Exude Aristocracy in Your Home at Low Cost Using Black Vinyl Plank Flooring
5 min read
December 1, 2021

Exude Aristocracy in Your Home at Low Cost Using Black Vinyl Plank Flooring

5 min read
December 1, 2021

Are you looking into emanating the aristocratic and luxurious feel inside your home but you’re on a tight budget? We’ll help you achieve the high-end feel without breaking the bank by using luxury vinyl plank (LVP). 

Black has always been the symbol of simplicity and class, so adding this hue in your home, especially on your flooring, is an excellent choice. Check out black luxury vinyl plank flooring. With all its superior characteristics, it may just be what you are looking for!

Aristocratic Interior Design Using Black LVP Flooring

If you have concluded that the black flooring is the flooring of your imagination, let's bring your visions to life! Here are some tips to achieve a classy look for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other recreational spaces in your house. 

Tip #1: Keep everything neat and organized.

When you have black flooring, any speck of dust and clutter is easy to see. It will help you achieve a classy look, so keep everything spic and span. LVP flooring is easy to clean, making dust and spilled liquids easy to wipe off. 

Having minimal furniture will also keep your home clean and allow air to flow. Despite the warm feel brought by dark floors, you’ll still feel comfortable inside your home because of proper ventilation and uncluttered design. 

Tip #2: Add bright-colored fixtures. 

In addition to fewer furniture and broader space, you can choose lighter hues for your home decor to balance the dark floor. Going for white, gray, or beige for your sofa, bed, curtains, tables, and chairs is an excellent choice.

If you are in for some rainbow colors, you can go for royal blue, orange, red, green, and even yellow for your furnishings. A sofa with royal blue color and white throw pillows will add a royalty vibe to your living room. Red will give it an elegant look, too. Meanwhile, green, orange and yellow are happy colors that add a positive aura to your home. 

Tip #3: Lighting is everything. 

Your floor is already as dark as night, so add some sparkle and shimmer using spotlights. The spotlighting will allow you to highlight the lovely corners of your home. They look more classy than a plain white or yellow bulb lighting a room. If elegance is what you aim for, adding a chandelier would be a cherry on top of the cake. 

You can also use natural lighting from the sun—or even the stars and moon! Open your windows and let the sunlight and moon rays come in. Picking pastel shades for curtains or having no drapes at all will allow the light to come in.

Tip #4: Show some personality.

You will see many black flooring-themed homes you can count on for inspiration, but do not forget to add your personal touch. Add decorations that scream your personality. For instance, you can pick natural home designs like pot plants, woven ornaments, and wood furniture to emanate your love for nature. 

If you are into art, hanging various sizes of paintings or displaying sculptures will please your soul and capture your visitors' eyes and curiosity. You can also show your persona in your color choices too. Which hues speak to you most? You can pick them as the primary colors of your interior design. 

black lvp flooring

What Makes Black Vinyl Plank Flooring The Best?

Vinyl is a common material used for flooring, and you’ll see different variations like luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet, and vinyl planks. These floorings mimic distressed, hand-scraped, traditional, and specialty wood flooring available in all sorts of colors. But if you are looking for a shade that will add elegance to your home, checking out the black LVP variation can help bring your visions to life. Here are the excellent characteristics of the black plank flooring. 

Elegant Black Design

There are hundreds of colors and designs available for LVP, but black vinyl is the best choice if you aim for elegance. In the world of interior design, black is simple yet elegant, and it also provides a contemporary feel to your home. On the other hand, since vinyl flooring mimics wood, it adds a traditional touch, giving your home an overall vibe of contemporary and traditional with black flooring. 

Flexibility in Application

Have you ever visited homes with vinyl flooring in some parts of the house but use stone, ceramic, or concrete floors in other areas? As a homeowner aiming for excellence, perfection, and class, the mismatched flooring will be a total nightmare. But with LVP and black flooring, you’ll remain in sweet dreams. 

You can design all parts of your house using this single black flooring. In wet or dry areas, the LVP is perfect! Black being a neutral color also adds to the flexibility of your interior design. After installing planks on your floor, picking furniture and fixtures will be way easier!

Easy Installation

You can do a redecoration project with your family or as a one-person team with coal-colored LVP flooring. This flooring type features a single-click installation method, so you can cut the price of tools and professional assistance. DIYers will enjoy installing them—in black color or other shades. It will take about 3-4 hours to cover a whole room in black vinyl planks. With that, you can see the result by the end of the day if you start early.


You will achieve the aristocratic look with a $7 per square foot cost. In addition to being cheap, you will surely get your money’s worth with all the excellent characteristics of black vinyl plank. 

Compared to wood, LVP is more affordable and easier to maintain. Since your flooring is in black, don’t wait for dust and dirt to accumulate. You can just simply wipe it off, and you can even do the task every day. 


LVP flooring is 100% waterproof, so don’t worry about the flooring of moist and damp areas of your home. Even if they get wet often, your floor will not swell and be ruined. Just wipe off the moist and liquid often, but never steam-clean your floor. 


The layers of vinyl plank flooring make it robust and impenetrable by scratches, moisture, and liquid. The top layer is covered by a UV coating and another wear layer to avoid any scratches. The layer featuring the black plank flooring design comes next. 

Many LVP flooring includes a plank that mimics natural wood grain. Under the design are two more layers, the core, and the base, which ensure that the plank will lay on a flat surface and remain stable. With this floor strength, you can maintain the high-end vibe for a long time. 

In Closing

Finding the perfect flooring for your home is no easy task, especially if you want to achieve a luxurious look on a tight budget. Black LVP Flooring offers the best of both worlds: the elegant look and feel of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost. 

This is because it offers a lot of outstanding characteristics—from durability, affordability, and design. You can surely match your black flooring with classy furniture and elegant lighting with the proper interior decoration practices. By the end of your home redecoration, you’ll be delighted with the output and know that you made the right choice using black flooring. 

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