Luxurious Steps on a Budget: A Quick Guide to Closeout Vinyl Plank Flooring
4 min read
March 1, 2022

Luxurious Steps on a Budget: A Quick Guide to Closeout Vinyl Plank Flooring

4 min read
March 1, 2022

You're changing your floors, and you want to bring a luxurious feel to your home. Unfortunately, you’re already over your budget this season, so you only pass by expensive flooring options without purchasing. Instead, you look for affordable flooring alternatives and find vinyl plank flooring intriguing. 

If you can't afford high-end flooring and you're looking for a cheaper option, closeout vinyl plank flooring might be the best choice. This article will describe what vinyl plank is, how it's installed, and why it's a great choice.

Vinyl Plank Floors Defined

Plank vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a durable type of plastic. This type of flooring comes in several layers, but resembles hardwood in the form of planks. The most basic is three layers, namely:

  • A base layer for the foundation.
  • A design layer for the look and feel.
  • A transparent surface layer for protection against damage.

There are also different types of vinyl plank flooring options:

  • Luxury vinyl planks
  • Waterproof vinyl planks
  • Peel-and-stick vinyl planks
  • Rigid core vinyl floor tiles

How to Install Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl plank flooring comes in small planks, so most people use the click-and-lock or peel-and-stick method to install them. Aside from those two methods, you can also use glue-down or loose-lay installation. Depending on your home’s structure, you can install vinyl floors in different ways.

The Last But Not the Least Flooring Option: Reasons to Choose Closeout Vinyl Flooring

If you encounter product labels such as closeout vinyl flooring, closeout laminate flooring, or closeout hardwood floors, it means they’re the last stock of the inventory, a reason they are sold at a lower price. Budget-wise, this is great news. However, you might hesitate when considering the quality. Naturally, it wouldn't be as good as high-end flooring like real hardwood. 

But if we talk about budget without sacrificing quality, this is an excellent choice. Closeout vinyl floors can help bring a luxurious feel to your space without the need to spend a lot. Here are more reasons why it's a worthy investment.

closeout concept sign image

It's Versatile

For cheap flooring, closeout vinyl planks offer a lot in terms of visuals. Whether you want a luxurious granite look, a classic geometric pattern, or a natural stone floor alternative, vinyl planks can resemble them all.

It's Easy to Install and Maintain

Vinyl planks are easy to install. Instead of large sheets, they come in smaller planks that easily lock together and form a large surface. Moreover, they don't require special tools or methods for maintenance. You can clean them whenever you like, but a regular cleaning schedule can expand its lifespan.

It's the Ideal Flooring for Pet Lovers

Floor scratches, poop, and urine—indoor pet owners know the struggle of getting rid of these things on the flooring. Compared to natural wood, vinyl plank floors are more scratch-resistant and don't absorb odors easily due to their non-porous surface.

An Affordable Alternative

Vinyl flooring planks are known for their affordable price; what more if we talk about closeouts? The price usually starts at $1.39 per square foot but varies depending on the type of vinyl plank, the flooring design or pattern, thickness, and manufacturing guarantee.

Quite Strong in the Comfort Game

While plank vinyl flooring is not as cozy as a rug, it helps maintain foot health with its comfortable properties. In addition, compared to some types of flooring, it is better for shock absorption.

Many Home Buyers Look For This Flooring

Vinyl plank is extremely durable (especially when well-taken care of), making it the ideal flooring for home buyers. Plus, it's easy to install and has visual appeal. So if you want to increase the resale value of your home, installing vinyl planks is an excellent choice.

vinyl flooring diagonal shot image

Where Does It Fall Short?

While vinyl plank is a great flooring option for homes, it doesn't work well in all types of rooms and floor conditions. Listing down the shortcomings can help you figure out how to maintain your floors properly and prevent the disadvantages that will ruin your flooring plans.

Vinyl Planks Are Like Vampires

When this type of flooring gets excessive exposure to direct sunlight, it might start fading. It is best to apply UV-resistant coatings on the surface layer or ask flooring experts how to prevent fading and discoloration.

Not Your Greenest Flooring Option

Vinyl planks are made of plastic; they’re non-recyclable, and hard or impossible to repair. Consequently, they lack an environmentally-friendly quality. While you can consider it a sustainable option for its durability, there are far more eco-friendly choices than vinyl planks.

They're Vulnerable If You're Not Careful

Vinyl planks only stay true to their durability as long as you don't damage them. However, when something sharp or heavy like glass or large furniture badly hits this type of flooring, it will stay permanently scathed or be hard to remove and repair. 

Great Quality, But Not The Best

As good as it sounds, you must understand that this is not real hardwood. Therefore, it won't give you the same level of benefits as the original material. It's cheaper, durable, and contributes to the resale value of your home, but it still can’t compare to real hardwood. Still, that doesn't make it a useless material; it all depends on your preferences and budget.

Final Thoughts

What do vinyl plank floors look like? How will they look in my home? Are they cheap? Do they match my standards? Can I trust their quality? Questions like these might come up in your mind when considering vinyl plank flooring, especially for closeouts. However, we can say it's the best option if you want to take the affordable route that doesn't sacrifice quality.

It's not real hardwood and will never be, but when used and maintained properly, you'll love it just as much. It's an excellent choice for home flooring with a luxurious feel, without having to spend exorbitant prices. Read more about here.

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