Your Lasting, Gorgeous Living Proof: A Review of the Lifeproof Herringbone Vinyl Flooring
5 min read
March 24, 2022

Your Lasting, Gorgeous Living Proof: A Review of the Lifeproof Herringbone Vinyl Flooring

5 min read
March 24, 2022

Floors get old at some point. Unfortunately, you don't have all the time in the world to install new flooring at home. Inevitably, you have to do something about them. Otherwise, it can be stressful to walk on something that doesn't look good and safe.

So you search for some good flooring options. Naturally, you think of getting vinyl flooring, as it's the fastest and easiest type to install. Plus, you don't have to pay for professional installation costs! And when it comes to the design, you like the elegant and dynamic visuals of Herringbone floors.

If you're hunting for stylish and resilient herringbone vinyl flooring, we found one that might perfectly match your home! This type of flooring has become increasingly popular for years, and for good reasons. It adds a touch of elegance to any room while also standing up well against various flooring abuse. 

This post looks closely at the Lifeproof Blue Ridge Oak Herringbone Luxury Vinyl Flooring. We'll discuss its features and benefits to determine if it makes a great choice for your home.

Lasting Strength and Beauty: A Lifeproof Blue Ridge Oak Herringbone Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Nothing beats a durable and gorgeous flooring solution. We think the Lifeproof Blue Ridge Oak Vinyl Plank Herringbone Flooring lives up to these qualities. Check out our full review below!

Top Advantage: Quick, Pretty, and Durable For a Busy Home

The Lifeproof Blue Ridge Oak Herringbone Vinyl Plank Flooring gives your home a warm, laid-back aesthetic feel. At the same time, it's also pretty easy to install (despite being a herringbone pattern) and can stand up to wear and tear for a long time. What more can you ask for?

herringbone vinyl floor - lifeproof blue ridge oak

More Product Features and Their Advantages 

Here are more features and benefits you can look forward to.

Waterproof solutionVersatile flooring you can install in most rooms in your personal or commercial space.
Residential and commercial useAnother versatile aspect of this flooring. It can handle various foot traffic on both home and professional surfaces.
No waxing requiredThis flooring requires minimal upkeep. You only have to use a dust mop, pH-neutral cleaner, or vacuum.
Protective surface coatingThis flooring is very resistant to scratches and stains.
Pre-installed underlaymentIt helps provide a warm, quiet, and comfortable underfoot area.
Drop-and-lock systemMakes installation easy to figure out and fast, especially for DIY installers.
Ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatmentIt hampers stain and odor from piling up mold and mildew on the flooring layers and surfaces.
ISOCORE technologyInnovative quality to create the rigidity needed for protecting the subfloor.

Table of Specifications

A few more technical details for your evaluation.

Approximate Tile Size4x28 in
Product Thickness7 mm
Wear Layer Thickness6 mil
Product Length / Width28.35 in / 4.72 in
Weight41.67 lbs.
Intended ApplicationHealthcare, corporate, residential, institutional, retail, hospitality, and light commercial
Edge TypeStraight

Disadvantages to Note

Below are the product's drawbacks for you to take note of and consider.

  • The Blue Oak Ridge Flooring is made for indoor use only. Thus, it's a big disadvantage if you're looking for outdoor flooring solutions.
  • This flooring is not sustainable. Consider another brand if eco-friendly flooring is a significant purchase factor for you.
  • Despite several claims of easy installation, some DIY installers did not have the same experience. The main reason is that herringbone flooring can be a tricky assembly. Consequently, you still have to pay professional installation fees.
  • Due to its tricky installation, some customers reported that the vinyl planks would break easily.
  • The Blue Oak Ridge has a limited owner warranty. Lifeproof follows a first purchase policy, so the next property owner won't be able to redeem the warranty. As a result, it won't help increase the home resale value.

Herringbone Flooring Style: An Overview

Now, let's briefly discuss the element that makes the best and most complicated part of the Blue Oak Ridge: the herringbone pattern.

Herringbone flooring is a traditional variation of the Chevron pattern. It's formed by two chevrons (or V-shapes) placed perpendicularly to create a staggering zigzag look. Herringbone became popular in the mid-18th century and was often used on marble floors.

The Herring fish is the main inspiration for this flooring style, but with a classic and dynamic twist to spice up your interior. It is also suitable for various flooring materials like vinyl, porcelain, natural stone, and wood floors.

There are four types of herringbone flooring, namely: 

  • Herringbone laminate 
  • Herringbone vinyl 
  • Herringbone engineered wood 
  • Herringbone engineered hardwood 

Each type requires a different installation method, particularly how you lay them on the subfloor.

Herringbone Vinyl Flooring Installation Tips

It's necessary to know how to properly install herringbone vinyl floors because it's where most problems occur. For example, the vinyl planks might break in the process if you don't know how to install the pattern in one go. This results in more flooring waste and fewer planks to complete your task.

Hence, installation can be tricky for beginners and DIY installers. Here are quick tips from flooring professionals to help you out.

  • Get rid of your old herringbone or vinyl floor (if you have any). The surface needs to start with a clean slate for the installation to work. Ensure that there's not a single scratch or debris remaining on the floor.
  • Check whether your flooring has a flat or irregular surface level. If it's the latter, start installing the planks at the center. It will be easier to customize and fit the planks that way.
  • Turn off underfloor heating (if you have any) before installing.
  • Measure the entire space first and estimate the approximate number of vinyl planks you will need.
  • Use polystyrene molding and a utility knife to guide you in cutting precise triangles for the pattern. Molding helps with flooring measurements and protects the gap between the vinyl planks and the wall.
herringbone vinyl flooring installation - man wiping wood floor

Herringbone Vinyl Floor Maintenance

In contrast to the tricky installation, maintaining herringbone vinyl floors is actually a breeze! Below are general maintenance rules to keep prolonging your flooring investment.

  • Always get rid of dirt and debris ASAP. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush and dustpan to clean them.
  • Use warm water to eliminate spills and stains. They need immediate care because they negatively affect the look and quality of your flooring.
  • Rinse the floors thoroughly. Ensure that no cleaning detergent remains and settles on the floor.
  • All your cleaning products must be pH-neutral. Otherwise, don't attempt to use other disinfectants to prevent flooring damage.
  • If you're going to move heavy furniture or other house items that come in contact with the floor, lift them instead of sliding or dragging them. 

Verdict: Is the Lifeproof Blue Ridge Oak a Living Proof of Gorgeous, Everlasting Floors?

The Lifeproof Herringbone Vinyl is a great product in terms of price and style. The installation can be tricky, but it's doable for any DIY installer with the right tools and procedures. Maintenance doesn't require too much effort, either. Overall, it's a good choice but not the best of the best.

Not satisfied with the Blue Ridge Oak? You can look for more vinyl and herringbone flooring reviews on our website for comparison. We aim to help you find the best flooring option that will add a luxurious look to your simple home.

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