Tile over Linoleum? Yes You Can!
3 min read
February 8, 2022

Tile over Linoleum? Yes You Can!

3 min read
February 8, 2022

Linoleum floor makeovers can be a tough home improvement task to take on. Just thinking about it will make you take a step back and reassess if it’s worth the effort. Imagine stripping your subfloor off the old linoleum, plus you have to lay down tile one by one painstakingly as well. No, it’s definitely too much, especially if you have a wide floor area. 

That being said, here’s the answer to the time and effort-saving question you’ve been asking yourself.

Can you tile over linoleum?

Yes, you can. Applying tile over your linoleum floor is viable if you already have a flat and steady subflooring underneath the linoleum covering.

This is good news because it removes the tedious step of removing linoleum flooring from large surface areas. Placing tile over linoleum cuts the labor time and cost while giving your home a makeover.

The process of putting new tile over an existing floor made of linoleum does have some considerations. There are instances wherein the best decision Is to remove the old linoleum rather than topping it with tile flooring.

Things To Consider Before Placing Tile Over Linoleum

Before you start placing tile over your linoleum flooring, here are some things you need to consider.

  • Check the condition of the linoleum. If the flooring has decayed, damaged, or ripped, you may have to remove it. Damages on your linoleum can cause uneven surfaces when you lay down tiles.
  • Some linoleum is cancer-causing—particularly ones laid down before the 1980s. Try to find out when the linoleum on your floor was manufactured and installed. If it falls sometime before the 80s, it’s time to remove it.
  • If the linoleum is relatively new and in great condition, you can check if the linoleum is firmly attached to the subflooring of your home. If it isn’t, the tile placed over it can easily be removed.

How Can You Tile Over Linoleum? A Step-By-Step Guide

1. It’s important to determine if the type of flooring you have on your home is linoleum. This is because there’s another type of flooring that looks similar to it—vinyl flooring. Putting tile over vinyl instead of linoleum may have some slight difference in treatment.

2. Once you’ve confirmed it is linoleum, you can start cleaning the linoleum surface. Remove dirt using a scrub and a mix of soap and water. Let it dry.

3. The linoleum surface should be a bit rough so anything you put on its surface can stick. Sand your linoleum floor until the smoothness is removed.

4. Make your mortar adhesive mix and spread it evenly on the rough linoleum surface with a notched trowel. Make sure there are no gaps, and the surface of the adhesive is flat before you stripe it evenly.

5. Lay down the tiles onto the thin-set mortar in rows. Be sure each tile aligns with each other and leave small crevices in between them. Use a tile spacer for an even tile gap.

6. Push and tap the tiles to ensure there’s no air buildup underneath. You may press down further to squeeze the air out.

7. Apply grout on the tile floor diagonally until the crevices are filled and make grout lines. Remove all the excess grout spilling over on the side and on the tile surface with a sponge and water. Do so until the tile is clean.

Ready For A Linoleum Floor Makeover?

Now that you know tiles and linoleum, you can start the process of changing your floors. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional to install the tiles, you’ll be equipped to ensure that the result turns out the way you want it to.

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