designs. Of course, there are things to watch out for, but strategy is key! So don't be afraid to try different materials, colors, and textures and find something you'll love having at home.

Do you need more flooring tips for specific rooms? Then, explore our website for incredible kitchen, living room, outdoor, and shower flooring ideas!

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