Time Travel To A Vibrant Past Through These 6 Vintage Tile Flooring Ideas For Living Room
4 min read
November 1, 2021

Time Travel To A Vibrant Past Through These 6 Vintage Tile Flooring Ideas For Living Room

4 min read
November 1, 2021

Tile flooring has been popular for centuries, and it's no wonder why. It provides a durable surface that can be used in any room and lends an elegant appearance to any space. Many different tile types offer distinctive looks and plenty of choices to bring a vintage feel to your living room.

Time travel to a distant past or even specific decades that touch your soul by decorating your living room with an interior design that has an old feel. Say goodbye to modern floor tiles and let us help you find the best living room floor ideas here.

1. Heimerdinger Talavera Pattern Tiles

Inspire art in the comforts of your living room not through paintings mounted on walls but through tiles on the floor. Although the ceramic ones are made of Mexican volcanic soil, Heimerdinger made it easier to decorate your floors. They offer stickers for the floor and walls around the house that are made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET), making them waterproof and durable. 

Moreover, the aesthetics do not fall behind with colorful patterns. Some homeowners are lovers of perfect patterns and monotones, while some love variation and colors. If you resonate with the latter, Heimerdinger Talavera pattern tiles are for you. 


  • Visually pleasing designs that are attractive for lovers of patterns and colors
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • You can use it for floors, walls, and furniture


  • It does not work well with uneven surfaces
  • Not made with authentic Talavera volcanic soil 

2. Floorpops Blue Living Room Floor Tiles

There are a lot of fine things about the color blue. It is cool to the eyes and the surroundings and reminds you of the sky and sea. That is why you'll feel close to nature and channel peace with Floorpops Blue Peel And Stick floor tiles. The patterns are enchanting and will take you back to the early decades when patterned living room flooring was a thing.

Aside from its charm, it is water-resistant and durable, thanks to the vinyl material used to make it. Skip the hassle of renovating your whole living room— all you need are peel and stick tiles from Floorpops. 


  • Available in different patterns
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Waterproof and can even be installed on bathroom floors
  • Vinyl is scratch-resistant


  • Once placed, it is difficult to remove from the floor for redecoration.

3. Patterned Monotones With Urmagic

After all the colors above, let's give the minimalist and monotone lovers a perfect choice for their living room flooring. You do not need to worry about ending up with a dull design, as the tile stickers from Urmagic also have Bohemian patterns. Peel and stick these tile stickers that scream simplicity and beauty. 

Moreover, accidentally spilling liquid, having pets, or wearing shoes in your living room will not bother and worry you of your floor being scratched. These tile stickers are made of polyvinyl chloride, the same material used for medical devices and pipes, which are extremely durable.


  • Achieve a grayscale minimalist design
  • Maintain the vintage feels with the tile patterns
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Easy to remove, too!
  • You can use it for walls and furniture


  • Not the tile design for lovers of rainbow-colored designs
  • Needs careful checking of tile and sticker measurement for perfect installation
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4. Achim Home Furnishing Brick Tile

There is a certain vibe that red bricks bring inside the home. They remind you of old buildings and homes of the early times. If this is your vibe, then you can have this vintage spirit in your living room— and without the hassle of putting one brick after another! You just peel the stickers and stick them to the floor! 

Check out Achim Home Furnishing's brick tile sticker. The rugged shades of red, orange, peach, and gray make the looks even more authentic, but despite the old looks, the vinyl sticker has brand new strength and durability as strong as real bricks. 


  • The rugged looks give a perfect vintage feel
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • Low cost compared to real bricks
  • Easy to install


  • You won't achieve the rough feels of real bricks.

5. Art3d Wood Floor Tile

Feel closer to nature and bring something organic looking into your living room. Even if you are not comfortable with your capability of maintaining authentic wood flooring, you can still achieve the natural interior design you want for your living room through Art3d wood floor tile.

For this material, you only need peeling and sticking for installation. You do not need complicated steps to maintain it, like keeping it from being wet or applying mineral oil, just like natural wood. Just grab a cloth and wipe it to ensure you have clean floors. Aside from the vintage feels, you have a living room with a timeless design.


  • Easy to maintain compared to real wood
  • Achieve the same visual quality as natural wood
  • Remove and install easily
  • Available in different hues


  • It does not have the same texture as authentic wood

6. Chicskin Tile Stickers

Most of the time, you see this flooring style in movies featuring an old American home. Good thing you can bring the same vintage feels from the shows into your home. Fortunately, Chicskin still produces tile stickers. Choose from a variety of patterns, peel the stickers, and paste them on your floor.

Because of its water and shockproof characteristics, you can use it for your living room, bedroom, and bathroom floors. Be prepared to add decorations that match the old American or European theme too!


  • Bring to life your favorite old American movies
  • Available in different patterns and colors
  • Easier to install than ceramic tiles
  • Looks as good as ceramic tiles


  • Although it is detachable, removing it can be challenging because of the adhesive strength

Tile Flooring Ideas For Living Room That Come To Life

If you are looking for tile flooring ideas that will help your living room renovation, be sure to check out these six tile flooring options. Whether it's an old-world vibe like the Heimerdinger Talavera Pattern Tile, a more relaxed look like the Floorpops Blue Living Room Floor Tiles, or something textural like Achim Home Furnishing Brick Tile, there is no shortage of eye-catching choices. There are many options when it comes to choosing exactly what you want for your home decor. 

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