Warm and Cozy: Create a Nordic-Inspired Home Using Herringbone Bamboo Flooring
4 min read
December 13, 2021

Warm and Cozy: Create a Nordic-Inspired Home Using Herringbone Bamboo Flooring

4 min read
December 13, 2021

The Nordic region isn’t all about Vikings, after all. In contrast with the fierce Vikings, Nordic interior designs are an inspiration if you want to achieve zen and calm. 

Nordic or  Scandinavian interiors feature muted colors, mod furniture, and negative space. With more people working from home and making their space as comfortable and work-conducive as possible, this style has definitely seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. 

Whether you are a fan of the Nordic design aesthetic or want to have a warm and cozy home, herringbone wood flooring is the way to go. And what better material to go for in a Nordic home than the zen and highly sustainable bamboo? 

This article will discuss all the excellent characteristics of different bamboo flooring, including the herringbone pattern. We’ll share some tips on how you can bring Nordic comfort in your home wherever you are in the world.

The Beauty of Herringbone Bamboo Flooring

When you enter Nordic-style homes, you’ll notice the generous use of wooden materials, including the flooring. Herringbone flooring can be made of wood, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic tiles, or laminates. But in this article, we’ll focus on the highly sustainable material—bamboo. Browsing through arc bamboo flooring reviews and reading through this one will give you an idea of why it’s an excellent choice for modern and minimalist homes. 


Bamboo is reinforced with chemical treatment and preservatives to make it sturdier and long-lasting. There are three types of woven bamboo floorings you can choose from. 

Strand woven bamboo: This is the strongest bamboo flooring type. It is woven and compressed together using heat and pressure. 

Horizontal bamboo: Bamboo strips are glued together to create a plank. The output shows a natural grainy texture.

Vertical bamboo: This bamboo type is composed of slim lines of bamboo compressed together using pressure. 

All these designs may differ in looks, but they all have the durability treated bamboo brings. Their strength is easily at par with hardwood flooring, but the bamboo cost per square foot is way cheaper. 

Bamboo Flooring Herringbone Pattern

Vertical and horizontal bamboo are classics. But the more complex patterns—herringbone, brick bond, and basketweave—are also appealing. 

Go for a brick bond pattern to achieve a minimalist look, as the bamboo planks are just placed in the same straight and parallel positions. Nevertheless, for patterns, herringbone and basketweave are the best. Basketweave flooring is a collection of square tiles with horizontal and vertical lining. On the other hand, herringbone provides a unique pattern that mimics fish bones—bamboo planks arranged at a 45-degree angle. 

Color Variations

Checking Scandinavian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Finns interior designs, you’ll notice the lighter wood flooring shades for homes. Meanwhile, darker wood floor colors are reserved in more formal establishments like government offices, restaurants, and work offices. But do not let these standards stop you from achieving the flooring shade you want to have for your house. Here are the color choices you have:

  • Walnut brown
  • Tea brown
  • Pecan brown
  • Nordic oak
  • Natural yellow
  • White
  • Chestnut
  • Carbonized
  • Stone grey
  • Rustic

These colors are achieved depending on the treatment process bamboo has undergone or through bamboo staining

Eco Friendly

Using herringbone bamboo flooring for your home interior design is not only for aesthetics. If you are considering eco-friendly materials, this flooring type is also a good choice. Bamboo grows faster than other plants and trees, so you can quickly replenish its supply despite the demand. 

The use of bamboo is also good because it has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Because of its durability, you’ll have flooring that will last long, even without any replacements and with minimal maintenance—this makes it practical, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. 


Bamboo flooring may not be the best choice for areas with high humidity and heavy foot traffic. 

While upkeep is relatively easier compared to hardwood flooring, it can still be prone to surface scratches from common factors, such as indoor pets, rough particles, and furniture legs.

As in most common flooring types, bamboo will incur extreme damage during floods. So consider other alternatives if you’re currently located in a flood-prone area.

bamboo flooring

Nordic-Inspired Interior Design

Now that your flooring type is covered using bamboo, it is time to bring your Nordic-inspired home to life. Check out these tips to help you achieve just what you are aiming for.

  • Generously use natural lighting, so make sure to enable sunlight to enter windows and doors. Use light-colored curtains to bring more radiance to any room.
  • While you keep everything bright, provide contrast by picking furniture with darker colors so that they would stand out. 
  • Add a contemporary touch to your traditional flooring using ornate home decors, too. 
  • Spark color into your home by adding bold purple, red, orange, and yellow shades. 
  • You can also go for neutral colors of gray, black, or beige if a light-colored interior is what you want to achieve.
  • Since the Nordic interior is all about coziness, layer your bedsheets with linens, comforters, and varied colors for the pillows. Both the looks and the feel are comfortable. 

After your interior decoration, you’ll have a spacious and bright home you’ll find relaxation in. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to create a warm and cozy home, consider adding some herringbone bamboo flooring. Bamboo has many benefits that make it an ideal material for lining your floors, including its durability, eco-friendliness, and wide range of colors. Besides the practical aspects of installing bamboo throughout your house, there are also aesthetic options. You can choose different patterns or Nordic-themed color combinations to give your space more personality. 

We’ve covered everything you need to know about what makes herringbone bamboo flooring so versatile. Now, go out and find some inspiration and bring to life the warm and cozy interior decoration you aim for!

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