Floor Rollers: Tools For Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring and the 3 Best Rollers on Amazon
4 min read
May 11, 2022

Floor Rollers: Tools For Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring and the 3 Best Rollers on Amazon

4 min read
May 11, 2022

Having the necessary flooring tools is critical before beginning a new installation or minor repairs. The proper flooring materials on hand will save you time and minimize the likelihood of mistakes. 

A quick tip: The easiest flooring installation features click-lock, providing DIY enthusiasts with the best floor application experience. 

So whether you are a professional or novice floor installer, here are the tools you need to perform basic flooring installation and repairs!

Best Tools for Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

A DIYer needs instruction manuals and video tutorials to install vinyl plank flooring successfully. But of course, a DIY installation is a lot easier and more fun if you have the necessary materials and tools to give your floor a total makeover.

So here are the tools needed for installing vinyl plank flooring:

Knife (Utility)

You'll need an extremely durable utility knife to trim or shape the vinyl and corners to the right size. Obtaining an angular blade will give you greater control and handling ability while cutting along the vinyl corners.

Carpenter's Square

A carpenter's square is yet another important tool to get things done. It will assist you with everything—from determining the dimensions of your vinyl squares to transforming any methods of measurement you come across; the carpenter's square is your ultimate buddy.

Tape Measure

It may seem obvious, but none of the heavy liftings can begin unless you've thoroughly analyzed the measurement of the entire floor. It is a must to calculate the length and width of your ground to have a good overview of how your vinyl floor will fit next to each other.


When picking the appropriate type of adhesive for your glue-down vinyl flooring, ensure it is complementary to the vinyl structure. You can do it by checking the adhesive tub's descriptor to see if it has a thin-spread formula, which indicates it is a dry-fast adhesive and will be easier to clean up if any spill occurs.

If you don't use a glue-free click-lock or peel-and-stick vinyl flooring, you'll need a huge container of adhesive to attach everything before you can appreciate the benefits of your new flooring.

Floor Roller

After incorporating the adhesives into the base, a sturdy floor roller will be required to balance and press the adhesive and vinyl flooring together for good adhesion. Even if you can accomplish it by using any floor roller design, a few products are more efficient in providing extra comfort.

Choose one with rubber gripping to assist your hands as you roll it across the floor. And another with a removable roller ideal for storing and handling the equipment.

To help you decide what kind of floor roller to apply for your DIY floor installation project, we compiled some of the best floor rollers on Amazon to get you started.

3 of the Best Floor Rollers on Amazon for a DIY Lover

We want you to have the best and most affordable tools for your DIY goals. So without further ado, here are the floor rollers you can buy on Amazon.

The POWERTEC 71033 Heavy Duty Roller.

POWERTEC 71033 Extendable 27-Inch Heavy Duty Roller

Introducing POWERTEC’s Heavy-Duty 27-Inch Extendable Roller. This top-quality adjustable roller tool offers the best possible power for various roller-based project applications. It is suitable for anyone who needs to roll any wall or flooring application, such as a rug, laminates, wall coverings, and vinyl flooring.

This convenient rolling tool, which has a premium, heavy-duty style, has pretty remarkable specs and a slew of important functions, including:

  • Handle that extends from 17 to 27 inches
  • Non-slip surface for easy maneuverability and control
  • Whenever you need more control and power, use the die-cast second handle
  • It has a segmented floating rolling design for uneven surfaces
  • The inset axle and non-marking rollers prevent tools from scuffing walls
  • It is small and light with its 7.5-inch width that fits into most toolkits
  • The eccentric cam style enables quick and reliable handle locking


  • The rollers have the right amount of softness and rigidity
  • The front and rear handles are both comfortable
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Because there is no clamp to stop you from trying to extend it past its total length while adjusting, it is easy to take the pieces apart by accident
  • The rubber grip is not attached to the metal handle and twists, which causes the roller to become loose and quite unstable
Roberts 10-935 35-Pound Flooring Roller.

Roberts 10-935 35-Pound Flooring Roller

This flooring roller is included in Roberts' roller product line to match today’s highly competitive flooring installers. This strong floor roller is suitable for placing linoleum, carpet, vinyl flooring, and other floor coverings.

The high-quality, segmented, chrome-plated rollers guarantee full adhesive incorporation and are also perfect for double glue installations. In addition, Robert's floor roller has a 30-inch detachable grip for easy transport and storage and set axles to prevent unwanted wall scuffing.


  • Rubber handles provide a more secure grip
  • Lightweight and simple to transport on and off the job site
  • Great-looking and feature-rich tool for home service on a tight budget


  • Rust can easily form on the rollers that can be transferred to the floor when used
  • Some users added more weight to the roller just to make it more effective
J-Roller from DCT.

Heavy-Duty High-Pressure Rubber J-Roller from DCT

The DCT Rubber J-Roller is the ideal tool to apply force to the contact concrete while removing trapped air during laminate installation. This tool applies pressure to vinyl planks for efficient and optimum glue adhesion.

The lengthy, arched J-style steel handle with plastic-coated rubberized grips is a high-pressure tool that allows you to apply force without deforming the bar. This design enables mechanical upsides with improved control. In addition, this floor roller comes with plastic friction bearing with snap rings on each end for maximum performance and durability.


  • Well-thought-out design
  • Allows for maximum pressure
  • Rubber wheels are softer than rigid plastic rollers


  • Because the rubber on the handle is not bonded to the metal, it slips while in use
  • The handle is only about a half-inch long, making it quite difficult to maintain a long and solid grasp

Making Installation as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Any good installation project starts with comprehensive and adequate planning. Before beginning work on vinyl flooring installation projects, gathering the floating vinyl plank flooring tools for installing is critical. Always remember that having the right tools can make your installation quick and easy.
The right tools and materials will also assist you in enjoying optimal results. So, if you want to learn more about the tools for installing vinyl plank flooring, explore Floor Hero because we have everything you need to know about floors and anything related!

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