Modern Convenience With a Rustic Twist: The FloorPops Townhouse Gray Peel and Stick Floor Tile Review
5 min read
December 17, 2021

Modern Convenience With a Rustic Twist: The FloorPops Townhouse Gray Peel and Stick Floor Tile Review

5 min read
December 17, 2021

You love incorporating contrasting designs in your home. A sudden style change from one area to another gives your space an exciting twist as if you're being transported to various dimensions. You decide to channel a rustic flooring style to blend your modern space for your next renovation project.

Most rural flooring designs have a simple but rough look to produce a countryside feel. In addition, brown is a popular color choice for most traditional floor styles. But let's say you're also considering gray-colored tiles for a cooler visual effect.

How would you like a taupe shade for your flooring? The Townhouse Gray Peel and Stick Floor Tile from FloorPops is the perfect traditional rural style paired with modern convenience. The gray-brown tone creates a soothing atmosphere but still goes well in any room of your home. 

This article will discuss more important things about the FloorPops Townhouse Peel and Stick Tiles and some general flooring information.

An Overview Comparison Between Types of Flooring and Installation Methods

Before we get into the flooring product review, you might have questions about the installation method and type of flooring of this FloorPops product. For example, are peel and stick vinyl floor tiles worth investing in? Here are some brief comparisons of different flooring installation methods and kinds of flooring to help align your needs.

Flooring Installation Methods

See which installation methods make the DIY lane and which ones need professional assistance below.

Type of InstallationLevel of DifficultyMost Suitable Type of FlooringMain Advantage
Peel and StickEasyVinylDIY-friendly 
FloatingEasyEngineered hardwood and laminate floorA cleaner installation method (no glue, adhesives, nails, or staples)
Nail-DownEasySolid and engineered hardwood flooringNatural expansion and contraction of the floors
Staple-DownDifficult; needs professional assistanceEngineered hardwood flooring (on wood subfloors)Speedy installation and secures hardwood and subfloor well without the need for transition materials.

Types of Flooring

Evaluate which flooring material would suit your budget, durability, and design preferences.

Type of FlooringProsCons
HardwoodSophisticated quality, increases home value, durable and sturdy Expensive, not suitable for high-traffic and major splash areas
LaminateInexpensive hardwood alternative, good for high-traffic areas, and easy to cleanProne to moisture and chipping damage
VinylInexpensive, resistant to fade and water, easy maintenance *Luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring (a subtype) is more costly than laminate, not as durable as natural flooring
CarpetElegant, warm, and soft, noise-reducing, and stain-resistant High maintenance, not recommended for allergic people
TileDurable, waterproof, wide design range, can be combined with floor heating systems Expensive, slippery, and requires a lot of prep for installation
StoneHighly durable, rich and elegant quality, waterproof Expensive, requires special tools and professional installation, and high maintenance

The FloorPops Townhouse Peel and Stick Tile Review: Is It the Right Rustic Twist for Your Modern Home?

Let's find out more details about the Townhouse Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring. Judging by the name, it already gives off a rural vibe. At first glance, the design looks good enough to bring your rustic twist dreams into reality. But does it hold other excellent benefits apart from the visual appeal?

Aspect #1: Visuals

The Townhouse floor tiles incorporate an artisanal wood-inspired design in the form of vinyl tiles. If you don't prefer paying for expensive natural hardwood flooring, these floors will make an attractive alternative.

They also have taupe (gray-brown) hues for the rustic effect, perfectly combining traditional and soothing visuals. Moreover, these tiles can be seen with optically illusive properties due to their geometric design; they look like real wood from a distance but are vinyl flooring tiles in reality.

Aspect #2: Durability

Another significant aspect of flooring is lifespan. First of all, vinyl floors are highly durable, especially if they're properly installed and maintained. The Townhouse tiles are made of virgin vinyl (pure vinyl) with sticky, permanent adhesives to secure your installation.

This type of flooring is ideal for home areas with moderate to heavy foot traffic. Moreover, it's non-slip and resistant to water, scratches, stains, chips, mildew, and UV rays. You can rely on the Townhouse FloorPop flooring for up to 20 years, as long as you take good care of it.

Aspect #3: Versatility

Where are you planning to install the Townhouse FloorPops Peel and Stick Floors? The manufacturer recommends placing them on entryways, living rooms, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. That way, you can make the most out of their water-resistance and foot traffic endurance properties.

The versatile design also makes vinyl plank flooring a better choice than other types of flooring. It can be high-quality reminiscents of almost any natural (and more expensive) flooring like stone, hardwood, or porcelain. This FloorPops flooring is a great example of it.

Aspect #4: Installation Method

As its name suggests, you can install the Townhouse flooring using the peel and stick method. It's incredibly easy to install, even for beginner DIYers. Moreover, it doesn't require putting on grout or using special equipment; you simply use the pre-attached adhesives to stick them on a surface.

However, you have to ensure that the floor is completely smooth, flat, and clean before installing the tiles. It helps fit the tiles seamlessly so that you won't have to keep removing and re-installing them again. Doing so may wear out the adhesives.

Aspect #5: Maintenance

Vinyl flooring maintenance only requires minimal upkeep. You don't need any special tools to maintain the Townhouse vinyl floor tiles. Usually, you just need to sweep and mop it a few times per week to prevent dirt and dust from piling up.

In addition, avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals as they can also damage the flooring quality. If you're hesitant about floor cleaners, you may switch to safer and more natural cleaning ingredients such as white vinegar, warm water, and dish soap. 

Other Technical Specifications

If you're looking for specific details that weren't mentioned in the previous sections, you can find them here:

  • Flooring Dimensions: 24x60 in
  • Measurement Per Tile: 12x12 in
  • Item Weight: 5.5 lb
  • Flooring Thickness: 0.06 in (1.524 mm)
  • Color Family: Taupe, Gray, Brown
  • No. of Pieces Per Box: 10
  • Square Feet Per Box: 10 sqft
  • Type of Surface: Matte
  • Compatible Subfloors: Concrete, Plywood, Vinyl
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Approved and Intended Use: Residential

Where Does It Fall Short?

It's not all rainbows and sunshine on this FloorPops flooring review. Here are some shortcomings to think about before you purchase the Townhouse tiles:

  • The adhesives may wear down faster than you expect.
  • They're affordable but not the most durable compared to other flooring options.
  • The tile shade and pattern might appear uneven per case.
  • It's less durable in high-traffic areas.

Final Thoughts

The FloorPops Townhouse Peel and Stick Tile is a good choice for designing a modern home with a rustic touch. It's easy to install and made of vinyl tiles, which offer many benefits—budget, quality, and visual-wise. Durability is also an advantage, so it's worth investing in for your flooring project.

However, make sure that you understand its limitations too. If the shortcomings don't bother you that much, then this is a great flooring choice. Moreover, FloorPops is one of the most preferred brands in the market. We hope this article has helped you know all the vital information about the Townhouse Flooring and flooring considerations in general.

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