A Fool-Proof Guide: How to Get Scratches Out of Wood Floors 
5 min read
April 1, 2022

A Fool-Proof Guide: How to Get Scratches Out of Wood Floors 

5 min read
April 1, 2022

Hardwood floors are elegant, timeless, classic, and the most beautiful among the flooring materials. That's why deciding on a wooden floor for your home is an investment. Moreover, maintenance can also be costly, and wood floors are susceptible to scratches, making them unappealing and dull.

But no need to panic. You don't need to call floor experts right away to fix your scratched floors. There are simple ways you can do to make them look new again. In this article, we'll look into all the techniques and prevention for scuff marks on your flooring. Here are some fool-proof tips for maintaining your pristine wooden floors

Identify the Scratches on Your Wood Floor 

Before you rush to repair your floors, there are two things you should know about them. First, you need to know the finish of your floors. Second, identify if the scratch only affected the finish or the wooden plank. 

If the scratch only affects the finish, there's a simple DIY solution you can do at home. A solution of apple cider and olive or coconut oil is effective against minor scratches. Rub the mixture on the scratched surface, leave it there for a few hours, and your floors will be good as new.

If this solution doesn't pose any effect on the scratch, try this step-by-step guide. 

  1. Make sure that the scratched area is free from dirt and dust. Remember to use a soft cloth or a gentle brush to clean your floor to avoid further damage. 
  2. Soak the scratched area with a specialized wood floor cleaner. After a few minutes, wipe the excess cleaner off and let it dry on your floor. 
  3. Fill the scratches area with a wood wax or a wood filler. These wood fillers are available in clear and colored variations. We recommend getting a filler close to the shade of your floor to cover the affected area properly. 
  4. The waxed area will have a matte finish. Next, make sure to buff the area you used the filler to match the shine of your floors. Upon completing these steps, we can guarantee you that nothing happened to your floor. 
applying wood filler for wooden floors

Repairing Deep Scratches on Your Wood Floors 

If you have your wood floors installed for a long time, it's a common scenario that the floor's finish that protects the surface is wearing thin. When this happens, your flooring is vulnerable to surfaces. In addition, heavy foot traffic, furniture, pets, and weather conditions also affect your floor. So, your floors are bound to get scratched at one point in time. 

Fortunately, you can avoid and repair these scratches with simple techniques we will share with you. 

Be Gentle When Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

One of the main reasons for scratching is using incorrect cleaning materials. Don't think it's okay to use the same brush you use for your tiles on your wood floors. Instead, use a brush or broom with soft bristles, preferably nylon. 

Moreover, using a soft rag is best for cleaning your wood flooring. You can wet wood floors, but remember not to soak the floor too much. If you want to lift the dust, run it with a damp cloth, so the water doesn't affect the quality of the wood. 

Avoid using DIY or strong detergent on your floors when it comes to cleaners. Chemicals can promote discoloration. Use commercial grade specialized wood cleaner for the best results to be safe. 

Sanding Your Wood Floors

Sanding is an excellent wood floor scratch repair when you have minor scuff marks on your flooring. When the scratches are not that deep, grab a fine grain sandpaper and buff away. After buffing the damaged area, make sure it is clean before recoloring the area with a wood filler. 

Here's a pro tip. You can get multiple wood fillers when you don't know what exact shade your wood floors are. Then, you can test them on your floors under the bed or furniture or on a surface that is not seen to identify the proper shade to match the scratched area. 

Look For Solutions in Your Pantry

You'll be surprised by how effective the simple items in your pantry are for your floor repair. Did you know that you can rub walnuts on your floors to fix scratches? Walnuts have a natural brown dye. It would be best to warm the walnut to release the oil and rub it on the scratched surface. 

Another item in your pantry that can help you repair scratches is coconut oil. If you don't have wood fillers after buffing your floor, coconut oil will do the job for you. Coconut oil will help your wood develop a richer-looking color.

Color the Scratches With Wood Stains

Wood stain is the easiest way to hide deep scratches on your wood floor. There are different types of wood stains available in the market. If you want a deep and richer color that will last long, oil-based wood stains are the best. For more variety of colors and easy application, water-based wood stains are the best option.

If you're using a wood stain, make sure that the patch matches your entire flooring, or it will ruin the floor's overall appearance. To ensure even color, it's better to apply the wood stain all over your floor for the best outcome. 

Consider Replacing or Refinishing Your Entire Floor

If the majority of your floor is scratched, maybe it's time to replace your floors. Unfortunately, replacing your entire floor will mean another investment. But if you have a tight budget, change to a cheaper flooring material. Vinyl planks and laminate flooring gives you the option to enjoy wood flooring without the expensive tag price. 

But if wood fillers, sanding, and wood stain took care of the deep scratches, refinishing your floor will be enough to protect them from further damage. Polyurethane, epoxy, and resin coatings are excellent for wood floors. Just make sure to get an expert's opinion before applying the coats to your wood floors. Better yet, let a professional worker handle the wood floor repairs. 

applying wood stain

Final Thoughts

All types of flooring require maintenance at some point. But hardwood flooring needs extra attention when it comes to maintenance and repairs. But don't stress yourself, simple scratches do not need professional help immediately. There are DIY and cheaper solutions you can find in your local stores. Just follow our recommendations and you'll have your wood flooring looking new in no time. We hope these ways on how to get scratches out of wood floors help keep your wooden floors shiny and appealing. For more tricks on flooring maintenance, whether for laminate flooring, tiles, natural stone, or luxury vinyl tiles, explore our other blogs for more information.

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