How to Measure Flooring and Other Flooring Ideas for Your Home
5 min read
March 14, 2022

How to Measure Flooring and Other Flooring Ideas for Your Home

5 min read
March 14, 2022

Congratulations on your new home! Oops, are you not a new homeowner? Whether you are a new homeowner or a longtime homeowner looking to give your home a long-overdue makeover, your priorities must include your home's new flooring. You have plenty of options for flooring materials, including hardwood floor, laminate floor, cork flooring, ceramic tile flooring, vinyl flooring, and even bamboo flooring.

Once you have decided on which flooring you wish to install for your home, it's time to place an order for flooring material. However, you have to determine exactly how much flooring material you need before doing so. If you have no idea how to determine how much flooring material you need to order, we will teach you how! Aside from taking floor measurements, we will also share some budget-friendly flooring ideas for your home.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to discover affordable flooring solutions for your home and learn how to measure flooring yourself!

Top Three Ideas for Your Floor

how to measure flooring - Various flooring materials

If you still haven't decided on which flooring material you will use, you might want to consider the following. We have gathered some flooring ideas that are perfect for new and cash-strapped homeowners. These flooring recommendations will neither burn a hole in your wallet nor will they need an entire professional flooring installation team to install in your home. 

Instead, with a single click, you can have them shipped right to your doorstep! If you are worried about installing them yourself, don't fret because they are designed to be installed by homeowners like you easily and quickly!

Achim Imports Hickory Vinyl Planks

  • Can be bought on Amazon for $20.69
  • Has a four out of five star rating on Amazon (based on 288 ratings as of writing)
  • Emulates the visual and tactile feeling of natural wood grain
  • Measures 1.2mm gauge
  • Comes in a box of 10 planks, covering an area of 15 square feet
  • Has the following dimensions: 6 x 36 inches

Have you ever dreamed of having wood flooring for your home but have yet to save money for expensive hardwood flooring? The Achim Imports Hickory Vinyl Planks can help you achieve the same look that real wood flooring offers without the very steep price tag. Aside from being inexpensive, the Achim Imports Hickory Vinyl Planks are easy to install as well. Just peel the bottom part and stick it on your floor!

While these vinyl planks are marketed to be easily installed via a “peel and stick” method, many customers experienced difficulty with sticking the planks on the floor. Based on many customer reviews, they have resorted to using third-party adhesives as a workaround for this problem. Moreover, aside from the adhesion issue, most customers seem satisfied with the product.

Achim Imports Black and White Vinyl Tiles

  • Can be bought on Amazon for $18.39
  • Has a four out of five star rating on Amazon (based on 1,492 ratings as of writing)
  • Gives off a polished and noticeably shiny look
  • Measures 1.2mm thick
  • Has no wax finish
  • Comes in a box of 20 tiles, covering an area of 20 square feet
  • Has the following dimensions: 12 x 12 inches
  • Covered by a 5-year limited warranty

Do you fancy turning your kitchen at home into a retro diner? If you are thinking of doing so, let the Achim Imports Black and White Vinyl Tiles help you achieve your retro interior dreams! You only have to peel the bottom to expose the pre-applied adhesive and then stick it on your floor. Moreover, a box costs $18.39 and comes with 20 tiles. Who says being fun and creative has to be expensive?

Most customers reported receiving some tiles that won't match the other tiles. You might find this problem extremely infuriating if you often notice the smallest imperfection. So if you choose to go with these tiles, we advise that you order a little more than you need to account for misshapen and defective tiles.

Achim Imports Parquet Vinyl Tiles

  • Can be bought on Amazon for $32.19
  • Has a four out of five star rating on Amazon (based on 288 ratings as of writing)
  • Recreates the classy parquet style of the 60s
  • Measures 1.2mm thick
  • Comes in a box of 45 tiles, covering an area of 45 square feet
  • Has the following dimensions: 12 x 12 inches

If you asked anyone from the 1960s what the best wood flooring is, they would say parquet flooring. Parquet flooring involves wood material and making geometric patterns with them. Today, this flooring choice might seem dated, but if you want to relieve the heyday of retro home interiors, the Achim Imports Parquet Vinyl Tiles will be your best choice! They are inexpensive and durable as they are made of synthetic materials.

Many customers submitted good reviews of these parquet tiles. They liked how the parquet tiles looked very similar to actual wood parquet tiles without costing as much. Aside from looking like real wood, they also feel like real ones. Some satisfied customers also remarked that they look more expensive than they are.

Measure Your Floor Space in Three Steps

how to measure flooring - Closeup of an extended tape measure

Have you decided on which flooring material and pattern you will go with for your home interiors? Here comes the next and tricky step: taking measurements. While learning how to calculate square feet of a room does seem like a daunting task, it doesn't have to be! In these three steps, you can become a human flooring calculator yourself! 

Step 1: Get Your Measuring Tape

How to find the square footage of a room, you ask? The first step involves taking out your measuring tape! If you don't already have one, you can make a quick run to the hardware store and buy one for cheap. Once you have your measuring tape in hand, measure the length and width of your room. Then, multiply the length and width values you came up with, and you're golden!

However, if you want to cover the entire floor space (multiple rooms, for example) of your home, you would have to separate areas of your home into different rectangular segments. Then, measure these rectangles one by one, compute the area, and add all the values together. 

Step 2: Add 10% for Good Measure

Despite such easy-to-install flooring solutions, you can still end up with wasted flooring material. For instance, a wrong cut of a vinyl plank or a laminate tile can make it unusable, thus being a waste of material. You also have to consider manufacturing defects that may occur no matter how reliable or well-known the brand is. So consider adding 10% more to take these unfortunate situations into account. 

Step 3: Place an Order

Now that you have the total measurements for your home flooring, you can place an order at your brick-and-mortar hardware store or their online marketplace! First, however, you need to check in with the retailer to know exactly how many units you would need. For instance, vinyl tiles are sold by the box. So you would have to compute the total square footage covered by one box and make the necessary computations to have your entire home flooring covered.

Final Thoughts

Home renovation is an exciting yet time-consuming undertaking. While you scroll through countless posts on Pinterest for design inspiration, your dream home interiors slowly yet surely come together. After narrowing down your options for the best flooring material and pattern for your home, you have to measure and compute how much home flooring material you exactly need. 

With our three-step guide above, we hope to have made the process much easier and less intimidating for you! Check out these installation tools to help you install your new flooring!

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