Let Your Personality Shine With These Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas
6 min read
November 3, 2021

Let Your Personality Shine With These Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas

6 min read
November 3, 2021

What's better than a living room that reflects your personality? 

Grey flooring in your living room, of course!

That might not have been the first thing that comes to your mind, but trust us, the color grey can help express your personality. So whether you like bright neon colors or enjoy a more subtle color palette, having grey flooring completes your living room’s look.

Grey is a neutral color that will work with any furniture or wall decor you choose to put in the space. Think of grey as a canvas on which you can paint your personality. Moreover, you can pair any color with it without your living room looking awkward or tacky.

In this article, we’ll walk you through different grey flooring living room ideas that will help your personality shine!

Make Your Favorite Color Pop on Grey Carpet

If you feel passionate about one specific color, it would be very tempting to paint all of your walls in that color. You might even buy all your furniture and wall decor in that one color in an attempt to make your living room truly yours.

So let’s take that thought out of your head first. Trust us; it will look bad and possibly even repulsive.

Instead, what you can do is to use your living room’s wide and open space as a canvas. Then, use a grey carpet for your flooring. Grey, being a neutral color, can make your favorite color stand out.

Rather than bombarding your eyes with the same color everywhere you look, take a more subtle approach by selecting only a few elements of your living room that would carry the color of your choosing.

When you put everything together, you’ll end up with a more tasteful look. But rest assured, your guests won’t fail to guess what your favorite color might be.

Explore Combinations on Grey Hardwood

Are you feeling a bit adventurous? Go ahead and explore different color combinations! Placing colorful and vibrant decorations such as paintings, throw pillows, and other trinkets in the grey hardwood floor of your living room can feel like completing a coloring book.

What can make this experience better is knowing how to use a color wheel. A color wheel can guide you as you mix and match colors in your living room. If you’re going window shopping for home decoration and furniture, you might want to bring a color wheel with you. 

You can use the color wheel to determine color combinations in three different ways:

  • Complementary colors: Pick any color from the wheel, then look at the color across from it. The color that sits at the exact opposite of your chosen color is its complementary color. Use these colors with your grey wood floor as your base.
  • Analogous colors: Choose any color from the wheel, then note the two other colors right beside it. Those are the colors analogous to your chosen color. This color combination can dramatically affect your room, especially when used with neutrals like your grey wood floor.
  • Triad colors: Take any color from the wheel and draw a triangle from it. The colors that hit the corners of the triangle would serve as its secondary colors. Using this kind of color combination can be more difficult and requires more creativity, especially with wood flooring.

Take advantage of this simple tool as you let your imagination go wild!

Complement Your Grey Tile Floor With an Accent Wall

Do you want to highlight a certain part of your living room? Use an accent wall! Accent walls naturally draw your eyes towards its location. It could also be useful if you wish to draw people’s attention away from a specific area of your living space.

You can paint one of the four walls of your living room a radically different color to turn it into an accent wall. Don't make your room boring and avoid dull grey walls!

Are you not sure which color to pick? The color wheel could be extremely helpful in this scenario and would assist you in planning the entire look of your living room ahead of time.

As this is a more permanent change to your living room, you must carefully consider which wall you would like to turn into an accent wall.

Our suggestion would be to use the wall behind your sofa. It makes a great background for your photos while also tying the entire room together.

Make Your Grey Concrete Floor More Homey With Warm Colors

People often associate the color grey with dullness and depression. If you fill your home with only grey colors, it would give off a cold, monotonous, and boring vibe. Besides that, it would look stoic, gothic, and industrial.

You wouldn’t want that for your living room, where you invite guests in!

Instead, take advantage of your grey floor and sprinkle warm colors all over your living room. Don’t go crazy; choose only a few wall decor and furniture to give your space some warmth and energy. Once you’re done, you will see a dramatic change in how your living room looks and feels.

Are you not sure which colors to use? Take out your color wheel! All hues and shades from red to yellow can be mixed and matched together to bring out a warm feeling from your living room’s interiors. Use them sparingly, though! Having good taste is key.

Adopt a Coherent Style That Goes Along With Your Grey Carpet

Before going on a spending spree, plan your living room’s overall theme first. Then, pick the colors you want to use with the help of a color wheel or a color palette. You can even scour websites like Pinterest for design ideas and inspiration.

After nailing down the perfect color scheme, pick elements to include in your living room that have similar or complementing characteristics. For example, you may use colors, textures, or patterns similar to your decor elements.

Let’s say you want to give your living room a Scandinavian touch; choose colored furniture and accent pieces with clean lines (like a tiled grey flooring) while avoiding any elaborate designs. 

You can also use light wood tones if they go well with the color scheme of your choice! Make sure your design is cohesive, so people know what kind of style you have in mind when visiting you.

Shed Light On Your Grey Linoleum Floor

Use lighting to your advantage in a living room. Just like choosing the right color, you would want to study how lighting affects a space before deciding where and what kind of lamps or chandeliers to put up.

As one is more powerful than the other regarding light distribution, ceiling lights can make big changes with little effort. If possible, though, use both types of lights together as they each have their benefits! 

Aside from lighting, you can put up white walls to brighten up your grey living room. As a bonus, white walls can make your space seem larger and more spacious than it really is.

Clean and Green To Match Your Grey Marble Flooring

Indoor plants can add a touch of greenery to your living room while also purifying the air inside. The color green is known for its ability to relax and make people feel at peace, which would be very helpful in making guests comfortable.

Different types of plants have different benefits; consider getting some that can reduce stress or promote relaxation if you want an instant effect on how your living space feels like! 

Soon enough, even without the help from interior design experts, you will see a huge difference from what used to be a dull grey floor into something more lively and inviting!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your living room more stylish and comfortable, look no further. The tips we’ve provided have shown how with just a few easy steps, you can create the living room of your dreams that will be perfect for relaxing in after a long day at work or hosting friends.

Grey flooring for your living room can be really special and cozy. Whether painting the walls an attractive paint color or adding some pops of color with furnishings, there are so many options for making this space feel like your own.

Have fun exploring all these ideas and find out what works best for your personality and lifestyle!

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