Moving in Diaries: Save Your Floor From Damage With This Hardwood Floor Plastic Protector
4 min read
May 17, 2022

Moving in Diaries: Save Your Floor From Damage With This Hardwood Floor Plastic Protector

4 min read
May 17, 2022

It's official: you're moving out. Your childhood home is no longer a viable option now that you've chosen to establish your independence. Before the boxes start piling up, you're already exhausted with the big furniture you need to put inside because it's heavy to lift them.

So, what are the steps you must take? You need some planning and preparation. In this guide, we'll help you understand the most common problem among movers and discover our recommended Amazon product that will relieve you from the friction of moving heavy items.

Leave the Floor Open: A List of Common Heavy Furniture When Moving In

Getting your first home is exciting yet challenging, especially if you're unprepared. There's the packing, the unpacking, the furnishing, and the trouble of damaging your floor when arranging your space. It's frustrating, isn't it?

We've put together a list of common household items that might give your new hardwood flooring a hard time when moving in. 

Household ItemsAverage WeightOther Details
ChairsAverage weight: 8-60 poundsChairs are the lightest furniture you can carry yet are tiring. If you're not used to lifting them, you may opt for pulling or sliding its legs, which might damage your floors.

Dining Tables
Average weight: 180-250 poundsTables are usually large, quite heavy, and often have sharp corners that can easily bruise your floors when maneuvering them around your home.
BedAverage weight: 286-485 poundsMost bed frames are made of metals or wood, so one simple move can damage your floors or walls.
DresserAverage weight: 363-407 poundsDressers are too heavy to move as a single unit. You have an option to disassemble while moving it, although it requires physical work similar to moving the dressers altogether.
RefrigeratorAverage weight: 770-970 poundsRefrigerators are one of the bulkiest and most cumbersome appliances to move. One single glide of this appliance can already create scratches and scuffs.

Alternative Solution: The RESILIA Premium Hardwood Floor Protector

RESILIA Hardwood Floor Plastic Protector

If you want to move your appliances without breaking your back, it's time to check the RESILIA Hardwood Floor Protector. This plastic furniture pad is ideal for pairing with any hardwood surface that needs to be protected at home.

The good news is that it offers many features that can help you lessen your worries and arrange your home essentials peacefully. Here are some:

Technical Details:

Let's start with the technical details to see if this vinyl floor mat is accurate to your expectations.

  • Weight: 6.98 pounds
  • Thickness: 0.0045 inches
  • Material: 100% vinyl
  • Available sizes: 27” x 12, 27” x 6', and 27” x 25' 
  • Any contaminants: Does not contain any Prop 65 regulated contaminants
  • Manufacturer: USA

Main Advantages: Heavy-Duty Protection and Versatile

Some of the best advantages of using the RESILIA hardwood floor protector film are the ability to withstand heavy traffic and intense moving in many areas of your home, regardless if you're just moving in or you're already arranging things inside your space.  

You can commonly use this on the following:

  1. Dining Room: Over time, dining chair legs can scratch and scuff hardwood floors since you're constantly pulling them, causing your floor to become dull and damaged. This plastic chair leg protector for hardwood floors can help preserve your floor from these indentations by absorbing the force of the chair.
  1. Work Desk: This plastic chair floor protector for hardwood can withstand the weight of an office chair's wheels and the stress of constant rolling, making it an ideal solution when you start working at home.
  1. Kitchen: This chair mat protector can also handle appliances and furniture like refrigerators, kitchen tables, gas ovens, fridges, and stoves, especially as they are the most prone to damage the hard floor surfaces.
  1. Hallway: Most pets love to pee in the hallways, which is a major problem for some homeowners. Fortunately, this waterproof plastic chair mat protector for the hardwood floor provides a barrier to maintaining your hardwood floor's cleanliness.
  1. Playroom: If your kids are fond of running around, this floor protector is a lifesaver away from your worries.

Other Notable Advantages

The advantages of RESILIA film protector don't stop there. Here are its other great benefits:


This hardwood floor protector film has no harmful chemicals. It is phthalate-free and DINP-free, making it more sustainable to use so you won't have to replace your damaged floors as often.

Dual Pad

The dual pad enables superior protection for your hardwood floors. The bottom layer is a soft, cushioning pad that protects your floors from scratches, dents, and wear. The top layer is a clear film protecting against stains, spills, and dirt. 

Easy To Clean

The film's textured surface averts dirt and dust from clinging to the surface, so you can sweep or vacuum the floor.

The Downsides

While this furniture pad does its job of covering your floor from dents and debris, you still need to check some concerns that might affect your moving in.

Strong Smell

Although the strong smell of the product turns off some customers, it's not a big deal since it also dissipates in a few days. 

It Curls Up

The film starts to lift at the edges and peels away from the floor. The best solution here is to tuck the edges of the film under the rug. Then, you can fix the film to lie flat again when you have time. 

Start Your New Chapter: At Peace, At Ease!

Arranging your things can be stressful enough without worrying about your floors. But we think the RESILIA Premium Hardwood Floor Protector is a great choice for your heavy furniture. It's versatile, eco-friendly, and easy to clean—not to mention it offers heavy-duty protection. 

They have a strong smell when first applied and can curl up at the edges if not used correctly. But these are minor drawbacks compared to the benefits offered by this product. So, is it a yes for us? Absolutely!

For other great flooring options you need for your moving journey, check out other blogs on our website.

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