LVT Kitchen Flooring: A Kitchen Essential You Didn’t Know You Needed
4 min read
November 25, 2021

LVT Kitchen Flooring: A Kitchen Essential You Didn’t Know You Needed

4 min read
November 25, 2021

When thinking of “kitchen essentials,” some would focus solely on kitchenware. Indeed, they are vital considerations when building a reliable kitchen. However, we easily overlook this one aspect when we shouldn't: the flooring type.

The flooring you choose can impact the quality of your kitchen activities. Think about it: how reliable is your kitchen floor when handling foot traffic, body and object weight, and spillable ingredients? If you are prone to slipping or tripping on it, you will understand why it’s a huge mistake to overlook it. 

You need a floor that is comfortable to walk on and durable against kitchen abuse. If you don't choose the floor type carefully, it can be difficult for you to finish your tasks unscathed.

On that account, we would like to introduce an excellent floor type for your kitchen: luxury vinyl tile (LVT). It offers benefits that are worth considering for your next home remodeling or renovation project. 

Keep reading to find out why we consider LVT kitchen flooring a kitchen essential.

An Introduction to Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Before we head straight to the benefits, here's an overview of what LVT flooring is. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is made of PVC and has multiple layers (fiberglass, print design, and vinyl) with moisture-resistant and waterproof properties.

LVT flooring materials today look more natural and realistic than the decade-old laminate and vinyl sheets. Whether you want it to resemble hardwood, porcelain, stone, or any other material, luxury vinyl tiles can do them all. They come in different patterns and colors too. That’s why LVT is a popular choice among many kitchens and bathroom flooring options.

The Great Debate: Wood vs. LVT Flooring for Kitchens

Most people get stuck choosing between hardwood floors and LVT floors. Both are popular kitchen flooring options, but which one is better? 

Let's look into some of their strong and weak points.

Wood FlooringLVT Flooring
Durable and stable, particularly engineered wood flooringDurable and stable
Offers a variety of colors and designsComes in different styles and colors
Has longer planks than LVT flooring and comes from a sustainable resourceLargely incorporates vinyl, which is a recyclable material
Excessive exposure to sunlight might cause discoloration. In addition, spilling can stain the flooring, especially liquids like ink and wine.It won't last as long as real hardwood flooring, but you can maximize lifespan extension through proper maintenance (e.g., protective layer).
lvt flooring planks on white background image

LVT Flooring for Your Kitchen: Why Is It a Good Choice?

We've already mentioned some of the LVT flooring benefits above, but now let's dive into this topic a little more. Why should you choose LVT for kitchen flooring over other options?

Capable of Handling Clumsy Abuse

Some inevitable accidents can damage your flooring quality, such as dropping heavy or sharp kitchenware or spilling some ingredients on the floor. 

With LVT, you don't have to worry about these because it's stain-resistant and waterproof. It's also resistant to dents, cracks, fading, and scratches. Moreover, if you have little troublemakers at home (pets or kids), LVT can protect your floors from the impact of their foot traffic.

An Affordable and High-Quality Alternative to Natural Flooring

LVT is cheaper than natural floor materials, such as stone, porcelain, and hardwood. However, note that it's not the cheapest option in the market. It's still more costly than sheet and laminate vinyl flooring.

That being said, it's still a smart flooring choice budget-wise. First, LVT is affordable and can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. Moreover, it's easier to install than other tiles, which will relieve you of installation fees.

Comfortable Against Your Feet

Kitchen work can get you running on your feet all day. It can cause discomfort when walking and trigger foot problems, making kitchen chores more difficult for you. 

Luckily, if your kitchen has luxury vinyl tile floors, the likelihood of foot issues decreases. It provides a soft and comfortable feel on the floor, so you won't feel exhausted or in pain when walking or standing in the kitchen, even for long periods.

What Are Some Kitchen LVT Flooring Considerations?

While LVT flooring has its benefits, you still need to consider a few things to ensure you're using it to your advantage.

  • Type of Design — How would you want your LVT floors to look? Do you prefer natural stone, ceramic, or hardwood patterns?
  • Allocated Budget — How much are you willing to spend? Are you planning or willing to seek contractors? They can help negotiate the cost for you, but don't expect a cheap rate. After all, LVT is not the cheapest option in the market.
  • Type of Finish — The finish is a coating applied on the top flooring layer, enhancing durability and design. Choose whether you prefer (1) a urethane finish, (2) a no-wax finish, or (3) an enhanced urethane finish. Research what conditions they're suitable for to determine which one to pick.
  • The Thickness of the Wear Layer — Get expert recommendations and evaluate the right thickness grade for your LVT floor's wear layer (top surface). Layer thickness helps enhance the durability and overall quality of the flooring.
  • Floating or Glue-down? — Deciding between glue-down and floating depends on how you want it installed. For example, glue-down LVT works with an adhesive while floating LVT doesn't. Another comparison is that floating LVT is good for noise absorption while glue-down LVT holds better against foot traffic. 

Use these essential guidelines when selecting your LVT flooring to ensure you'll find the right flooring type for your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Now that you've seen how LVT floors work in the kitchen, it's safe to say that it's a kitchen essential. It's a flooring type that can handle weight and various substances without reducing the floor quality. Moreover, it makes you feel less tired and more comfortable when standing on the counter or walking around the space all day. 

When renovating your kitchen or starting from scratch, don't forget to select the flooring carefully. Look no further; LVT flooring is the answer.  

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