TrafficMaster 6 Inches By 36 Inches Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: A Review
4 min read
January 3, 2022

TrafficMaster 6 Inches By 36 Inches Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: A Review

4 min read
January 3, 2022

Choosing a vinyl flooring for your space can be a tough decision. There are so many options to choose from, and it is hard to know the best vinyl plank flooring option. TrafficMaster vinyl plank flooring is the perfect solution for anyone looking to install vinyl flooring in their home without having to pay a professional installer. This vinyl has an amazing peel-and-stick installation process that does not require any type of glue or adhesive!

Dive deeper into this article, and let's talk about Walnut Ember Grey vinyl plank courtesy of TrafficMaster.

About TrafficMaster

TrafficMaster is manufactured by Home Depot—the largest home retailer in the United States. Carpets, tiles, vinyl, planks and underlayments in many different colors and styles are TrafficMaster's main products. If you are playful and creative with your designs, you can always blend the different types of TrafficMaster flooring.

There are many flooring essentials that you can find in Home Depot, especially ones that are under TrafficMaster. In case you are looking for a luxurious vinyl plank that is easy to install, why don't you try the Walnut Ember?

The Walnut Ember

The Walnut Ember is the perfect product if you want a classic wood floor design that really feels realistic (once installed perfectly). It is available in grey and java colors. Each Walnut Ember vinyl plank has a dimension of 6 inches by 36 inches and is made from the finest driftwood. It is guaranteed to have no phthalates making it safe and infant-friendly. Also, each plank is durable and boasts a thickness of 0.08 inches with a strong 4 mil top wear-layer making it suitable for residential and moderately-used commercial areas.

For the installation, the Walnut Ember has an easy peel-and-stick installation approach, so it is up to you if you'll do it yourself or hire a professional. Planks are guaranteed to stick on both concrete and plywood.

Based on the Home Depot website, TrafficMaster's Walnut Ember has satisfied many customers, receiving very high ratings and commendations. If you want a stylish and fabulous floor, get Walnut Ember now!

A sample of TrafficMaster flooring installation

Pre-installation Requirements

Subfloor inspection must be done before the installation. The subfloor should be free from contaminants such as wax, grease, paint, and sealers. The subfloor must be tightly secured, flat, level, and structurally sound. Do not use TrafficMaster vinyl planks over cement board, chipboard, fiber-based backing boards, luan plywood, mahogany-based plywood underlayments, wood strips, OSB, and Masonite.

Avoid TafficMaster vinyl planks in areas that reach temperatures above 85°F, and damp areas like garages. The Walnut Ember vinyl planks are perfect for the following subfloors:

  • Plywood. As much as possible, it should be a smooth APA underlayment grade. The plywood panels must be properly stored, and sanded with a ⅛ inch gap around the area's perimeter. A latex-based primer must be applied before the plank installation.
  • Concrete. Inspect the slabs before installation and be mindful of the discoloration and condensation of the concrete. The application of a latex-based primer before plank installation is recommended.
  • Vinyl. Don't sand an existing vinyl floor. The Walnut Ember planks can be installed over a single layer of vinyl but not over multiple layers. It is recommended to apply an embossing leveler using a smooth edge towel before plank installation.
  • Hardwood. The existing real wood floor must be covered with the appropriate underlayment grade plywood panel. Never install the Walnut Ember planks over finished or prefinished hardwood flooring with polyurethane or varnish finishes. An embossing leveler is also recommended before the installation of Walnut Ember planks.
  • Ceramic Tile. This existing subfloor must be tightly bonded. Like hardwood and vinyl floorings, an embossing leveler should be applied first before the plank installation.

Once your planks arrive, store them in the installation area for 48 hours before installing at a room temperature of 65°F to 85°F. You have to secure the following tools:

  • Carpenter's square
  • Chalk line
  • Floor roller (100 lbs. is highly recommended)
  • Hairdryer
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Usual cleaning supplies like a broom, vacuum cleaner, and trash bin

The Installation

Here are the things you need to undertake for the installation of the luxurious Walnut Ember grip strip flooring planks:

  1. You have to measure the center point of each end wall using chalk. Mark the centerline and measure the center point of the centerline. Then create a perpendicular line by using a carpenter's square.
  2. Lay one row of the vinyl planks from the center temporarily without removing the release paper.
  3. Install the first plank by peeling off the backing. Then press it firmly into the place, and use a floor roller to secure its attachment. Do not use other adhesives and discard the backing to avoid slipping.
  4. Begin the second row with a seam staggered approximately 6 inches from the first row. Continue the installation and ensure that the planks are tight against each other.

NOTE: To fit irregular shapes, trace the pattern by using heavy paper. With a hairdryer, slightly heat the plank and cut it using a utility knife.

  1. Roll the entire floor with the floor roller after installation.

Walnut Ember Flooring Maintenance

To ensure the lasting use of the luxury vinyl flooring, you have to maintain it by:

  • Regularly sweeping or vacuuming the floor to keep the stains, debris, and dirt off. You can use a damp mop on a weekly basis to remove dirt and a neutral pH cleaner to prevent buildup.
  • Furniture should have the proper floor protectors and these must be changed regularly.
  • The manufacturer does not recommend the use of finishes such as varnish. You may contact Home Depot for further information.

Final Thoughts

The Walnut Ember is a promising flooring essential from TrafficMaster. Install it now in your house or office and enjoy a classy vibe that will leave a great impression on your visitors. With this peel and stick vinyl plank flooring, installation is easy peasy.

Visit Home Depot and get your Walnut Ember vinyl planks now!

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