Here’s What to Choose Over a Linoleum Sheet Flooring From Lowes — An Achim Vinyl Flooring Review
4 min read
February 11, 2022

Here’s What to Choose Over a Linoleum Sheet Flooring From Lowes — An Achim Vinyl Flooring Review

4 min read
February 11, 2022

Browsing for a new flooring material can be a heavy task. Apart from the number of brands selling flooring products, there are also different types of flooring materials. One of the usual flooring types that go head-to-head with each other is vinyl and linoleum flooring.

Linoleum sheet flooring from Lowes is, without a doubt, a good buy. But so does a vinyl floor. And a choice between two great options is always a sweet tragedy, but you have to choose one. So let us help you reach the right decision. To start, let’s get to know more about Lowes.

linoleum sheet flooring lowes

A Little Bit About Lowes

Lowes started as a hardware store in 1921 that sold building materials as their sole line of business. Their growth picked up after World War 2. The business anticipated an increase in the demand for construction products, and they eventually focused on growing that business activity.

It was Carl Buchan who directed Lowe’s focus on selling construction products. Prior to this, he was a joint owner of Lowes that Jim Lowe invited. When Jim served in the war, Carl took over as the sole owner and chose to keep the business name.

The year 2007 was a pivotal time for Lowes. That’s the year the business found a segment outside the United States and expanded to other countries. This first out-of-the-country expansion was marked by the opening of its first store in Canada. After that, it continued to expand to other countries.

Today, there are more than 1,700 Lowes locations in the United States. Despite Lowe opening more outlets outside of the country, its main business operations are still in its homeland. 

Linoleum vs. Vinyl

One of the amazing things that Lowes offers its homebuilding customers is access to linoleum and vinyl materials. Both products have their own benefits and are sometimes compared or even confused with each other. But despite the similarities, linoleum and vinyl have certain characteristics that distinguish one from the other.


This flooring material is an eco-friendly option for homeowners. The materials used to make linoleum are renewable. The raw materials for linoleum flooring are linseed oil, wood flour, cork, and limestone. These materials are mixed together and processed to form linoleum. One good characteristic of linoleum is despite its thin characteristic, its tactile feel under your feet is comfortable.

Lowes linoleum sheet, as well as other linoleums, can handle high traffic areas at your home. It also has antibacterial properties, and its surface is water and grease resistant which makes linoleum perfect for use in areas such as kitchen, bathroom, or storage areas.


Vinyl flooring is known for its durability. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) core material is robust and can last for much longer than linoleum flooring from Lowes and other merchants. On the other hand, the material is synthetic and doesn’t degrade, unlike linoleums, and is partly why it lasts longer. On the other hand, other planks, tile, or sheet vinyl flooring does have more environmentally friendly base materials for more eco-conscious homebuilders.

Where vinyl gets a step ahead of linoleum is the quality of design. Coupled with its durability are the high-definition print patterns that will make you believe it’s authentic hardwood or stone you’re buying when in fact, it is a cheaper vinyl substitute. This is something linoleum can’t compete with. The linoleum’s appearance degrades in quality over time because it oxidizes. This results in a yellowish appearance of the linoleum surface after several years.

linoleum sheet flooring lowes - cat

We’re choosing vinyl as an initial flooring material for you to use when you’re building a home. Achim Home furnishings is one of the popular brands offered not only at Lowes but other popular marketplaces, such as Amazon.

The Achim (pronounced as Uh–Keem) vinyl floor tiles are worth roughly $20.00 and come with twenty tiles, enough to fill a floor area of 20 square feet. The color alternatives include gray, marble, white, and blue.

The tile design and pattern, especially for the wood-based tile prints, look rustic. The mosaic patterns are mesmerizing to the eyes. But there are also vinyl tile prints that look more natural. Marble prints follow the usual tile pattern, a mix of order and chaos reduced to a small square. It is as equally fascinating as the patterned designs.

Here are the specifications for Achim’s vinyl tile flooring.


  • 1.2 mm thick
  • 12 x 12-inch tile cut
  • Peel and stick on the tile bottom
  • The surface isn’t wax finished
  • 5-year warranty for the tile


  • Easy to install. Its peel-and-stick feature doesn’t need any messy adhesives.
  • High gloss that adds to the shiny and clean appearance of the vinyl.
  • Cheap. At roughly $1.00 per tile piece.
  • Beautiful and diverse tile designs range from rustic patterns to solid marble patterns.


Design That Comes to Life

Achim stands out with stunning tile design patterns that bring vibrance and life to the room. We recommend Achim’s vinyl tiles if you prefer plain-colored walls and ceilings because the patterns would stand out. Install it in a room and be transported to a world of design that comes to life.

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