Remaster Your Bedroom on a Minimal Budget with Removable Peel and Stick Floor Tile
6 min read
March 15, 2022

Remaster Your Bedroom on a Minimal Budget with Removable Peel and Stick Floor Tile

6 min read
March 15, 2022

Decorating our bedroom has always been our ultimate ambition. It is enjoyable and thrilling for most of us because who doesn't want to snazz up that little room and be satisfied in incorporating your concept designs?

On the other hand, there are also plenty of tough decisions you need to consider in upgrading your own space, especially if you have a limited budget.

Perhaps it is easy to long for the big-ticket items for your room like marble or ceramic tile, or adding paint, wallpapers, and vinyl sheet for your floor covering. But we are here to tell you that you don't need to break the bank to get a big upgrade.  

With all these various home essentials and flooring alternatives, like sticky vinyl floor tiles, available nowadays, you can upgrade your room for the least amount of effort. 

Follow our guide below, and you'll see just how easy it can be to take an old bedroom from drab to fab!

Considering Removable Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles for Bedroom Improvisation

Cozy bedroom with comfortable bed in modern studio apartment

For most of us, using stick vinyl tile for your flooring material is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream. It comes in various colors and styles, including hexagonal tile, wood parquet, and even large-format slate. Using this amazing tile could be a nice alternative for your next bedroom renovation.

But for those who have not yet discovered removable floor tile, let's talk about what these innovative tiles are made of and how they're revolutionizing home decor and design like your bedroom.

Alternative Material Under Your Inspiration Board

One of the recommended ways of remastering your bedroom is to create your inspiration board. Utilizing a mood board will help you explore ideas and determine the space's general style, colors, and overall look.

When you choose tiles for your bedroom, they must go with the room's overall feel. For instance, if your bedroom is decorated in a minimalist style with modern furniture, then you'll want to pick a tile design that is sleek and simple as well.

This idea can make all the difference and enhance your mood, especially for people with insomnia. But here’s the good news! You don't have to buy those expensive colors. Instead, you can buy removable sticks on floor tiles that look like the real thing but are cheaper than anything else you'll find out there.

Fixing up the Flooring

Nothing makes a room feel dingy and dated like outdated flooring. Yet, often, customers think that a full room overhaul is needed to make their space modern and beautiful again. 

But here's what they don't know: upgrading the floors in your home (or at least one room) can do wonders for your home's overall aesthetic! Not only that, but new flooring improves the comfort and manageability of your home.

Peel and stick tile is now one of the best materials you can use today. They come in various attractive designs and closely resemble their natural tile counterparts —whether marble, ceramic, glass, stone and many more.

Whatever you choose, your newly remodeled bedroom will be sure to impress not only you but also any guests lucky enough to come over!

Freshening up the Walls

Do you have an empty wall? No worries! You can jazz up some art ideas for your bare walls and turn them into stylish centerpieces without being worked up about the expenses. 

If you want something that adds playfulness to your bedroom's ambiance, you can design your wall using brown paint colors or match it up with a hanging bamboo frame. It can be a simple way of implementing a complex pattern and color.

In such an instance that you want to create a sense of space for your bedroom, peel and stick vinyl with wood texture is the most ideal as they will add an unrivaled warmth to a space. In addition, these tiles can easily be cut or custom fit to fit on any surface, making it easy for you to create the design you want.

No matter your personality or style, you can get into the groove of bringing new life and energy to your wall space so that an inspiring and desirable environment can surround you.

Adding New Lighting

Like color and style, lighting significantly impacts how we feel in our safe haven. That's why choosing the ideal bedroom lighting design is necessary for making your bedroom a comfortable space where you can sleep soundly, feel refreshed, and go about your routine with ease.

Moon lamps, for example, are a beautiful blend for your lighting decoration if you're into form and function. Aside from its minimalist structure, it also adds an enchanting and comfortable feel to a bedroom. The bright side of a moon lamp is that it can make your bedroom more emphasized. Combine this with the perfect flooring material, and you can create a peaceful ambiance for your personal nook.

Who doesn't want a space that looks fresh, anyway? Well, if you're interested in matching your minimalist space and good lighting, all you need to do is shop for stick vinyl floor tiles that provide clean lines, so your space is always looking fresh.

No matter what type of design you prefer, there are plenty of options out there that will complement any home renovation.

Rearranging Your Furniture And Accessories

You can spruce up the right design for your bedroom without stretching your wallets. This can be through moving side tables or occasional chairs across rooms or trying different furniture arrangements inside the same area to keep the room looking peaceful and spacious. It helps with your mental health, too! At the absolute minimum, we suggest moving furniture away from the edges to give a room some breathing space.

With the right rearrangement, you can also create an illusion of a larger space using peel and stick custom tiles. This helps you create a one-of-a-kind floor that blends in perfectly. You can apply it over existing flooring or bare floorboards, or concrete. If you have a little bit of time and patience, you can even make patterns with peel and stick tiles.

The Downside to Removable Peel and Stick Floor Tile

Worker removing old vinyl tiles from floor using spatula trowel too

Peel and stick tile is an inexpensive way to upgrade your home. It's quick, easy to install, and looks great if you thoughtfully choose your materials. However, there are some potential downsides to consider.

It Doesn't Adhere To All Surfaces

In remastering your bedroom platform, you should carefully choose which surface to apply peel and stick tiles to. Of course, a smooth surface will give you the best results, but if you have a rough surface, such as linoleum or uneven concrete, it might not be worth trying. 

Also, be sure that you're only applying it to clean and dry surfaces before you start.

Water And Moisture As The Enemy

If you're thinking of using peel and stick floor tile where water and moisture are an issue, as in a bathroom or laundry room, you might want to reconsider.

The adhesive will break down, and the tile will come loose if it gets wet. If you're using peel-and-stick tile on a floor, consider adding an extra layer of protection by applying clear gloss polyurethane after the floor is installed.

Not for High-Traffic Areas

Removable peel-and-stick tile is only meant for light-traffic areas like kitchens, utility rooms, and bathrooms. If you have a large family or live in an area prone to heavy foot traffic, consider another type of flooring material that is better suited for high-traffic areas.

Hard to Install if You are not an Expert

While easy to install and remove, this peel and stick vinyl floor tile doesn't look as good if you fail to remove the backing all the way. It can be frustrating if your arms become tired during or by the end of the installation process.

Moreover, there isn't much room for error when laying out the tiles; once they're down, they stay down (unless you're using a heat gun). Installing peel and stick tile can be stressful if you're uncomfortable measuring things, but it's manageable as long as you take your time.

Final Thoughts

It's clear that there are plenty of good things to say about removable stick-on floor tiles, and many people will find that it is an affordable option to address particular household needs.

If you have the correct tools, know what you’re doing, and don’t mind doing a little bit of extra labor in remodeling your bedroom, then the removable peel-and-stick tile is an excellent choice for a good-quality and affordable flooring solution.

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