4 Natural Stone Flooring Ideas That Achieve Elegant and Luxurious Interior Design
4 min read
December 20, 2021

4 Natural Stone Flooring Ideas That Achieve Elegant and Luxurious Interior Design

4 min read
December 20, 2021

Stone flooring is a natural choice for interior design, favored among earth-loving homeowners worldwide. Natural stone tiles are common home and business flooring materials that add natural beauty, warmth, and sophistication to interiors. These can be installed on any surface, such as concrete, wood, or wall-to-wall carpeting, making it an ideal option for homeowners who want to make their home look luxurious without breaking the bank.

Natural Stone Flooring Choices for Your Home 

Choosing natural stone flooring is a great way to add natural elegance and beauty to your home. There are many natural stone flooring choices available on the market today. We will discuss some of the best ones to help you make an informed decision at the end of the article.  

Slate Flooring 

Slate flooring is a combination of strength and beauty that will elevate the overall appearance of your living space. The slate floor brings out the captivating essence of stone flooring and adds real-estate value to your home. 

Slate floors are durable and long-lasting, making them the perfect flooring of big spaces and high-traffic rooms like the entryway of your home and kitchen. 

About the item: 

  • Slate floors have endless options of solid colors and color combinations available to match the design of your home perfectly. 
  • It is one of the strongest stone floor materials that can last for decades. In addition, it is resistant to scratches, breakage, and flaking. 
  • Slate floors should be sealed regularly to maintain their excellent condition. 
  • An average slate tile costs $10 to $14 per square foot, and installation requires the skill of a professional. 

Marble Flooring 

For centuries, marble flooring has been a popular material for natural stone flooring options. Marble gives luxurious and royal vibes to a living space. That is why the homes of kings and queens commonly don marble flooring. 

Marble is made from heat and pressure, turning into a harder stone with a glossy look and veined patterns. It is then cut into tiles or slabs, usually used on countertops, and is a great choice for living room floors.

About the item: 

  • Marble flooring is a porous material, so you shouldn't let water stay on the surface because it can penetrate the tile and damage it. 
  • Marble can also have acidic reactions to some chemicals, so it is recommended that you only use mild soap and water when cleaning marble flooring. 
  • Marble falls under the premium category materials for flooring. A standard marble tile can cost around $10 to $20 per square foot, while the special types can cost around $40. 
  • Marble flooring is also slippery. That is why you should avoid using it in bathrooms. 

Travertine Flooring 

This elegant flooring material is made from limestone and mineral spring deposits and has natural, earthy tones. Travertine is popular in Italian architecture and is gaining popularity because of the luxurious charm it brings into any room. 

About the item: 

  • Travertine flooring has a variety of earth-tone colors ranging from tans, browns, rust, and beige shades. 
  • Travertine is a heavy material. It will be hard for you to install it yourself because installation requires special techniques. 
  • The underfloor where you will put the tiles should be hard and firm. Otherwise, the travertine tiles will not stay in place. 
  • Travertine is the oldest material known for flooring. It can give your home a prestigious and classy ambiance. 
  • You can have travertine tile polished if you want to achieve a shiny look. You can also have it brushed for a textured surface and matte finish. 

Sandstone Flooring 

Sandstone flooring is popular for imitating the look of the beach and sandy grounds. The colors of these stone floor tiles vary from sands, gold, reds, and browns. Sandstone is the perfect flooring if you want to add a decorative element to your living space. 

About the item: 

  • From the name of the flooring, it is made from sandstone. Unfortunately, the tiles may contain the properties of sandstone, which the manufacturer has no control over and may affect when used in the wrong environment. 
  • Sandstone tiles are not as strong as slate tiles, but they are still durable. This material is ideal for high-traffic spaces. 
  • Sandstone has a high absorption rate that makes it prone to mold and stains. Therefore, sandstone is better used in the dry parts of the house. 
  • Sandstone is made from a soft type of rock, making it prone to scratches and extreme impacts. 
  • It can wear down with time, but the discoloration can add a certain elegance to the look. If you want your floor to look shiny and new, sandstone floor tiles are easy to replace. It could easily be a DIY project.
mismatched shaped dining area slate tile flooring

Bring Your Ideas to Life 

Decorating your home is one of the pleasures of being a homeowner. Planning, choosing the materials, researching trendy designs, executing the plan, and seeing it come to life can be really fulfilling. 

Remember that the best natural stone flooring is still up to you and the specifications of your home. Check out more of our blogs on different flooring materials to explore more and find the perfect plan that fits your personal preference. 

We hope that these natural stone flooring ideas gave you useful information for your home renovation project!

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