Costco Mohawk Flooring Reviews: Make the Best Memories on RevWood Laminate Wood Flooring
8 min read
February 10, 2022

Costco Mohawk Flooring Reviews: Make the Best Memories on RevWood Laminate Wood Flooring

8 min read
February 10, 2022

Everyone has fond memories of their childhood. Your first words were probably spoken while you were crawling your way across the floor of the living room. You might have hurriedly opened your Christmas presents while sitting around the Christmas tree. Up to this day, you can’t forget how your parents got mad when your childhood pet peed on the carpet.

Now that you have a home you call your own, you should pay attention to every detail. Dress it up to your own liking! Choose the best wallpapers that match your personality. Consider how your furniture and appliances will transform the space. After all, completing the overall look and feel of your home is no easy feat.

To tie all the elements of your home interior together, you must pick the most suitable flooring option for your home. The way it feels beneath your feet and how it looks all seem negligible. However, once you start making memories inside your home, every detail will be deeply ingrained into your mind.

If you wish to create a picture-perfect home for you and your family, the RevWood line of laminate wood flooring might just be what you are looking for! 

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Learn more about it by reading this latest addition to our Costco Mohawk Flooring reviews below!

What Are Laminate Floors?

Every new homeowner aspires to have only the best flooring option installed in their lovely home. Unfortunately, options such as hardwood floors are expensive to purchase and maintain. Aside from the hefty initial payment, the costs keep adding up every few years when you need to have them refinished by professionals.

However, you don’t need real wood floors to introduce a classy, homey, and cozy feel into your home. Without spending the same amount of money as you would on hardwood floors, you can achieve a texture and appearance similar to real wood with laminate flooring. Despite being cheap, laminate floors can feel and look great.

Laminate flooring is primarily made of four layers, starting from the bottom: the back layer, the core layer, the design layer, and lastly, the wear layer. Each of these layers contributes to the overall appearance, durability, and longevity of the laminate flooring. 

What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Laminate Flooring?

Before you step on the pedal and drive to the hardware store, you should first weigh the pros and cons of laminate floors. While they do have a lot of advantages going for them, there might be some drawbacks that can be a dealbreaker for you. We have listed some of the positive and negative aspects of using laminate flooring in your home below.


  • Ease of installation: Whether you choose to buy laminate planks or tiles, either option is designed to be easily installed over your floors. They can be installed without nailing them down, making the process fast and easy. You can even make it a DIY project over the weekend.
  • Stability: Unlike hardwood floors, laminate flooring does not expand or contract. Such floors warp when exposed to the ever-changing temperatures and humidity. With laminate floors, you don’t have to worry about seeking help from flooring experts to do the repair and maintenance work for you.
  • Installation over already-existing flooring: The lightweight construction of laminate flooring allows it to be installed over your existing flooring. This can be very beneficial for homeowners who don’t want to tear their old floors out because of additional costs.
  • Safer for everyone: Some flooring solutions need to be glued down for them to be installed. Unfortunately, the adhesive used can contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Snap-together laminate floors don’t need to be glued down and have no VOC.
  • Safer for the environment: The beautiful and much-adored hardwood floors have a high cost. Aside from the steep price tag, these floors also cost us the preservation of exotic lumber. On the other hand, laminate floors are not made of tree species that are now driven towards extinction.
  • Stress-free maintenance: Laminate floors can be cleaned and maintained with only a damp piece of cloth. No need for professional help to do the refinishing work for you. This can save you some money and free you from headaches in the long run.


  • Not fully resistant to water damage: Laminate floors can resist the occasional spills but cannot sustain its waterproof properties in situations like those in the laundry room. Excessive exposure to water on a regular basis can make it warp and lose its inherent durability. Installing laminate flooring in damp areas is not recommended.
  • Cannot be refinished: When it comes to hardwood floors, you can get more years out of them by having them refinished. Once it has undergone refinishing, it will always look brand new. Unfortunately, laminate floors need to be entirely replaced once it looks worn out and battered after a long time.
  • Might feel and sound hard: Compared to hardwood flooring, laminate floors may sound and feel hard underfoot. Hardwood floors are made of real wood that can vary in terms of softness and acoustic properties. However, due to the synthetic materials of laminate floors, they feel harder to both the ears and the feet.

What Should I Consider Before Buying Laminate Flooring?

Now that you know the pros and cons of laminate flooring, you should equip yourself with the proper knowledge on buying laminate floors. There are numerous brands on the market competing for your business. As such, you should know what to look for when buying laminate floors to get the most out of your money.

  • Thickness: The acoustics of your room depend on the surfaces of your interiors. As such, thicker laminate floors can reduce echoing by absorbing the sound instead. Aside from sound treatment, thicker floors can also insulate heat, resulting in a more comfortable feel underfoot.
  • Finishes: One of the most appealing features of laminate flooring is the myriad of styles, patterns, and colors available. Thanks to its photorealistic image layer, almost any conceivable wood and stone pattern can be printed on it. If you have an interior design in mind, you can definitely find a laminate finish perfectly suited for it.
  • Texture: If you walk barefoot on your hardwood floors, you would definitely appreciate how the wood grain feels underfoot. Unfortunately, you won’t have the same exact experience with laminate flooring. The topmost wear layer of laminate floors is usually smooth and glossy. However, some brands offer a textured surface that mimics those of wood floors (e.g., hand scraped).
  • AC rating: Laminate floors are widely known for their scratch resistance. However, not all laminate floors are equally resistant to scratches. Their varying degrees of durability are measured on a 1 to 5 scale called the Abrasion Criteria (AC). The higher the number goes, the more durable your floor will be.
  • Radiant heating: If you have a heating system installed on your floor, you have to ensure that your flooring is compatible with it. Some flooring solutions can’t transfer heat efficiently from radiant heat to your flooring. How efficiently your flooring works with radiant heat depends on the specific laminate flooring itself.

Where Can I Buy Laminate Flooring?

In addition to their low cost, another advantage of laminate floors is that they are easily accessible. Most hardware stores carry different types and styles of laminate flooring. Some hardware stores even have websites where you can place an order for laminate floors with only a single tap on the screen.

For example, Costco, one of the leading big-box retailers in the United States and Canada, has both physical and online stores. The retailer has stores in over 800 locations all over the world. This wide accessibility offered by their physical stores is complemented by their own online platform, making it easier for anyone to order laminate flooring from Costco.

Introducing the RevWood Laminate Wood Flooring From Mohawk Flooring

When it comes to affordable yet high-quality flooring solutions, the name Mohawk Flooring comes to most homeowners’ minds. As one of the leading flooring brands in the United States, Mohawk Flooring offers several flooring solutions, including vinyl, carpet, hardwood, and even rugs.

Arguably one of their most popular products is the RevWood line of laminate wood flooring. RevWood is accompanied by two other collections called RevWood Plus and RevWood Select. The former is their top-of-the-line collection, while the latter is a smaller handpicked selection.

Specs at a Glance

  • Can be bought anywhere from $1.90 to $3.50
  • Comes with a full-coverage waterproof protection
  • Available in many colors and styles
  • More scratch resistant compared to its competitors
  • Combines the looks of hardwood and the durability of laminate
  • Perfect for homeowners with active and energetic pets
  • Mimics the visual appearance of hardwood using patent technology
  • Can be cleaned with a damp mop or rag
  • Uses an installation system without using any glue or adhesive
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Entire catalog available for your perusal on their website

Outstanding Water Resistance

Homes with hardwood floors can seem more luxurious than those with flooring made from synthetic materials such as vinyl and laminate. However, the downside of having real wood floors is their resistance to water and moisture. Depending on the treatment and finish, they might not be able to sustain damage from water.

Because they are made of synthetic materials, laminate floors are inherently more resistant to water damage than hardwood. To further strengthen their laminate flooring solutions, Mohawk Flooring introduced WetProtect to their RevWood collections. WetProtect combines specifically designed joints and a specially formulated finish for unbeatable waterproof performance.

Impressive Scratch Protection

Daily activities inside your home can easily damage the floor. Accidentally dropping objects and moving furniture can leave irreparable damage to your flooring. That’s why scratch resistance is crucial for homes with pets and high foot traffic.

Mohawk Flooring claims RevWood is highly scratch resistant. In fact, they claim that it is four times as much compared to its competitors. This is made possible by the durable wear layer designed to withstand the most amount of scratches and wear possible.

Eye-catching Wood Visuals

Homeowners want a home that is pleasing to the eye. You might want to give your friends and family a good and lasting impression the next time they visit your home. As such, your flooring has to be beautiful and eye-catching.

The RevWood line of laminate floors, including RevWood Plus and RevWood Select, features many styles, patterns, and colors for you to choose from. RevWood has 8 styles, RevWood Plus has 6, and RevWood Select has 6 as well. Each style has different colors available for an even wider selection.

All Pet Protection & Warranty

If you have pets and worry about them damaging your floor, you can rest your mind at ease with RevWood laminate wood flooring. RevWood floors have outstanding protection from scratches. However, only RevWood Plus and RevWood Select collections come with the All Pet Protection & Warranty Program. 

The All Pet Protection & Warranty Program covers every little accident that you might encounter while enjoying the company of your pets at home. From claw scratches to nasty little accidents, the warranty program has got you covered. So if you want to keep you and your beloved pets safe, you can choose RevWood floors that come with this warranty.

Fast and Easy Installation

Mohawk Flooring recommends that your RevWood laminate floors be installed by professionals. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it on your own. If you wish to do it yourself as a DIY project, you can download the instructional manuals and watch instructional videos on the Mohawk Flooring website.

Make sure that you have the floors delivered to you two days before the actual installation. The 2-day lead time allows your laminate floors to be acclimated to the environment. For more information about the recommended humidity level and temperature, see the user manual that comes with the floors.

Final Thoughts

Giving your home a makeover can be a fun and exciting experience. However, if you make the wrong decisions, you might end up with a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, there are options such as the Mohawk Flooring RevWood laminate floors, which can give you the aesthetic you want without breaking the bank.

RevWood floors are affordable, durable, and stylish. In addition, buying them is easy with Costco’s hundreds of physical stores scattered throughout the country. If you don’t feel like driving to their physical location, you can order your floors with a single mouse click on their website.

Can’t wait for the floors of your dreams? Head on over to your nearest Costco and purchase your RevWood floors today!

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