Budget-Friendly Hardwood Floor Board Alternative: A Mcombo Interlocking Flooring Wood Tiles Review
5 min read
March 25, 2022

Budget-Friendly Hardwood Floor Board Alternative: A Mcombo Interlocking Flooring Wood Tiles Review

5 min read
March 25, 2022

One of the most beautiful materials for flooring is hardwood, and there are so many types of wood to choose from—colors, hues, and even texture vary. The wooden floor gives your living spaces a welcoming feel and a lovely rustic look. However, hardwood floors are also some of the most costly flooring materials. Depending on how rare your wood is, the prices can range between $5 to $100 per square foot. Wooden floors are a big investment, and if you're on a tight budget, getting genuine wood floors seems far-fetched. 

But don't worry! You can still achieve the wooden floors without breaking the bank. This article will take a closer look at the Mcombo interlocking wood tiles—perfect flooring for the wooden look that fits right in your budget. 

Product Spotlight: The Mcombo Interlocking Flooring Wood Tiles 

For a lot of us, hardwood floors are the real deal, and it can be frustrating to look for alternative flooring materials that cannot even come close to the original material. Of course, you can expect all the features of hardwood floorboards to be a cheaper material, but you don't have to settle for low-quality flooring. So let's take a closer look at these wood floor tiles and why this is a great choice for your home. 

Made from actual Acacia wood

If you’re worried that the Mcombo tiles are simply made from image layers that mimic wood, you're wrong. With Mcombo, you’ll be able to enjoy that solid hardwood floor feeling under your feet because these tiles are made from natural acacia wood. Acacia wood is also an environmentally-friendly choice because they are easy to cultivate. Guilt-free wooden flooring, anyone? 

Furthermore, Acacia wood is one of the most robust choices for wood flooring, so you can guarantee that your floors can withstand wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Acacia wood also contains natural oils and protects itself from fungus and rotting. 

Long-lasting and excellent build quality 

Tests have proven that acacia wood can take up 2300 of force in the Janka Hardness scale. So, there's no need to worry if you will place heavy furniture on your wood tiles. The floor can carry the weight without the consequence of dents or permanent scuff marks. 

In addition, the Mcombo puts an additional layer of coating to make the wood tile water-repellent. The oil coating brings additional strength to Acacia's natural oils, making it resistant to mold, fungus, and rotting caused by humidity. Hence, you can use this flooring in bathrooms, patios, and kitchens without worry. 

Easy installation process and multiple installation patterns

Unlike hardwood floorboards that require a lot of installation preparation, you can install these wood tiles like you have connecting puzzle pieces. The tiles have a PVC base which allows the tiles to be interconnected with a simple snap. The PVC base raises the tile from the subfloor, allowing easy drainage on areas in contact with water. It also promotes excellent ventilation on the subfloor for the liquid underneath to evaporate easily. 

Furthermore, the wood tiles have a six-slat design that provides friction when your floors are wet to avoid slippage. You can install the tiles horizontally, vertically, or in combination. You can also play with patterns to shape the flooring you want for your living space. 

Multiple design options and affordable cost

Each package of the Mcombo interlocking wood tiles contains ten pieces of 12" x 12" tiles for only $59.99. With one pack of Mcombo wood tiles, you can already cover an area of 10 square feet for the price of a single exotic hardwood. This difference already gives you significant savings; your extra budget can cover more of your flooring area. 

In addition, the wooden tiles are available in different hues, so you can find the perfect tiles that complement the overall design of your house. Burgundy, Light Brown, Light Gray, and Natural color options are available. Black is also available but with a different slat design. 

The Drawbacks of the Mcombo Interlocking Tiles 

Before you get too excited to have your wood flooring, let's first examine some of the drawbacks of this product to decide if this is the most suitable flooring you are looking for. 

Great for outdoors but not for indoors

These wooden floor tiles are specifically designed for the outdoors, especially the patio and poolside. Its unique features, such as the slat design and PVC base, are perfect for environments always in contact with water. However, putting this in your personal spaces may not work with most interiors. 

For example, you want this flooring in your living room. First, you have to make sure that all the floors connected to your living room also have the same flooring. The floor tiles are elevated due to the PVC base, and covering only one area will cause uneven flooring. Also, small objects can pass through the slats like coins. You need to remove the flooring to retrieve it, which can be a hassle. 

Maintenance cost

Like hardwood floorboards, your wood tiles need maintenance to maintain their quality. For Mcombo interlocking tiles, the manufacturers recommend you polish them at least twice a year to retain their shine and water-repellent properties. It's also noteworthy that the best time to polish and coat your tiles would be the day before snowfall. The heavy concentration of snow can damage wood, so it's best to add a layer of protection before the season changes. 

You can opt to coat the tile by yourself with wood coating, or you can spend extra money for professionals to do the job for you. 

Manufacturing and shipping faults

Some users report that they have received defective tiles included in the package—broken tiles, stained and rough finishes, and damaged PVC connections are just a few examples. 

The problems with broken pieces can be affected by both shipping and the manufacturer's fault. However, the tiles do not include a warranty, so there's no way you can have your broken tile replaced. You’ll have to buy another pack to compensate for the broken tiles in your order. 

Final Thoughts

One of the aspects that makes a home warm and welcoming is the flooring material. That's why many homeowners invest in premium quality flooring further to improve their living spaces' positive and relaxing feeling. But, you don't always have to go broke to achieve such a feat. We hope this review on the Mcombo interlocking tiles helps you with your flooring decisions. 

You can explore our blogs for more alternatives on hardwood floorboards, flooring needs, and interior design inspirations. 

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