Building Your Vibe Through Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas
5 min read
January 28, 2022

Building Your Vibe Through Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas

5 min read
January 28, 2022

Bathrooms are probably the most personal spaces in your home—some sort of haven where you can get away from it all... cleanse, relax, or prepare for the day ahead. Some bathrooms, however, can get a little too personal with very little space. So make every square meter count with these flooring ideas and splash a little bit of color and personality that reflects your preferences. 

Here are some small bathroom flooring ideas to help you liven things up a bit in your bathroom! 

Why Is Bathroom Flooring Important?

There are many reasons why choosing good materials for bathroom floors is important. First, the bathroom has water constantly running through it. Thus, tiles need to be made of a material that can withstand the additional wear and tear due to excessive moisture. Second, floors get slippery when wet, so bathrooms also need ergonomic flooring to ensure you don’t slip and fall.

That said, you have plenty of options, including ceramic tile and vinyl. Tile is the most popular one because it's durable, easy to clean, and offers a non-slip touch to keep everyone safe at home.

Bathroom floors are also available in different colors and patterns to add some excitement to your personal haven! As in every purchasing decision, you should check out a few different flooring ideas before coming up with the perfect choice.

Modern Bathroom Tiles You Should Consider

For centuries, people have used tiles to give more life to every space. Today, bathroom tiles come in a plethora of options and designs. There is so much to choose from, but your final choice should depend not just on your bathroom size and personal style. It should also complement the rest of the materials in your bathroom. 

You can have safe and luxurious options in your home with trendy bathroom designs minus the hefty costs. These popular bathroom tile trends are worth considering when you're looking for new bathroom tile ideas.

Subway bathroom tiles

Subway tiles are best suited for small bathrooms with limited floor space. They allow enough room for your toilet and free up space that might otherwise go unused in your bathroom. If there’s one thing subway tiles can promise and deliver so well, it’s definitely a character. If you want to add a lot of personality to a bland bathroom, subway tiles are an excellent choice.

Marble bathroom tiles

Who says small bathrooms can’t look regal? Marble tiles are a great option if you want your bathroom to look more elegant and luxurious despite the limited space. They give off a shimmering effect in addition to making your bathroom feel more relaxing and spa-like, which can be extremely appealing in the case of small bathrooms.

Textured bathroom tiles

Textured tiles, meanwhile, are a great match for homeowners who want a more contemporary and modern vibe. It’s also great for people who need additional safety as this type of flooring has a stronger grip whether you’re barefoot or wearing footwear. 

Mosaic bathroom tile

Mosaic tile is an ancient flooring style that has been used for centuries to create beautiful and rather unique designs. One of the benefits of mosaic bathroom tiles is that it is extremely easy to install and come in different shapes and sizes. In addition, the various patterns and design options make for great accent pieces aside from flooring. 

Pebble bathroom tile

Pebble tiles are a natural bathroom tile option that has been popular for years. These are the perfect choice for people who want to create a comfy haven with an earthy feel and have the beauty of nature within their reach. The large variety of pebbles available makes any style achievable. 

Furthermore, pebbles for bathroom floors don't chip or break easily and can be installed in many ways, not just in flooring. These ideas look great in most bathrooms and will last a very long time.

Natural stone tile

Natural stone floor tiles provide an earthy feel and a vintage rustic charm. These bathroom floor tiles can be made from a variety of natural stones, such as marble, slate, limestone, travertine, and granite. Natural stone tiles are available in a wide range of colors to match any bathroom interior.

Of course, you can always mix and match the different types of tiling for your bathroom floors and walls!

Bathroom Design

Find Your Style With These Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

You have to find the best tile design that best suits your bathroom. Perhaps a modern, retro, or minimalist look? Here’s some more insight:

Modern Look

For a tile design with a modern look, you can opt for clean lines and geometric shapes. Tile designs with curves and soft lines are also great for these spaces.

Retro Look

For a bathroom tile design with a retro look, you can get wall tiles with tile designs like vintage wallpaper or floral patterns. Shower walls with mosaic tiling are also another way to achieve this design.

Minimalist Look

For tile designs with a minimalist look, you can go for simple monochrome walls and floors. This is great for when you want your small bathroom to look bigger. Remove unnecessary clutter and always keep the space neat and clean for the full visual effect. 

If you want your bathroom to have a pop of color or accent, it is important for the room not to be too busy so that all of the attention is centered on the accent tiles.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Spaces

Choose bathroom wall tiles that have the same size, so that the area will look like one big bathroom instead of an awkward space with different visual patterns and dimensions. This way, you can also avoid having dark corners in your bathroom caused by larger design elements.

Another tile idea is to choose floor tiles that have varying colors and textures, so your bathroom will look bigger than it actually is. Using wall tiles with light colors also helps ease the appearance of small bathroom flooring ideas. 

Last but not least, you can place mirrors in prominent areas of the bathroom to give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. 

The Takeaway

It can be hard to know which bathroom floor tiles will work best for your space with so many options to choose from. So keep these helpful tips in mind when you are shopping. Hardwood, marble, natural stone, or porcelain—the choice is yours! But be sure to back your choice with the right reasons, like safety, longevity, and, of course, personal style. So, go on and make your bathroom tile ideas come to life!

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