Solve Peel-and-Stick Floor Tile Bathroom Issues With These 4 Porcelain Tiles
5 min read
May 20, 2022

Solve Peel-and-Stick Floor Tile Bathroom Issues With These 4 Porcelain Tiles

5 min read
May 20, 2022

You may be one of those people attracted to peel-and-stick floor tiles because of their low cost and easy installation. However, after placing them in your bathroom, you realize they don't meet your expectations.

They've been peeling and rolling free after a few weeks or months of installation. Perhaps, they're no longer as high-quality as they looked on day one. In any case, you're considering some alternative options for your bathroom floor.

Here's an entire roundup for you! We've researched four products that are better than peel-and-stick tile. Eliminate your peel-and-stick floor tile bathroom concerns with these porcelain alternatives!

Who Will Benefit From This Review?

Here are some quick clarifications before we go further with the review.

  • You want something more long-lasting and has a stronger adhesive than peel-and-stick flooring.
  • You're ready to spend more on bathroom flooring.
  • You don't mind an installation method that requires more work and skill.
  • It’s not for people seeking bathroom tiles or flooring that are peel-and-stick and waterproof.

4 Beautiful and Durable Porcelain Alternatives to Peel-and-Stick Tiles for Bathrooms

Peel-and-stick tiles work if you want a cheap, fast, and hassle-free way to update your bathroom flooring. But what if you don't see them as a long-term solution? 

Try these porcelain tiles instead! Porcelain is a widely acknowledged solution for remodeling your bathroom floors. Let's see what they can offer!

peel and stick floor tile bathroom waterproof - MSI azila porcelain tiles

1) MSI Azila Encaustic Interlocking Porcelain Tiles

Let's begin this list with the most affordable porcelain flooring, the gorgeous MSI Azila Encaustic Porcelain Tiles! 

Things to Love About These Tiles

They're Encaustic

Encaustic tiles today are manufactured and compressed with cement. They're designed to withstand harsh elements with their durable and stain-resistant nature. These make them a suitable flooring option for bathrooms.

They're Versatile

These tiles will look great and hold up well on residential and commercial bathroom floors, walls, and kitchen countertops. Users recommend grouting the tile for best results.

They Have a Neat, Elegant, Old-World Look

The large, charming black-and-gray floral prints blend with a snow-white background and won't overwhelm your interior. Together, they form a simple, vintage, geometric pattern that fits most areas of your home. 

Things You Might Not Like About These Tiles

Thicker Than Expected

These porcelain tiles might be thicker than you'd expect. Though they appear versatile, some users don't think they look good on walls and backsplashes.

Tile Condition Issues

Users reported receiving some damaged and discolored tiles.

Tile Details

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches
  • Thickness: 13.97 millimeters
  • Installation Type: Interlocking
  • PEI Rating: 3
  • Applications: floor and wall tile
bathroom tiles floor peel and stick waterproof - squarefeet depot flora black porcelain tiles

2) SquareFeet Depot Flora Black and White Porcelain Floor Tile

Meanwhile, do you want something with a similar but more intricate design? The Flora B&W Porcelain Tile from SquareFeet Depot is a great choice.

Things to Love About These Tiles


These porcelain tiles are good for high-traffic and abrasive areas. They're resistant to chemicals and freezing and have a DCOF rating of 0.42. This means you can use them in a frequently wet space, perfect for bathroom floors.

Artistic Pattern

The Flora tiles have an eye-catching, classy, and intricate design. The black flowers stand out against the white background, adding a touch of elegance to any room. It can make any space look like a Parisian cafe or modern-day interior with a classic twist.

Things You Might Not Like About These Tiles

They're Like Puzzle Pieces

The gorgeous pattern doesn't come whole in one tile. Instead, you need to put four tiles together like a puzzle. It might be challenging for some, especially first-time installers.

Tile Condition Issues

Some users received packages with damaged tiles. This is a common issue with porcelain tiles because they're fragile.

Tile Details

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches
  • Thickness: 10 millimeters
  • PEI Rating: 3
  • Applications: Floor and wall tiles
bathroom floor tiles peel and stick waterproof 3d - ivyhill eclipse blue porcelain tile

3) IvyHill Eclipse Blue Hexagon Porcelain Tiles

How about a blue, hexagon-shaped porcelain tile for your new bathroom floor? The IvyHill Eclipse Blue puts a contemporary and vibrant vibe to your space.

Things to Love About These Tiles

Similar as Advertised

While most flooring manufacturers face issues with tile discoloration, the IvyHill Eclipse does well in this aspect. Users love how these tiles look in person because they're similar as advertised! This is due to the smooth matte finish that helps retain their color for a long time.

Extra Non-Slip and Stain Resistance

The IvyHill Eclipse has a DCOF rating above 0.42. 0.42 is the standard, so this tile offers even greater slip and stain resistance. That's something you'll need in splash areas like bathrooms.

Perfect for Modern-Day Interior

These hexagon tiles are a great choice if you prefer a modern-day bathroom floor to a retro twist. The pattern is vibrant, but the overall design is calm, clean, and sleek, which is suitable for contemporary interiors.

Things You Might Not Like About These Tiles

Difficult to Cut and Install

These tiles hold up well when properly installed, but the process isn’t easy for beginners. It requires grouting and mortar installation (a mixture of water, fine sand, and cement). The tiles are also thick, so you will need tools like a wet saw to cut them.

Tile Details

  • Dimensions: 8 x 15 inches
  • Thickness: 0.59 inches
  • Installation Type: Mortar
  • PEI Rating: 3
  • Applications: Medium-duty walls and floors
bathroom floor tiles peel and stick 3d - hominter multi color porcelain tiles

4) Hominter Multi-Colored Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Finally, this item on our list is the priciest but for worthy reasons. At first sight, you'll immediately understand why the Hominter Multi-Colored Porcelain Mosaic Tiles can be a luxury!

Things to Love About These Tiles

Eye Candy Design

Need we say more? The design of these porcelain tiles is one of the reasons why you have to buy them. They can make any space look fun and inviting! No need to spend money on a spa salon; you will want to stay longer in the tub and feel the vibrant colors around you.

The Smaller, the Better

If you're worried about their tiny size, here are reasons you shouldn't. First, this makes them easier to work with. You can cut the mesh backing and apply the adhesive hassle-free. Plus, they're applicable for almost any big or small project.

Grouting Is Optional

You might find porcelain tiles difficult to work with because they require grouting. However, the Hominter Colorful Mosaic Tiles gives you the option not to. They're glazed tiles, which makes them sturdy and dense.

Things You Might Not Like About These Tiles

The Small Size Might Not Work

This isn't a major drawback unless you're looking for large tile projects. They're easy to maneuver, but the tiles may shatter if you aren't careful. Also, there's little room for error since they have narrow spaces.

Tile Details

  • Sheet Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 5 millimeters
  • Thickness: 5 millimeters
  • Installation Type: Mesh-mounted, non-sand grout
  • Applications: indoor floor, wall, and backsplash tile

Raising the Price for Better Flooring

We understand the hype with bathroom floor tiles that are peel-and-stick and waterproof 3D. They're not popular for nothing with being affordable, easy to install, and potentially long-lasting. However, not everyone thinks they're the best.

Invest in porcelain tiles if you don't want self-stick floors for your bathroom. They can be more costly and harder to install, but not impossible. Most importantly, they are more durable.

Our top recommendation from the list is the IvyHill Eclipse Blue! We like how it has a different shape, suits bathrooms with its blue hue, and offers a reasonable price for a sturdy quality. 
Explore our website for more articles about porcelain tiles. If you want, you can also find blogs on peel-and-stick floor tiles for bathrooms that are waterproof.

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