Discover the Beauty of Limestone Flooring: Advantages, Installation, and Alternatives
5 min read
May 24, 2022

Discover the Beauty of Limestone Flooring: Advantages, Installation, and Alternatives

5 min read
May 24, 2022

Many homeowners dream of installing natural stone for their flooring. Once you install this in your living spaces, you'll see the beauty and elegance it brings to the room. However, it could be quite an investment because it is expensive and requires professional help for installation. 

If you have second thoughts about stone flooring, we may have found you a cheaper alternative. In this blog post, we'll put a spotlight on one of the most uncommon choices for household flooring but definitely a beautiful one—limestone. This stone flooring is excellent and can beautify your place without that expensive price.

Why Consider Limestone Floors for Your Home? 

Limestone is a sedimentary rock found abundantly in nature. This material combines calcium carbonate and aragonite and is a very hard-wearing material. Limestone floors can vary from lighter to darker shades. 

You can also find limestone floors in different finishes, available in polished and grainy textured variants. Moreover, you can opt for limestone look vinyl flooring if the genuine material is still too pricey for you. 

If you are seriously considering limestone for your floors, here are some of the advantages of limestone in your living spaces. 

Superior Durability

All stone flooring is known for its durability, so this material is perfect for areas of your house that often receive heavy traffic. Aside from that, limestone feels almost soft to the touch compared to other stone materials. 

It's comfortable to walk on, even barefoot, and the durability of this flooring material isn't compromised. Limestone will work very well on your entryway, patio, and kitchen areas. 

Aesthetic Flooring Material

Many homeowners will agree that no matter where you install this flooring material, it will turn your living spaces into a charming and elegant environment. Limestone hues and style are more earthy tones, giving your space an expensive traditional look. 

You can mix and match this material to decorate and liven up your living space. It's available in different colors. You can have cut in planks, tiles, or big slabs. 

Guaranteed, there's a limestone hue that will match your preference and your interior design. You can also install limestone in your outdoor area. This material will increase your home's appearance and its estate value over time. 

Stress-Free Cleaning and Maintenance 

Many people avoid stone flooring because it is very delicate when cleaning, and maintenance can be costly. But you can count out limestone because cleaning and maintaining this floor will not break your wallets and consume your time. Limestone is also resistant to mold and bacteria, which makes it perfect in areas of your house that often come in contact with water. 

Furthermore, limestone does not get dirty very often. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping will keep your floors pristine. In addition, there are specialized limestone cleaners available in local markets to make the cleaning easier for you. 

Perfect Flooring Choice For a Cold Environment 

Some flooring options are uncomfortable in a cold environment. They retain the temperature, which makes it uncomfortable. If you have a heating system underneath your flooring, limestone is a great way to transfer heat to your surrounding area. It retains the warm temperature for a longer period, which will conveniently have your energy and cost from the heating system.

polished limestone on living room

Installation Preparations for Limestone Flooring 

Unlike other natural flooring stone material that requires a very delicate procedure, limestone floors require only the basic knowledge for flooring when you need to install them. You can easily install this flooring by yourself. Here are some flooring preparations to know for limestone. 

Measure the Floor Area 

Limestone tiles and slabs require a machine to cut them properly. So make sure to accurately measure the floor area where you want to install the flooring. This will help you use the exact material, which will cost you less. 

Furthermore, cutting off excess stones requires a particular material. If you don't have cutting tools in your home, you could chip and ruin the slab, making the material unusable. 

Preparing the Room

Preparing the room means clearing the room of any furniture on top of the floor. You should make sure that nothing is left in the area, including dirt and debris, before starting your installation. 

Moreover, before installing limestone, the old flooring should be torn off. Limestone requires a concrete subfloor for installation. If you don't have a concrete subfloor, have concrete poured over your floor or use a concrete board underlayment so you can begin the process immediately. 

Installation and Finishing 

When laying the tiles on your floor, determine the center of the room and start from that position. It will help lay down your flooring tiles evenly and with proper spacing. After laying all the tiles, don't forget to fill grout between the lines of your tiles. 

Once everything is dry, you can finally apply a sealer to your floors. Limestone sealers help protect your floors from scratches and potential water damage. The sealers also make it easier to maintain and clean your flooring.

textured limestone on living room

Flooring Alternative: Vinyl Limestone Flooring 

The average cost of limestone flooring ranges between $30 and $45, depending on the finish and cut you want. If these prices are still too high for you and you want limestone for your floors, you can consider vinyl flooring as an alternative. It's much less cheap when it comes to material and installation costs. 

Here are some advantages of choosing vinyl material for your floors. 

  • Vinyl floors are known for their endless design. Since it uses an image layer to mimic any flooring material, you are not only limited to limestone vinyl flooring. There are also vinyl tiles that mimic different types of solid hardwood. Anything you fancy for your flooring vinyl can produce. 
  • You'll get the same genuine experience as real materials. For example, luxury vinyl tiles are manufactured to copy the same texture as the real material. So when you step on them, you feel the grain and texture like the real ones. 
  • There are manufactured vinyl tiles that are 100% waterproof. So you don't need to worry about water damage. You can use them in your bathrooms and kitchen. 
  • Lastly, it's cheaper. Vinyl is very budget-friendly. The cost of this material ranges between $1 to $20. It is more than half less than other flooring materials. You'll really save money on this flooring. 

Finishing Touches 

Beautiful and premium flooring materials are undoubtedly unmatched. But with beauty and sophistication comes the expensive price tag. Choosing your flooring is essential because it sets the tone and environment of your home. But you don't always have to blow your pocket to achieve a gorgeous-looking living space. 

When it comes to budget-friendly natural stone flooring, limestone won't disappoint you. With its durability, aesthetics, and fair price points, you'll certainly achieve the look you've been dreaming of. 

You may visit our blogs for more inspiration if you're looking for a review on flooring materials such as solid hardwood, tiles, and laminate flooring. 

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