Build a High-Contrast Interior with the Lucida Nero Black Wood Floor Tiles
5 min read
June 16, 2022

Build a High-Contrast Interior with the Lucida Nero Black Wood Floor Tiles

5 min read
June 16, 2022

When it comes to home decor, you’d rather stand out than blend in. If you want your home to reflect your unique character, black wood floor tiles are perfect for achieving that high-contrast look you'll love.

However, you can only achieve that with quality flooring. We understand how difficult it can be to shop for good flooring, especially online. So we'd love to help you and recommend a product you might fancy.

Have you seen the Lucida Surfaces Nero Black Wood Tiles yet? If not, this is the perfect time to look into this gorgeous flooring! See if these tiles would fit your dream high-contrast home.

All Eyes on Your Floor: A Lucida Surfaces Nero Peel-and-Stick Black Wood Floor Tiles Review

Are you a fan of high-contrast interiors? Black floor tiles are a great way to create that look for your space. The Lucida Nero 193 Tiles, in particular, would be a great choice—it’s made of quality materials and has an easy peel-and-stick installation for DIY projects.

Will these flooring tiles help you build your dream high-contrast home? Read our review below to find out!

black wood floor tiles peel and stick - lucida nero black 913 floors

Eye Appeal: Solid Starting Point

Let's start with the flooring design, which makes it perfect for a high-contrast interior. The 913 Nero tiles are part of Lucida's Bass Collection, a line of simple floor tiles that make a solid baseline for your flooring.

Among the different colors and designs, the Nero Black is the best we can recommend; black works well with almost any color, particularly light hues, to achieve a contrasting effect.

Architectural Appreciation: Highlights Interior Elements

Are there any decorative elements or pieces at home that you want to show off? If yes, these black floor tiles from Lucida will work to your advantage. 

The solid black color brings out the beauty of any architectural details in your space. These could be in the form of trims, moldings, wall furniture, light walls, or restored art pieces. Black wood tiles will make them look brighter and more beautiful, effortlessly pulling the attention toward these elements with their contrasting effect.

A Contrast That Lasts: Flooring Technologies

What's the use of gorgeous flooring when it's short-lived? Fortunately, the 913 Nero Black Tiles use technologies that help extend their life span.

  • EnCore Technology — Involves a 12-mil hardened vinyl wear layer for abrasion and stain resistance and an HD film print for a realistic hardwood design
  • CorePrit Technology — A premium virgin dry-back luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for seamless attachment to any subfloor
  • CoreSet Technology — A subtle flooring layer that holds and grounds the planks for a secure installation. It is especially useful to compensate for the lack of adhesive in peel-and-stick tiles.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: BaseCore Technology

These waterproof black tiles are not only pretty and durable, but they're also easy to install. The Lucida Nero tiles use the peel-and-stick method, making them a breeze to work with—no need for grout or other special tools!

On top of that, they're easy to clean. You can sweep, damp-mop, or vacuum spills and stains on these black tiles. That said, we still recommend checking with the manufacturer for any specific cleaning instructions.

Other Features 

Here are more features of the Nero 913 that you might be interested in.

  • Sound Transmission Class Rating — These floors have a 40–43 rating, the basic sound transmission standard for flooring.
  • Anti-slip Resistance — These floors have an R10 slip rating, which meets commercial standards. An R10 rating has minor to moderate resistance in various areas like hallways, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Flooring Application — These floors are suitable for residential and commercial use.
  • Plank Dimensions (Width, Length, and Thickness) — 6 × 36 × 0.08 in
  • Square Feet per Box — 54 sq ft
  • Plank Weight — 42.6 lb (per box); 2826 lb (per pallet)
  • CertificationFloorScore


Meanwhile, here are some limitations you should know before purchasing the Lucida Nero Black Tiles.

  • Since these are peel-and-stick floors, you might have issues with the lack of adhesive strength. If you want to enhance it, ask the manufacturer or your local home improvement shop to recommend flooring glue.
  • This peel-and-stick black wood-look floor tile is available in plain black only. If you want a set of black tiles with intricate designs, consider looking at the other Lucida collections.
  • These tiles won't hold up well on walls.
  • Some users encountered issues with color inconsistency.
  • The packaging is reportedly not secure.
black wood floor mat tiles - white and black high-contrast home furniture

3 Tips to Complete Your High-Contrast Home Project

Now that you have a flooring idea, let's make the most of other contrasting techniques for your space! Here are three tips to get that high-contrast look in your home.

Use Accent Lighting

Add more drama to your space with accent lights. You can use colored LED lights, wall sconces, or table lamps. These lights also create contrast and highlight the black elements, including your black floors.

Don't Hesitate to Mix and Match Unusual Elements

If you're into high-contrast interiors, you can make a statement in your space by combining things that feel distinctly different from each other. Want bold colors like orange and red furniture popping out against dark floors? Do it! Make them big and concentrated enough to catch the viewer's eye.

Make Sure to Keep a Good Balance

It's easy to get caught up in the vibrant energy of high-contrast designs. However, don't forget that a well-thought interior also needs a good balance. Distribute equal weight to all elements, whether it's light or dark aspects. Some great examples are black floors highlighting a silver carpet and a navy blue shelf against a white wall.

Pull Off a Dark Wood Floor for Your High-Contrast Home

Here's our verdict: we think the Lucida Nero 913 Black Wood Flooring Tiles are a simple yet adequate option for creating a high-contrast home. They're neat and flexible and made to last long enough. Plus, they're a breeze to install and maintain; you can work on them fast and hassle-free!

Initially, it might seem crazy to join opposite elements in one space, but it's not! In fact, it introduces a bold type of charm that catches the eyes of the viewers instantly. That said, you have to do it right so that it doesn't end up in a mess of unlikely design combinations. It means balancing light and dark shades or smooth and rough textures.

Ultimately, it's just a matter of discovering the right pieces and learning how to use them together. And with a little imagination and effort, you can achieve any style you desire—including a high-contrast home that stands out.

Want to know more about black flooring? Explore our website for more information on similar products like black wood floor mat tiles, vinyl, and laminate floors in different colors and designs.

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