5 Ways to Achieve a Garden Cottage-Inspired Home Using Con-Tact Faux Brick Flooring 
4 min read
May 10, 2022

5 Ways to Achieve a Garden Cottage-Inspired Home Using Con-Tact Faux Brick Flooring 

4 min read
May 10, 2022

If you are one of those people who want to live a more laid-back life closer to nature, then a sustainable and relaxed lifestyle is suitable for you. You can achieve this by cultivating new habits and redecorating your space, such as a garden cottage-inspired home. 

This type of home is often depicted as a tiny house in the middle of a flower garden. Back in the day, garden cottages did not only have flowers but also vegetables and fruits. You can channel the same vibe in your home with the help of the Con-Tact faux brick flooring.

We will take a closer look at the Con-Tact faux brick flooring tile to see if it is a worthy investment.

Con-Tact Faux Brick Flooring: Product Highlights

With Con-Tact flooring vinyl sheet in faux brick design, you will know that you are investing in quality materials worth your money. Check how they can help bring to life the home of your dreams.

Con-Tact faux brick flooring


The Con-Tact vinyl tiles feature a herringbone inside a box pattern with a brick red color. The brick image in each tile mimics how real bricks look—textured, rough finish, and seams that keep the bricks together. The Con-Tact peel and stick tiles give spaces the look of having an authentic brick floor.

Easy to Install

Compared to bricks that require a tedious process and help from the experts, Con-Tact tiles are easy to install you can even add it to your DIY projects. Just peel the bottom covering of the tile and stick them to the floor. If need be, you can cut the tiles to fit corners and edges.

Effortless Cleaning

You can keep the Con-Tact tiles clean with only a rug soaked in water and soap to wipe off any dirt on it. Spill-prone areas like the kitchen, dining, and even the living room are easier to maintain with this easy-to-clean flooring.

Apply on Any Surface

You can apply the Con-Tact peel and stick on any floor surface type. The adhesive sticks well on cement, linoleum, and wood floors. Just clean the floor surface and remove all debris and bumps first, so when you stick the tile, it will lay flat on the floor. 


The Con-Tact faux brick flooring is made of vinyl and polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl is a common flooring material used for high foot traffic spaces because of its durable reputation. Meanwhile, polyvinyl chloride is used for many industrial applications because of its strength.

Bang for Buck

You can cover small and large spaces of your home using the Con-Tact peel and stick brick tile. Each set comes with six 6-sq. ft. tiles. No need to spend as much as installing real brick floors and prepare only around $15 for each set. Buy more if you plan to have a faux brick floor for your whole house.

A Few Drawbacks

Although the Con-Tact brick-designed peel and stick tiles have plenty of excellent features, here are a few drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Only available in a single pattern
  • Available only in brick red hue
  • Does not give the rough feel real bricks do
faux brick flooring tile

5 Ways to Achieve a Cottage-Inspired Home

Now that you know you have a quality peel and stick brick tile with Con-Tact, it is time to bring your garden cottage-inspired home to life, so you get to live a more relaxed and sustainable life. Here are the five ways to do it.

1. Having a Garden is Non-Negotiable

For your garden cottage-inspired home to come full circle, having a garden is non-negotiable. You need to allot a small space for these green living things, no matter how tight your home space is. If there is more land for planting, you can have a full-blown garden.

The plant boxes are excellent visual compliments to the brick red Con-Tact vinyl flooring, while the plants, flowers, veggies, and even tiny fruits sprouting from the plants bring life and color to your home. Not to mention, you will have an awesome supply of oxygen and fresh produce for your meals. 

2. Allot a Small Area in Your Home

Garden cottages are known for their simplistic floor plan: a porch, living room, dining area, bathroom, and kitchen. The space may be small, but it does not fall short in warmth because they are mostly built in stone or wood. 

You can cover a small space inside your home with the Con-Tact faux brick tile for your flooring to exude the same warm, simplistic vibes garden cottages have. Design it with flowers and other plants and you are good to go.

3. Extend the Outdoors Inside the Home

Pathways, pavements, and flooring in gardens are usually made of stones, pebbles, or bricks. These walkways are surrounded by plants, flowers, and vegetables—a sight filled with colors and life.

Take this blissful view outdoors inside your home by choosing a brick design for your floor and having some indoor plants too. You will feel the same zen you feel outdoors even when you are inside.

4. Make it Relaxing

The faux brick flooring already emanates warmth, but to make the space more encouraging for downtime and relaxation, choose the softest sofa and bed. Add snug sheets and pillows, and you will create spaces you can’t resist relaxing in. Let the wind and light come in your open windows with white curtains.

When you have a home like this, you can’t help but grab a book and have tea or stay warm under the sheets watching your favorite Netflix movies.

5. Use Brick Red and Complementary Colors

Complement your garden cottage-inspired home with the right colors. You can go for white walls to show the separate shining beauty of the walls and the floors, or achieve consistency through brick walls in the same red hue. You can also add wood elements to achieve a rustic and natural look.

In Closing

Con-Tact Faux Brick Flooring is a great way to achieve the cottage look in your home. It can be installed and cleaned easily and provides a durable surface. There are many ways to use this flooring to create a cozy and relaxing cottage-inspired space in your home. 

The garden cottage aesthetic is now within your reach. If you are looking for more interior design inspiration using faux brick or real brick flooring, check our reviews and buying guides. We have more articles about brick floors and how you can use them. Happy reading!

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