Vertical Floors: Stickgoo’s Herringbone Laminate Flooring Is Your Next Wall Design
5 min read
February 17, 2022

Vertical Floors: Stickgoo’s Herringbone Laminate Flooring Is Your Next Wall Design

5 min read
February 17, 2022

The idea of installing flooring material on your walls is odd. Flooring is for the hard surface beneath your feet and should stay there. 

But one day, you may come across the elegant design of a herringbone laminate floor, and you can't help but imagine how good it will look on your wall. So, you ask: can you use flooring materials to design your walls? 

We're here to answer that question plus recommend a product that can turn this radical idea into something feasible.

herringbone laminate flooring - A top view of a kitchen layout with herringbone floors

Can You Use Herringbone Floor Tile on Walls?

Yes, you can. Vertical flooring placement is now acceptable, and manufacturers like Stickgoo produce flooring designs that look good when installed horizontally and vertically.

Stickgoo understands that home improvement and interior design enthusiasts crave a sense of balance and uniformity. We want the same patterns to make the floor and the wall match. That’s why Stickgoo has created herringbone tiles that look great on your drywall and serve a purpose, too.

Benefits of Using Herringbone Floor Tiles on Walls

A lot of the benefits that a laminate floor brings to your home's flooring also apply to the walls where you choose to install it. Apart from the aesthetic design, vertical flooring comes with the below benefits.

Easy installation and removal

You can easily install laminate herringbone tiles by just sticking them on the wall. You won't need any special equipment or tool to put it in place. And because it's convenient to install, it's also convenient to remove. Just peel the tile, and it will come off.

The cost is lower than actual tiles.

You can save a lot of money when you buy laminate tiles for your walls. The average cost for installation is around $3 to $5. Compare this to an actual ceramic tile, which can range from $20 to $50, and you get a picture of how much you save.


Made of a realistic 3D-printed layer, most laminate tiles need protection to retain their freshness. Thus, they come with a tough anti-wear and anti-fade layer at the top. 

Apart from that, the material used is usually polyvinyl chloride, making the tiles highly durable and capable of withstanding a heavy beating. That means you can have your floor or wall look as good as mint even after years have passed.

herringbone laminate flooring - A kitchen wall with genuine tiles installed in a herringbone pattern

The Stickgoo Peel-and-Stick Herringbone Tiles

Stickgoo is a brand that specializes in premium 3D-printed wall tiles that give off a realistic look without burning cash. You can install their designs in certain areas of your home—places like the fireplace, the kitchen counter wall, and even your recreational camper will improve dramatically with Stickgoo products.

The Stickgoo herringbone pack, in particular, contains ten tiles. And you can expect to get the below features.

It's peel-and-stick.

It’s easy to install the Stickgoo herringbone backsplash tiles. Underneath this type of tile flooring is a peel-and-stick feature that lets you install it on the wall without even using a hammer and a nail. That takes a lot of the grunt work to focus more on planning the right placement of the tiles.

Thrice-as-strong adhesive

The adhesive of the Stickgoo tiles is stronger than any average herringbone flooring product. To be specific, its sticking power is three times as strong. So if you're worried about it falling off after a few weeks or months, you'll be relieved to know it won't. However, the adhesive is so strong it can peel off the drywall paint, so best be ready to repaint should you remove it.

Made of vinyl

The primary material of the Stickgoo wall and floor tile is vinyl, a durable material. It is also an excellent choice for your kitchen wall because it can resist water and heat. Thus, you can cook without worrying the tiles might shrink or fade. Plus, it's easy to clean. If your skillet spattered drops of cooking oil on it, you could wipe it dry easily.

Good Things About Stickgoo Herringbone Laminate Flooring

It's easy to find something to love about the Stickgoo tile. After all, the product brings the promise of both style and practicality. Yet, it's still better to know the good things users say about the product, so here are some of the common ones.

Looks and feels like real tiles

Many users find that the Stickgoo tile carries the look and feel of a real one. When they touch Its surface, it has a certain thickness to it. It also mimics the texture of real tiles. To some people, it feels quite gummy, but overall it's pleasing to have a substitute for tiles that are just as good but half as expensive.

Protective seal

One thing users love about the product is the protective seal feature. Stickgoo has added a piece of transparent film to the top surface of the tile so that users won't damage it.

It is a pretty neat addition for people who want to protect the tile's pristine condition. They can install it and leave the seal on to block any damage or stains.

Looks good on kitchen and bathroom walls

A lot of buyers found the design aesthetically pleasing. The herringbone patterns have different light and dark hues that complement the color schemes of common kitchen or bathroom walls.

herringbone laminate flooring - A living room with a black herringbone wallpaper

Not So Good Things About the Stickgoo Tiles

All good things come with something unfavorable for balance. That's what makes products like Stickgoo's real and useful. So, here are some of the things users didn't like about the tiles.


The front layer of the tile can't stand high heat. After several cooking sessions, several users found that the printed design peels away from the base layer and sticks out like a hanging nail.

It's difficult to cut with shears.

A couple of users tried cutting the tile with regular shears, and it didn't end well for them. They failed to cut a straight line because the material is too thick for scissors. It's best to get a blade cutter or a sharp utility knife.

It produces a lot of waste.

The sizing of the tile piece doesn't fit some users’ needs. Usually, this happens when they try to install it in the fireplace. They had to trim two to three sides of the square tile to get it to fit perfectly. The trimmed half becomes useless afterward and goes straight to the trash bin.

You may need to do some caulking.

Some users find that installing the peel-and-stick tile needs more work to make it look neat and professional. Specifically, they need to apply caulk to the seams to compensate for bad spacing and alignment. It is an inconvenience for some users, considering they expect the tile to go well on its own.

Get Matching Floors and Walls with Stickgoo

Overall, the Stickgoo wall and flooring tile product is a good buy. It has a blend of the good and the bad that you can expect from a $55 pack of ten tiles. Still, it has all the features you need, and the design is amazing. Stickgoo is worth giving a shot if you're doing a temporary home design change.

Herringbone floors are only one of many floor designs that look good when placed vertically. Check out Floor Hero for more mesmerizing floor designs you’ll be tempted to use as wallpaper.

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