Stop a Sedentary Lifestyle with the Help of a Home Gym with a Wood Floor
5 min read
May 16, 2022

Stop a Sedentary Lifestyle with the Help of a Home Gym with a Wood Floor

5 min read
May 16, 2022

Most people might spend a lot of time seated on the couch or bed because they want extra rest before accomplishing something. While there's nothing wrong with taking a break now and then, it can be tough to summon the energy to get up and move around. And even if you do manage to take a brief walk or stretch, it's easy to fall back into old habits of prolonged sitting or sleeping. Over time, this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that might harm your health.

We're here to remind you that there's still time to try something different. This blog post will show you how simple it is to include fitness into your daily routine and explore some at-home choices that can motivate you to become more physically active.

Sedentary Lifestyle: When Your Body’s Going Offline

A sedentary lifestyle is described as a pattern of living that involves little to no physical activity. If you’re not aware, this routine can be seen in adults and children. For adults, passive activities include working at a desk, watching TV, sitting on a couch, or resting in bed the whole day. And as technology advances, children also become more vulnerable to sedentary behavior like playing video games, watching movies and videos on cell phones, or using iPads and tablets.

Since the body doesn’t receive a regular amount of energy, the risk of developing many health problems can increase. They include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. Physical inactivity has also been connected to poor mental stability and lower life satisfaction.

This is the sign to stand up and let your body move again. By taking small steps, you can live a longer and healthier life.

5 Steps on How to Get Away From an Inactive Routine

Gorgeous woman raising a barbell in the gym.

Now that you know the implications of a sedentary lifestyle, the goal is to find effective ways to stay on track and focus on moving your body. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Play sports:  Sports like basketball, biking, swimming, or tennis are a great way to energize your body because they encourage you to become more active. It's also a lot of fun to engage yourself in sports since it can help you meet new people.
  1. Find a workout that you enjoy: There are plenty of other workout options if you're not into heavy exercise. For example, you can do some low-impact activities like dancing or brisk walking so that your body can adapt to the routine smoothly.
  1. Set some goals: Setting goals will motivate you to monitor your health progress, whether it's about losing weight, building muscle, or getting in shape.
  1. Get a workout buddy: It's always more fun to work out with someone else, so find some people who enjoy being active and commit to exercising together regularly.
  1. Build a gym flooring at home: It's possible to stay fit without spending money on a gym membership or hiring a gym trainer. With the right gym flooring, you can become more active without going outside of your home.

In Frame: Tangkula Rubber Floor Mats for a Home Gym

Tangkula Rubber Mats - Gym Wood Floor

As you plan to build a home gym to bolster your body, there is nothing better than the right flooring. Some people think they need expensive equipment or extravagant materials for their workouts, but this couldn't be further from reality. All you need is proper gear. This includes comfortable clothes that won't restrict your movement, supportive shoes, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and floor mats that will provide a soft surface to stand on.

Thanks to the Tangkula Foam Wood Floor Mats, you can do whatever you want without leaving unpleasant spots on your carpeting. 

Let's further discuss these pristine carpet tiles suitable for your indoor exercise needs.

What are the product details?

Inside the package of Tangkula foam tiles are 12-piece floor mats and 24-piece side strips. Each piece of gym floor mat measures 24" (L) x 24" (W) and has a ⅜" thickness for better floor bridging. These floor mats also come in a natural wood grain color and are made of an elastomeric material that provides softness and flexibility for users.

What should you love about Tangkula foam tiles?

There are numerous reasons for choosing the Tangkula brand for your home gym flooring needs. Here are some:

  1. The Tangkula Floor Mat is made from a premium EVA material that provides a soft, cushioned surface so that it can massage your feet while exercising. And because it's slip-resistant, you don’t have to worry about sliding or falling.
  1. These rubber floor mats for home gyms with a wood look have a beautiful grain that can blend in with any style of your room, whether you have a traditional, contemporary, or rustic home.
  1. If you're searching for a high-quality floor mat that will last for years, the Tangkula Floor Mat is a great option. Its tough body is intended to survive prolonged use without cracking or deforming.
  1. These wood-look rubber floor tiles for home gyms are made of a noise-resistant material that helps to deflect sound waves or block noise.
  1. The interlocking design of this carpet tile makes the installation and storage more convenient. So, aside from home gym flooring, you can also put it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or laundry room.
  1. These wood foam tiles have a waterproof surface to repel spills or sweat tracking onto the mat. 
  1. There's no need to worry about the dirt and dust trapped in the mats since you can easily wipe them down using a wet cloth.
  1. Since the Tangkula floor mat can resist the rigors of daily use, you can also use it for hardwood floors and vinyl flooring—types of flooring mainly used for high-traffic areas.

What shouldn't you love about Tangkula foam tiles?

Is there anything not to love about the super soft texture of a Tangkula foam tile? Unfortunately, there are occasional lowlights you need to know before buying.

You may have to do extra work on your end, for starters, because not every edge has the same size. So it requires trimming off excess material before installing it into place. 

Another downside is that the tile is difficult to cut, so you'll need to invest in a good sharp cutter or scissors for this project. Given the disadvantage, finding the ideal fit for your room will take some time. So if you're impatient, this type of floor mat isn't for you.

Overall, we think the pros outweigh the cons and recommend this wood-look tile for the gym floor to anyone in the market for a little extra comfort underfoot.

Move Your Body Right and Start Living Healthy

It can be tough to break the habits of a sedentary lifestyle. But with the right tools, it's doable. If you're looking for an at-home gym that will help keep you active, check out the Tangkula rubber floor mats from Amazon. They are affordable and easy to put in position. They also provide a lot of support for your workout routine.
Still need more reassurance? Making healthy choices is always worth it at the end of the day. If you still have some doubts, check out our other floor reviews on our website. We're confident that you'll find something that meets your expectations.

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