Mohawk Flooring Review—Embrace the Dark Side with Windridge Hickory
5 min read
April 22, 2022

Mohawk Flooring Review—Embrace the Dark Side with Windridge Hickory

5 min read
April 22, 2022

If you're all set on the hardwood for your flooring, then the next decision you’ll make will be about what type of wood to use. In case you didn’t know yet, there are numerous wood species available you can use on your flooring! Moreover, they vary in hues from whitewashed, light to dark brown colors. Regardless of the wood floor's color, its beauty will definitely be unmatched. The question you need to ask, though, is — which one will best suit your interior spaces? 

This blog post will take a close look at the Windridge Hickory, a flooring option exclusively available at Mohawk flooring. But, first, let's explain why this flooring option should be perfect for your home.

Product Spotlight: Windridge Hickory 

Dark floors are in! The dark brown floor brings out a certain elegance in your living spaces. This color variation feels like walking on the corridors of luxurious castles and big mansions ⁠— which you can now recreate inside your own home! But before we look deeper into the excellent features of the Windridge Hickory of Mohawk floors, let’s first know the characteristics of hickory wood. 

Hickory wood is not as popular as maple, oak, or acacia for flooring, but it's definitely one of the best choices.

Everything you need to know about hickory wood 

  • Hickory may not be the most popular option for homeowner flooring, but this wood species is at the top of the list when it comes to hardness. Hickory has a score of 1820 on the Janka Hardness scale. In addition, you will often find hickory material in baseball bats, which proves how durable it is. 
  • It has a unique grain pattern perfect for homeowners who like rustic and estate-like themes. In addition, you can find mineral streaks on hickory wood planks that make it intricate. This flooring will surely give your home that antique and timeless look. 
  • It’s a sustainable choice. There are over 19 species of hickory, and they can grow up to 100 feet. Moreover, hickory can live up to 300 years. Therefore, choosing hickory will not contribute to the endangerment of the tree species and the environment. 
  • It’s known for deep vibrant hues. Hickory wood planks are commonly available in auburn red, burgundy, dark brown, and tan. However, some manufacturers produce lighter colors if that's what you prefer.
espresso hickory

Mohawk Flooring Review: Windridge Hickory 

Now that we've seen the overview of the hickory wood species, it's time to look at Mohawk TecWood Windridge Hickory. But, first, let’s see why this variant is one of the most popular choices of the patrons of Mohawk flooring.

Multiple color variations

Although this hickory wood floor plank is more on the darker side of colors, it's still available in different variations. From the lightest hue to the darkest ⁠— you have golden hickory, mocha hickory, coffee hickory, and espresso hickory. These wood planks also vary in grain pattern, so you have options to choose from that can match the theme of your interior and your preference. 

Mohawk’s TecWood technology 

Mohawk flooring uses TecWood technology for their Windridge hickory. TecWood is the market name of Mohawk's selection of engineered wood plank options. Note, though, that TecWood is more premium than other engineered wood planks available in the market. The core base of the plank is plywood with a veneer hickory wood on top. 

TecWood guarantees that these planks can match the strength of solid hardwood. This is perfect for homeowners eager to have wood flooring but are playing on a tight budget. Moreover, the planks are available between 5 and 6 ½ inches in width and 3/8 inches in thickness. The prices of the Windridge hickory vary between $2.99 to $4.99. 

Can withstand more moisture and humidity

One of the key problems of hardwood flooring is that the material is easily affected by moisture and humidity. It contracts and forms wrinkles in place of the house that is too humid. That's why homeowners commonly install wood floors on areas that will contact water. 

But the Mohawk TecWood Windridge is designed to withstand more moisture and humidity. So, you won't have any problem if you want to install this flooring in your basement or your kitchen area. Just ensure that your subfloor is completely dry before installation for extra precaution. 

Easy and guided installation process

Installing this flooring plank from Mohawk may be DIY-ed. So, if you have some experience installing these types of flooring, you'll save money on labor costs. Although if you want professional help, Mohawk has a team to do the installation for you. They also have different services for your flooring needs, like removing old floors and moving furniture for installation. 

Furthermore, when you hire a group of people to install your flooring from Mohawk, they'll deliver the materials to your home two days prior. You can double-check all the wood planks, and they'll be happy to replace them if there are any broken ones or mismatched hues in the pack.

mohawk flooring review - brown wood flooring on entryway

Windridge Hickory Drawbacks 

Before finalizing your decision on the hickory flooring plank, there are some considerations you need to take note of. Here are some of the item drawbacks you may encounter. 

Not 100% percent waterproof 

The Mohawk TecWood Windridge Hickory flooring may withstand more moisture and humidity than other engineered wood planks, but they are not completely waterproof. So, we don't recommend installing these tiles in your bathroom or any outdoor area where they can get soaked during the rainy season. 

If you want a flooring material that’s completely water repellent, you can check Mohawk vinyl plank flooring reviews to explore other options. 

Overall cost 

You can see the significant difference in prices between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. The Windridge Hickory costs about $4 per plank and about $90 per pack, covering approximately 23 square feet. If you are to cover a 100 square feet area, you'll spend $400 on the material alone. Additional expenses may come when you hire other services for your flooring. 

If this cost is still too expensive for you, explore other Mohawk laminate flooring reviews. Mohawk's laminate flooring can cost as low as $1 per plank and $38 per pack. You can, then, cover a 100 square feet area for a cheaper price. 

Final Thoughts 

There's a reason why hardwood flooring remains the top choice for homeowners after all these years. Its extreme durability and timeless beauty are enough to elevate the experience inside your home ⁠— a material worth investing in. We hope this Mohawk flooring review on the Windridge Hickory helps you choose your flooring material. 

Mohawk offers more than 100 types, designs, and hardwood flooring styles. Explore their catalog to expand your options. Also, for more flooring reviews and inspiration, don't forget to visit our blogs! 

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