Optimax Flooring Review: Carbon Ash Eco Resilient Flooring for a Dark Minimalist Look 
5 min read
April 25, 2022

Optimax Flooring Review: Carbon Ash Eco Resilient Flooring for a Dark Minimalist Look 

5 min read
April 25, 2022

Many homeowners tend to go for minimalist designs. It's all worth the hype ⁠— the organized, classy, and expensive look is definitely eye candy to anyone who sees it. However, a big factor in the minimalist look is your flooring choice; it should be clean and almost plain to achieve that elegant look. 

As for the flooring material, ceramic tiles or natural stone flooring are popular choices. But ceramic tiles can be brittle and chip and break with heavy furniture. On the other hand, natural stone is quite expensive. Moreover, these flooring materials require professional installation and incur more costs. 

But there's no need to fret ⁠— that minimalist look is not far from reach! We have the perfect material for your minimalist dreams. Let’s check out Optimax flooring’s Carbon Ash Eco flooring. 

optimax flooring reviews - carbon ash flooring

An In-Depth Look into the Carbon Ash Eco Resilient Flooring 

At first glance, it’s hard to believe that Carbon Ash flooring from Optimax is not a genuine natural stone. On the contrary, this vinyl flooring is one of the best material choices and comes with five-star features. In addition, carbon Ash flooring is made from eco-resilient materials, making it more durable and better than other LVTs available on the market. Let's take a more detailed look at this flooring material to see if it's worth your investment. 

Eco-friendly flooring choice

Many people take into consideration the materials used in their flooring. For example, some homeowners tend to stay away from vinyl because it's mostly plastic. Optimax's Carbon Ash flooring fits your needs perfectly if you're more inclined to a more environment-friendly choice. 

This flooring has a Greenguard Gold certification and is 100% eco-friendly. Furthermore, this certification guarantees that the material improves the air quality inside your home, and the product is free from any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This flooring elevates your home as well as living quality. 

Textured, scratch-resistant, and dent-proof 

The Optimax vinyl flooring uses (EIR) authentic texture. Embossed in Register is a method used by vinyl manufacturers to create texture on vinyl planks that copy the feeling of real wood grains and stones. Furthermore, more EIR also improves the flooring material's appearance and depth of color to look like authentic material. 

The flooring material boasts a dent-proof feature. So, no worries about putting heavy furniture on top of this flooring. It can withstand the weight without damaging your floors. Moreover, the vinyl flooring has extreme scratch-resistant properties, perfect for homes with little children and pets.

Finally, the material used for the flooring is designed to withstand wear and tear. The Eco-resilient flooring is the perfect flooring for areas of your house with heavy foot traffic. You can also use this material in commercial spaces that is guaranteed to last for a long time. 

Installation process options 

There are multiple installation processes you can do with this vinyl flooring. The processes are DIY and beginner-friendly, so you can opt to do it yourself and skip the labor costs. The first installation is the float floor system. All you need to do is snap or click the planks together, and you don't need to attach them to the subfloor with floor adhesive or nails. 

The other is the glue-down system, wherein you'll have to use an adhesive to stick your planks to your subfloor. This is recommended if you plan to put these tiles in high-traffic areas like the living room or the entryway. Moreover, this process requires an even subfloor and be completely dry to have an excellent outcome. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Other flooring materials are very demanding when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. For example, natural stone requires extra care when it comes to maintenance. In addition, any strong chemicals and tools will affect your floors. 

The Optimax Eco Resilient floors are generally easy to clean. You can use a mop, a wet cloth, a power spray, or a regular broom to keep clean. In addition, you don’t need to buy special cleaners for this floor. Instead, water and mild soap will do the job perfectly.  

100% waterproof and stain-proof flooring 

Other vinyl flooring planks can withstand moisture, water, and humidity ⁠— but they have certain limits. The Carbon Ash eco-resilient flooring is completely waterproof. So if you want to put this flooring plank in your bathroom or kitchen area, it won't be a problem. 

Additionally, the flooring is stain-proof. So any harsh ingredients or any chemical that may spill on your flooring will not ruin its appearance. Finally, the color of the tiles being dark is an extreme advantage because stains and dirt will not be evident in your dark flooring. Just make it a habit to sweep them regularly to keep a vibrant matte appearance. 

Lifetime warranty 

Standard luxury vinyl tiles can last up to 20 years. But with the Optimax floors, you can get more. This flooring uses Techtanium Plus wear layer, an extreme wear layer that gives the ultimate protection for your flooring. In addition, this wear layer guarantees you a lifetime warranty, given that it's installed properly. 

The Titanium Plus wear layer is designed for commercial use, making it not only ideal for indoor use. You can use this flooring in commercial spaces and business buildings. Furthermore, these vinyl planks are multipurpose. You can install this on your kitchen and bathroom walls, too!

sunroom with stone flooring

Product Drawbacks of the Carbon Ash Eco Resilient Flooring 

Optimax’s Carbon Ash vinyl floors sound perfect, and feel like they won't disappoint. But, it's good to know the potential drawbacks of the product before fully investing in it. So, here are some of the lowlights of Optimax’s Carbon Ash flooring. 

Material cost 

These premium quality vinyl tiles are the best of the bests in the market, but their price point is significantly higher than other LVTs. Each box of this flooring can cover 24 square feet and cost more than $120. So if you are planning to floor a 100 square feet area, your total cost will sum up to a little over $500 on the planks alone. 

It would be best to have specific installation tools to prepare your floors, and then complete the installation process seamlessly. Items like the Sentinel Protect Plus Underlayment and Moisture Barrier Film best work with the eco resilient tiles. These extra products will ensure an excellent installation but, of course, with added costs. 

If you want a lower cost on the plank material, Optimax floor has other design options at a cheaper price. In addition, you can check Optimax vinyl flooring reviews for more floor planks to explore. 

Final Thoughts 

With the Carbon Ash eco resilient flooring, you've hit the jackpot for a budget-friendly minimalistic look. This flooring product is probably the best vinyl material available in the market today. It features advanced technology for extreme durability as well as wear and tear resistance. In addition, it is a safe choice that passed certification processes that improve your home living. 

Moreover, this flooring material is versatile because of its stain-proof and waterproof qualities. You can have this flooring anywhere in your home without worry. Finally, it has multiple installation options to make installation more convenient for homeowners.

The Optimax flooring is a deal you absolutely shouldn’t miss. You can check out other Optimax flooring reviews for other vinyl designs on natural wood, hexagonal tiles, and whitewashed stone. 

To explore other vinyl flooring options, installation, and maintenance, you can visit our blogs for more information. 

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