The 7 Reasons Why Mohawk Engineered Wood Flooring Can Make Your Home Shine
4 min read
February 1, 2022

The 7 Reasons Why Mohawk Engineered Wood Flooring Can Make Your Home Shine

4 min read
February 1, 2022

There are many reasons why Mohawk flooring is the best choice for your home. Not only is Mohawk wood flooring beautiful, but it can also be affordable and durable. In addition, Mohawk engineered wood floors have a wide range of designs and patterns that you can choose from. Surely, they will have a perfect flooring solution for your home. 

Mohawk flooring is the best way to make your home shine. There are many reasons why Mohawk flooring can be a great addition to your home. This post will discuss seven of those reasons and show you how Mohawk flooring makes a difference in any room!

What Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is the ultimate symbol of class and elegance in a home. Wood can complement any style a homeowner wants; modern, contemporary, even rustic. Wooden floors have been around for a long time, giving many homes timeless beauty and a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Mohawk hardwood flooring is a popular choice; they have a great selection, from common trees like oak and maple to some exotic hardwoods. And if you have an unlimited budget, solid hardwood flooring will not disappoint.

But, if you’re on a tighter budget yet you still want the look and feel of hardwood in your dream home, engineered wood flooring can make your dreams come true. Don't worry: engineered wood is still made from genuine wood. The only difference between it and solid hardwood is that it has layers of plywood that add other properties to make the flooring more durable, functional, and affordable. 

engineered wood oak flooring on big office space

The 7 Reasons Why Mohawk Wood Flooring Is Perfect for Your Home 

Let's list down the different engineered flooring features to help you decide why this is the perfect flooring for your home. 

It is real wood 

Many people argue that engineered wood is nothing but a cheap and fake copy of solid hardwood flooring. But in reality, engineered wood is just made out of pieces of wood layered to create a floor plank. So it feels like wood and looks like wood but at a lower price. 

It does not expand or shrink

When installing solid hardwood flooring, you must consider factors like temperature, humidity, and the house where it will be installed because solid hardwood is sensitive to these conditions. For example, if a room is too humid, the plank can expand which can cause bumps and uneven surfaces. 

If it's in a room that is too hot, the floors are at risk of shrinking, which can cause your planks to loosen. With engineered hardwood, you won't have any of these complications. That's why you won't have any problem with whichever part of the house you want to install this flooring in. 

Extreme durability

Engineered wood is made from multiple layers of plywood and a solid hardwood lamella on the topmost layer. This is then compressed and bonded together, which gives it durability. Engineered wood can withstand wear and tear in heavily trafficked areas, even in commercial areas. 

It can be sanded and refinished 

If you have experience in wood flooring, you know that wood loses its luster and texture over time. You can make it look brand new again by sanding and refinishing your floors. Don't waste money on replacement. You can also buff them regularly to keep their shine for a longer period. 

Just remember that engineered wood flooring is thinner than solid hardwood. So make sure the top layer of your floor plank is at least 1.5 mm so you can sand and polish it without making your planks too thin and fragile. 

Easy installation 

Other flooring options need a professional worker for installation. This means spending extra on labor fees. You can lay down your engineered floor planks as a DIY project. 

Different designs and finishes

You will take a long time to decide what plank to use because of the endless choices for this type of flooring. There are endless options for color shades, grains, and patterns. You can even customize the texture of the finish you want for your floors. Surely, you'll find a design perfect for your living space. 

Cheaper option 

Engineered wood is a great alternative that will not burn a hole in your pockets. Engineered wood can cost between $6 to $9, while solid hardwood starts at $12 per square foot. So, if you plan to floor a thousand square foot space, engineered wood will cost an average of $7500 while solid hardwood will cost you more than $12000. 

Final Thoughts 

Planning the interior decoration of your home can be frustrating but it can also be fun. You have to be keen on every little detail to achieve a welcoming and comfortable home. When it comes to flooring, there are several options, but Mohawk engineered wood flooring is everything you can hope for. 

Its price, design, and affordability are all on point. If you want to explore other flooring types, you can read our guides and blogs and find your match. We're sure there's a perfect flooring for your home style and personal preference out there.

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