Can the Achim Faux Hardwood Floor Planks Meet Your Standards?
4 min read
July 20, 2022

Can the Achim Faux Hardwood Floor Planks Meet Your Standards?

4 min read
July 20, 2022

Shiny and classy home flooring is any homeowner’s dream. Who wouldn’t be in awe of  a set of glossy hardwood floors? Unfortunately, real hardwood flooring can be pretty expensive. Even the cheapest genuine hardwood planks can still cost you more money than you would spend on most expensive faux hardwood floor alternatives.

While it’s tough to beat the color, texture, and sheer beauty that solid hardwood flooring offers, you can get greater value from faux hardwood flooring like vinyl and laminate floors. If you are a new homeowner, options like these would be a better choice than spending a fortune on real wood or engineered wood flooring.

We searched and reviewed one of the popular choices for faux hardwood floor tiles on Amazon to help you get started. Read more and discover what the Achim oak vinyl tiles can offer you.

Product Features

faux hardwood floor - Achim oak vinyl tiles

Easy No-Tool Installation

You can easily install the Achim oak vinyl tiles in any room of your home, unlike solid hardwood planks. If you are a handyman, you can allot a weekend afternoon to install these peel-and-stick vinyl tiles on your own. You won’t need a team of professional wooden floor installers to install these vinyl tiles. Plus, you won’t need additional tools, ultimately saving you more money.

Two Application Styles

You can choose either of the two application styles when installing the Achim oak vinyl tiles to suit your home decor. Unlike most laminate and vinyl tiles on the market, these floor tiles bear a plank-like pattern. When you lay them down on the floor facing the same direction, they may look like planks rather than tiles. Otherwise, you can use a crisscross pattern to make things more interesting.

Excellent Customer Service

The Achim oak vinyl tiles come covered by an excellent warranty program and customer service support. If you ever have a problem with your vinyl tiles, you can reach Achim through their Amazon store and report your problem. One customer had to replace tiles he had already installed due to mismatching colors, and Achim offered to replace his boxes of tiles for free.

Pros and Cons

PRO: Affordable Price Tag

You can buy a 20-piece box of Achim oak vinyl tiles for a measly $14.72 price tag. This price point makes these vinyl tiles highly competitive compared to synthetic flooring in the same price bracket. Unlike floor tiles from other brands, the Achim oak vinyl tiles come with a 5-year warranty and a responsive after-sales support team, which adds more value to the product.

PRO: Easy-to-Clean Surface

Due to their glossy surface, the ​​Achim oak vinyl tiles prevent dirt and spills from staining it. This feature is great for homes with small children and pets. In contrast to solid wood, vinyl floors have a layer that resists water damage so that you can enjoy peace of mind despite the occasional liquid spills. In addition, you can use any damp cloth to keep your vinyl flooring clean and shiny. 

PRO: Excellent Wood Look Tile

The Achim oak vinyl tiles stand out compared to other wood-patterned vinyl tiles. Its quality can fool anyone into thinking it’s real hardwood thanks to its high-resolution pattern layer. So while it won’t feel as great as solid hardwood, its looks can be very convincing (until you look at it closely).

CON: Doesn’t Stick Well

The greatest appeal of synthetic flooring for most homeowners would be its peel-and-stick feature. Unfortunately, it can be its biggest weakness as well. The Achim oak vinyl tiles come with a pre-applied adhesive which can translate to savings since you don’t have to buy floor glue. However, you might have to buy more glue when the pre-applied adhesive performs poorly.

CON: Inconsistent Shades

The Achim oak vinyl tiles come in 20-piece and 45-piece boxes. Whether you pick the 20-piece or 40-piece option, there’s a chance you’ll receive the same vinyl tile in different shades. This coloring inconsistency can result from poor quality assurance during production. The company seems to be already aware of this problem and offers replacements for defective tiles.

CON: Too Shiny

Solid hardwood floors are shiny, but the Achim oak vinyl tiles overdo it. The excessive shine on these vinyl tiles can break the illusion and make them look cheap. On the other hand, the glossy wear layer prevents staining from spills and makes the floor very shiny. So if you’re okay with everlasting shiny floors, this con could easily be a feature for you.

Customer Feedback

faux hardwood floor - Laptop screen with feedback page

If you are curious about how customers who bought the Achim oak vinyl tiles feel about it, we have you covered. We collected their sentiments and summarized them for you below. We also included what a few of them reported if you want to know what the outlying perceptions about the vinyl ties are.

Most Customers Agree That the Product Is...

  • Very easy to install with no tools despite different floor conditions
  • Exceptionally affordable, costing only $0.74 per square foot
  • Suitable for indoor areas with high foot traffic
  • Uncomplicated to cut into custom dimensions
  • Covered by a responsive after-sales support team
  • Of great value due to its strong value proposition
  • A stand out among its competitors in the same price bracket

Some Customers Report That the Product Is...

  • Cheap-looking with its shiny glossy finish
  • Very flimsy flooring material and comes off easily despite proper installation
  • Poorly manufactured because of inconsistent coloring and discoloration
  • Of poor quality due to how it feels to the touch
  • Inaccurately advertised due to the difference between product images and the actual product

Final Thoughts

As a new homeowner, you can make your solid hardwood flooring dreams a reality - albeit with a few conditions. First, you’ll be picking fake wood flooring materials like vinyl or laminate. Second, while they can look like natural wood, they would not feel similar to the real thing. Lastly, they may not last as long since you can’t refinish them like wood floors.

If you don’t mind those few minor details, you will find the Achim oak vinyl tiles a great fit for your home. Head over to our vinyl tiles section to discover more flooring solutions similar to this one!

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