Why LVT Herringbone Flooring Is a Great Choice for Traditional and Modern Homes: A Review
3 min read
December 9, 2021

Why LVT Herringbone Flooring Is a Great Choice for Traditional and Modern Homes: A Review

3 min read
December 9, 2021

Are you thinking of incorporating LVT flooring for your home? Decision-making can be tough as many factors will come into play. Key things like budget constraints and the amount of time available for upkeep throughout the week can affect which kind of flooring you choose. Let us help you trim down your choices with so many options on the market today and check which one is the best for your space. We've put together this list of reasons why we recommend Herringbone LVT flooring to homeowners looking for a traditional and contemporary feel.

What Makes LVT Herringbone Flooring a Great Choice

The Herringbone vinyl flooring should be top among your flooring choices because it is easy to maintain and highly robust. In addition, it will not fail you when it comes to aesthetics because of the variety of designs available. Take a look at the details below. 

vinyl flooring


You can have quality flooring despite the frugal budget with Herringbone luxury vinyl. Instead of going for actual wood that costs way more, you can still use Herringbone designs to achieve the rustic and natural feels. Aside from the cost, LVT flooring gives you the ease of cleaning. Liquid can seep on wood and ruin its quality. Meanwhile, luxury vinyl tile Herringbone is made of plastic. Wipe off any dirt or liquid spills without the worry of ruining your floor, as Herringbone vinyl tiles are water-resistant. You can also cut the cost because of the easy installation. 


Herringbone LVT is known to have the strength of stone. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, a material used for drainage, water pipes, and medical equipment. To ensure robustness, this flooring contains the following protective layers:

  • Ultraviolet coating for wear resistance
  • Printed/decorative film
  • Fiberglass center
  • Base backing
  • Upper bottom
  • Middle bottom
  • Anti-slip backing

This is how strong your flooring will be! As a result, no matter how traffic-heavy the area is, the living room, for instance, your flooring will remain in excellent condition. You can also cross out pet scratches on the floor with this flooring type. Moisture and wetness in the kitchen or the bathroom are crossed out from your worries, too—you can use this flooring in moist and wet areas of your home because of the additional layers.

Design Flexibility

Herringbone is a design characterized by rectangles arranged like fish bones—”herringbone.” The tile pattern is available in several colors, including the following:

  • Golden oak
  • Grey oak
  • Firenze oak
  • Rustic oak
  • Roma oak
  • Velvet truffle oak
  • Garden oak
  • Vintage oak
  • White rustic oak
  • Bergen rustic oak

The list goes on with the color variations, so rest assured you’ll find light and dark wooden shades perfect for your interiors. Herringbone also comes in white if you want something refreshing and unique. You can surely achieve your interior design no matter how out-of-the-box your theme is with these design options.

luxury vinyl

Achieve a Traditional Look

You can never go wrong with wooden—or wooden-like—fixtures if you want to achieve the traditional interior design. Your Herringbone flooring will provide the earthy colors of brown, which is perfect if you want to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Because of the excellent mimicking of the wooden patterns and structure, it is as if you are using natural wood. 

While your flooring is already rustic-looking, you can add more elements to make your home look more antique. For instance, use vintage home ornaments. You can also choose a sofa, bed, or dining table made of wood as the main attraction. Indoor plants are also a welcome design enhancement. 

The best colors to achieve a traditional feel are neutral colors of white, brown, and beige. 

Bring About a Contemporary Touch

Now, who said wood flooring is only for rustic and antique themes? The Herringbone is also the perfect flooring if you want to achieve a contemporary touch. 

The secret to making your space look modern is your choice of furniture, lighting, and use of materials evoking a futuristic feel. 

Pick furniture with unique designs, and highlight certain spots in the house using spotlight lighting. Adding metal, stone, and glass elements to home decorations like vases, tables, and shelves also offer a modern touch. 

If you feel a little more experimental, add in bold yellow, red, green, and purple colors for your bed sheets, sofa, curtain, and walls to bring a bright vibe equalizing the traditional vibe from wood. A splash of color is always a great way to show personality in an otherwise dull-looking space.

In Closing

With so many benefits to LVT Herringbone Flooring, it is easy to see why this type of flooring has become a popular choice for homeowners. If you're looking for a flooring solution that is both traditional and modern, you’ll get it from the LVT Herringbone. 

With the possible combinations available when it comes to colors, textures, and finishes, interior design will be a fun, creative experience! 

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