What Your LVP Flooring Colors Say About Your Home: Know The Vibe Hues Emanate
4 min read
December 2, 2021

What Your LVP Flooring Colors Say About Your Home: Know The Vibe Hues Emanate

4 min read
December 2, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your favorite flooring colors say about you? Whether it's the color of your bedroom, living room, or kitchen flooring, there are many different shades you can choose from. Color is a powerful and essential element in interior design, even in flooring. What you choose can say a lot about who you are and the mood you want to create in your home. Some colors make people feel happy and content, while others may give off a more serious vibe. 

Let us help you pick the right colors, especially with your luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. We'll tell you what different colors mean and the best way to incorporate them into your home. 

Stir Some Passion With Red

Red emanates power, strength, and passion. Using this color for a considerable portion of your homes, like on flooring with LVP tile, creates a warm and inviting vibe. If you want some furniture to stand out, use shades of red to help the eyes focus on the fixture. Just be sure to balance out your red flooring with neutral and lighter colors like white or grey. Overdoing red can be too warm and radiate aggressiveness. 

Get Close To Nature With Green

Green hues are perfect if you want to bring in colors of the forest and the wild into your home. With the wide variety of LVP colors, you’ll quickly find products with green shades. With your flooring looking like grass in a field, add other natural colors like white, blue, orange, and brown to get the colors of nature. If you prefer to dine al fresco, a green vinyl plank flooring will match the close-to-nature vibe you want to achieve. 

Calm In Blue

When you have flooring in a blue shade, you’ll imagine walking on clouds or above water. If you love going to the beach, this gives you the feel of the ocean and the beauty of clear skies. Blue creates a refreshing feeling, especially in lighter shades. In contrast, darker tones like navy and royal blue emanate elegance and class. Because of the color’s flexibility, you can have blue flooring in any room or for your whole house.

Neutral In Grey

Grey has a neutral color that expresses formality and rigidity. The energy grey emanates is best for work and home offices. Nevertheless, when used in abundance for interior design, it may create a gloomy feel. So make sure to add colors in your home fixtures to balance the vibe. You can add white, black, and beige if you want to achieve a minimalist feel. Add shades of green, yellow, and red to bring life inside your home. 

The Color Of Royalty: Purple

Be careful in using too much purple as your home decoration may look cheap. Still, when used correctly, purple can look luxurious. For vinyl wood flooring colors, the purple you will get is usually in a lighter shade, and you’ll still see the grains of wood imprinted on the design. This flooring is best for a girl's room or a nursery because of its friendly color. If you use it for the living room, balance the striking floor color with neutral tones of white, brown, and beige. 

vinyl wood flooring colors

The Elegance Of Black

Black brings in an elegant and aristocratic look to your home. If you aim for a high-end interior design at a low cost, having black vinyl floor is a wise choice. To keep the design light, pick home decoration pieces and furniture in lighter shades. White will provide excellent contrast for your black floor. Invest in lighting to keep your home bright despite the dark-colored floor. 

Pristine And Pure In White

White is a popular choice for home flooring because it isn’t difficult to match. Its neutral hue will give you the freedom to choose warm or cool color tones for your furniture and home ornaments. White is also the perfect flooring if you want to achieve a minimalist look. Light and brightness will take over if you choose it as your interior design’s primary color. 

Rustic And Traditional With Brown

Brown is another popular flooring color, and luxury vinyl tile is meant to mimic the look of wood, so you’ll have plenty of choices in this shade. Find inspiration in Scandinavian interior design as the flooring they use is wood. Lighter shades are best for casual spaces, while dark-colored wood vinyl flooring looks more formal. You’ll surely rouse the rustic or traditional feels when you choose it for your flooring.

Bright And Sunny In Yellow

You may have a hard time finding the bright yellow planks of your dreams, especially with luxury vinyl floors. Nevertheless, some planks have yellow shades, and these colors can provide a bright and joyful feel inside the home. It also gives off a confident vibe. Match your yellow flooring with green and brown fixtures for a natural feel, and go for white and beige for a minimalist touch. 

Energetic In Orange

In the same way that yellow vinyl planks are more natural (instead of bright), orange vinyl flooring also mimics the orange tint of natural wood. This shade is close to brown, so you can stir the same antique feel using orange vinyl flooring. In the psychology of colors, orange emanates friendliness, adventure, and energy. Fill your home with positive vibes by picking it as a flooring color. Balance the room using neutral tones, or go bold by adding blue, yellow, red, and green shades. 

Remember The Essence Of LVP Flooring Colors

For your interior design colors, be sure to consider the energy the colors give off. For example, red is a color that will stir up passion and that can help with intimacy. Black is a color of authority and elegance, while white is pure and pristine. You can consider these color meanings aside from the aesthetics. With the number of options you have for LVP, whenever you are home or when you have guests over, you will be sure to create a homey feel for everyone.

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