The ChezMax Herringbone Parquet Flooring Is a Timeless Pattern for Your Home Interior
4 min read
February 18, 2022

The ChezMax Herringbone Parquet Flooring Is a Timeless Pattern for Your Home Interior

4 min read
February 18, 2022

Going for solid floor designs can work on home most interior designs, but let’s face it, it's boring. It's safe because there isn't much to observe when you look at it, just like anything that's blank. And when there's nothing to be observed, there's likely nothing to feel good or bad about.

Safe (and boring) designs are timeless. But there are intricate designs that can also endure our standard of what looks and feels good—the herringbone is one such design.

Benefits of Using Herringbone Parquet Flooring Laminate

Choosing a herringbone laminate as flooring material can add more life to your home, and for less, too. But there's a lot more to this flooring material than what’s on the surface.

Convenient installation and removal

Getting real here—the herringbone design from genuine hardwood material is an intricate and labor-heavy process. You'll need tools such as a hammer, woodcutter, and a measuring tool. You'll also need to do extra work because you have to put each piece in order.

Laminate flooring streamlines your installation and removal process by adding a peel-and-stick feature. It removes the heavy labor and gets you right down to business on a new, mesmerizing floor.

It costs less than parquet flooring made of hardwood

Authentic hardwood flooring is expensive. A square foot of the material can cost you around $20 - 50. To compare, you can buy three to ten planks or rolls of the herringbone parquet flooring with that money. What’s more, is that the amount of material can already cover at least a small bedroom!

If you're looking for a room aura change minus the luxury, get a laminate or plastic wood flooring. It only costs $5 - 15 a unit, and you can keep the rest of your hard-earned money for the more important room furnishings.


Laminate or plastic parquet floors are durable because they are protected by a resin outer layer. Besides that, laminate or plastic materials are good as flooring because they can last for several generations with proper care and maintenance—and that doesn't take much effort either. You just have to keep it clean (nothing regular housekeeping won’t solve!) and make sure it's always dry.

Laminate and plastic floorings are long-lasting home materials that will retain the design's freshness for years. Unlike genuine wood materials, laminates and plastic don't expand or shrink depending on moisture. So you can be secure about it staying in the same condition.

herringbone parquet flooring - A recreation room with white walls, a hammock and a wooden herringbone flooring

The Chezmax Diamond Engineered Herringbone Parquet Flooring

We're focusing on the ChezMax brand because it's one of the brands that carry a herringbone pattern and offers it at a low-price, high-volume unit.

Another thing about the ChezMax brand is that they're one of the few sellers offering herringbone parquet flooring. It can take some effort to look for good herringbone designs, and Chezmax just made it accessible. Here's what to expect when you buy one.

It comes as a rolled flooring material

When you buy a unit of ChezMax patterned floor, you'll get it rolled and sealed in plastic. The flooring material stretches to three meters with a height of 7.87 inches (20cm) 

It has its own adhesive

The underside of the engineered floor sheet is a peel-and-stick adhesive that makes the product ready for installation in a matter of minutes. In a way, it acts like a heavy-duty sticker that stays on once you place it firmly on the ground.

It's waterproof

The parquet floor is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is resistant to water. If you spill liquid on this thing, it will not seep inside the flooring layer and cause damage. The liquid will just remain where it is until you wipe it or it dries up on its own.

herringbone parquet flooring - An office room with white walls and a wooden herringbone floor

Reasons to Get Herringbone Parquet Flooring Tiles

Diving into our own reasons for getting a herringbone parquet floor isn't enough. That's why we've scoured for other buyers online to get their thoughts on the product. We sum it up to the following.

Looks elite

Herringbone floor designs take you back to ancient Rome and give you that aristocrat energy radiating from the room. The herringbone has a long-standing reputation for being detailed, functional, and eye-pleasing, so much so that the pattern is still well-loved by today’s new generation of homeowners.

Another thing that makes herringbone look elite is its illusion of space. Compared to plain and solid floor designs, the herringbone pattern makes you feel roomy. 

Adds to home value

It's not just the herringbone patterns that have merit. The parquet flooring design is perceived to increase the value of your home. If you're planning on selling the house in the future, it may fetch more than it would under plain-looking flooring material.

It's budget-friendly

Parquet flooring like the ones offered by ChezMax is kind to your wallet. The ChezMax is offered at $14.99 for a 3-meter roll. Other brands offering the same product compete with the same price range.

What made this even more budget-friendly was the volume. For the price of $14.99, you get to cover a lot more rooms and surfaces. Also, unlike with other materials that come in fixed sizes and fetches for a high price, the dimensions of this product even leave room for you to trim it in case you have to. 

The Downside: Reasons to Skip the Herringbone Laminate Flooring

The most likely reason for skipping herringbone flooring such as the one offered by ChezMax is the limited availability. Unfortunately, there aren't many brands offering authentic-looking herringbone patterns in the market, and even the genuine ones made of wood are hard to procure.

Another downside is that it can be prone to scratches. The flooring is thin, and you can damage the surface design if you move heavy furniture across it. The worst thing that can happen is completely scraping off the print, and you'll be left with a bald portion.

Herringbone Patterns Never Get Old

Getting yourself a herringbone flooring can be one of the best things you can do for your home. That's because it offers a timeless design. The beauty of the herringbone endures and will continue to do so for generations to come. Double that benefit with a parquet floor design, and you get an even better-looking space that gives off spacious and vibrant energy.

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