Forest Floor Wood Gym Floor Mat Review: Get Your Zen On
5 min read
May 19, 2022

Forest Floor Wood Gym Floor Mat Review: Get Your Zen On

5 min read
May 19, 2022

Many people don't think about the damage that can be done to their floors and equipment when they work out. The heavy impact of dumbells and even hair strands can ruin your flooring over time. Plus, gym floors can be jarring to come in contact with. All that concrete and hard surfaces—it's certainly not the most inviting environment. 

That's why we're happy to share this great Forest Floor Wood Gym Floor Mat with you. Protect your floor and equipment with this gym floor mat. You will embark on a journey and realize why you need this wood flooring for your workout regimen. Let's start! 

A Step Closer to the Wood Gym Flooring Mats 

When you think of gyms, you might imagine a room full of fitness machines installed in almost every corner or perhaps a low-ceiling space with weights lined up neatly and a yoga mat rolled out on the floor. But everything might look stiff and dull.

An important part of a workout space is creating a comfortable and relaxing area for you to release your energy. The people from Forest Floor understood this concept and designed wood gym flooring mats to fulfill both aesthetics and functionality. Read on to learn about its details. 

Color and Design 

You might instantly click on this wood floor mat when you see it online. The Forest Floor floor mats look like real hardwood flooring taken from real timber. Its surface shows small wood planks interlocking with textural shades to give a wood grain effect. 

Additionally, it's not just one default color of hardwood gym floor mat. You can choose from seven colors, from traditional shades to modern hues, to create that rustic ambiance for your home gym. These are the following:

  • Carbon 
  • Slate
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany 
  • White Oak 
  • Light Bamboo

Do you want to know which wood grain color is the most popular? While all hardwood colors are eye-catching, the color Slate has the Amazon's Choice tag due to its cool and trendy look. 


The price of the Forest Floor gym floor mats depends on the gym floor tiles and wood variations that you'll purchase. The Light Bamboo gym floor mat is the lowest-priced variation, costing $129.19 for 25 tiles. In contrast, the Carbon color costs $157.99 for the same number of tiles. Nevertheless, the tiles range from $23 to $158. Below is a quick chart of their tile count to square feet. 

Tile Count Square Foot

Another value added to the Forest Floor mats is that two border pieces come with each tile. With this, you can get straight hardwood edges instead of bumpy and curvy ends of puzzle pieces. 

Forest Floor Wood Gym Floor Mat


If you're looking for a flooring option that is both attractive and functional, Forest Floor wood floor mats are an excellent choice. They offer a number of benefits over other flooring options, including better shock absorption and noise reduction. 

Here are other features that these foam tiles offer.

Aesthetically Pleasing Surface

As mentioned earlier, the Forest Floor gym mats give a calming vibe to your gyms. If you want sports flooring found on a basketball court, you might opt for the Light Bamboo or White Oak color. 

In contrast, if you want a classic wood finish, the colors Cherry, Mahogany, or Walnut are your top choices. You have an array of options to choose from to suit your taste and the theme of your space.

Quick Installation

Are you overwhelmed with the cost and effort of tearing down your old gym or sports flooring? Fortunately, the flooring installation for the Forest Floor gym mats takes only minutes. These are interlocking foam tiles that you place on top of your existing flooring. Plus, you don't have to bring out any tools such as rubber mallets to install this flooring. 

Non-Slip Surface

Forest Floor began as a budding idea from parents who wanted a safe and affordable flooring option for their two children. This led them to make these foam tiles. Despite their printed surface, these floor gym mats have traction due to their material. This way, you'll be safe while you do different yoga positions or follow aerobic exercises. 

Anti-Fatigue Cushion

The 3/8-inch foam tiles relieve pressure and provide comfort for your feet, knees, and back that hard surfaces can't. As a result, you can walk or exercise barefoot, and your feet won't feel strained. 

What We Love About Forest Floor Wood Gym Floor Mats

Forest Floor Wood Gym Floor in the laundry area

What makes these gym flooring tiles appealing? Many users of these mats would mostly say it’s their authentic hardwood appearance. The wood grain appearance is gorgeous, and it draws attention perfectly without needing any decorative piece on it. As a result, you will be compelled to go into that space to exercise. 

Another feature is the tiles’ versatile applications to any area, not just on your sports court or workout room. You can put them in your bedroom, kitchen, office, and laundry room. 

Are you perhaps looking for temporary flooring for your showroom? You can use these wood floor mats for your business as well. You get the hardwood finish you wanted minus the costs of installing real wood flooring. The only real cost of installing these mats is putting your creativity to work. 

What We Need to See From Forest Floor in the Future

Forest Floor did a stunning job creating hassle-free and beautiful floor mats for yogis, gym rats, and most especially homeowners. However, the downside to foam tiles is their lifespan. Over the next few months, you might see slight discoloration or bubbles forming due to sun exposure, foot traffic, and moisture. This is a characteristic of laminated foam. 

Hopefully, Forest Floor can develop a water-resistant or UV-resistant feature for the tiles for longer use. 

Final Thoughts

Do you want a stress-free, eye-catching floor that can add some Zen to your life? Then, the wood gym mats from Forest Floor are worth buying. This flooring option is sure to give you the peace and relaxation you need, and it's a great way to spruce up your home workout area. 

In addition, with so many colors and designs available, you can find the perfect one to fit your personality. They have the elegant look of hardwood and the soft cushion feature of foam. With this, you get to have the best traits of both flooring types. Just be aware that their appearance may change over time, just like any laminated foam product.   

Do you find Forest Floor worth it? If so, check out Floor Hero for more beautiful flooring options.

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