Create A Productive Work Area at Home Using the AiBOB Wood Floor Mat
4 min read
June 23, 2022

Create A Productive Work Area at Home Using the AiBOB Wood Floor Mat

4 min read
June 23, 2022

When you think of the perfect work area, what comes to mind? Maybe you imagine a brightly lit room with walls of whiteboards or shelves stocked with all your favorite tools. Or maybe you picture a comfortable chair and table in front of a beautiful window with a view. 

We all have different ideas about inspiration and productivity when we are working, especially when we work at home. But there is one thing that most people would agree on: having a nice, clean space to work in is important. 

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your wooden floor at home clean and protected, consider using the AiBOB wood floor mats for office chairs. This floor mat option has plenty of great features we will discuss in this article. Let's start!

AiBOB Wood Floor Mat Highlights

The AiBOB mat for hardwood floors is available on Amazon, so you can conveniently purchase them online should you decide to use them as a layer of protection for your wooden floor. Aside from this convenience, the product's durability, safety, utility, and ease of cleaning are among the features you will love. Let's get into the details below.


The AiBOB floor mat is easy to use and clean. All you need to do is position the wood floor mat chair on top, unroll it, and lay it flat on the floor. Just wipe any dirt off using a clean rug now and then to keep its pristine look. Maintain the wooden floor underneath, too. Just roll back the mat neatly, wipe the floor under, apply floor wax if need be, and roll it out.


The AiBOB mat is made of a textured rubber top layer to ensure your safety. This chair mat for your office's wood floor has a non-slip feature that ensures you won't stumble, especially with your habit of moving the chair back and forth. Meanwhile, the bottom layer is smooth, sticking well on any floor type.


AiBOB is made of polyethylene, a material used by the medical and industrial fields to create various products that require strength. The mat's durability can withstand pressure from your and the chair's weight. Polyethylene is also safe for wood floor types. Its chemical composition will not affect the makeup and color of the wood.


Work setup these days is very flexible. There are employees on a hybrid work setup that require them to work in the office every now and then. If you are part of this working population, note that you can also use the AiBOB mat for your office and any floor you wish to protect from dirt and scratches.

wood floor mat chair


  • Available in clear and black designs
  • Available on Amazon
  • Has a non-skid feature that keeps the mat in place
  • You can use it for hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and concrete floors
  • Abrasion and liquid spill-resistant
  • Has a 4.5 rating on Amazon from almost 9,000 buyers


  • It may take several hours for the mat to flatten after it is rolled
  • Extreme heat will affect its shape

Creating a Beautiful Home Work Area Using AiBOB Mat

With the AIBOB office chair mat, you have a reliable and durable product to protect your wooden floor. Now, it is time to turn your home workspace into something you will love spending your time in. Check out these tips on using the AiBOB mat more efficiently. 

  • Use the clear AiBOB mat to highlight your floor's pattern design.

It would be a waste to cover the beauty of your floor pattern, especially when it features a herringbone, basket, brick, diamond, or Versailles designs. Let this geometric perfection shine even underneath your office chair and table, made even more beautiful with your choice of floor shade by using the AiBOB clear mat. 

  • Let the black mat blend in for dark-colored floors.

Black-colored flooring is becoming more and more famous these days. The pitch-black hue helps in achieving a contemporary interior design. If you have the same theme for your home, let your floor mat blend in by choosing the black variation of the AiBOB floor mat. This means you don't have to sacrifice your comfort for the beauty of the room.

  •  Keep the mat and your work area always clean.

“A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind,” as some saying goes. With the AIBOB floor mat, your workspace from the table to the floor will be spic and span. Both the black and clear designs are easy to clean, so you can clean the mat easily, no matter which you pick. 

office chair mat for wood floors, non-slip

More Tips to Keep Yourself Productive Working from Home

Who wouldn't be inspired to accomplish tasks when the desk is organized, the chair is fresh and comfy, and you have the AiBOB mat to keep your floors pristine? A clean workspace truly affects one's productivity.

Here are more tips on being productive in a work-from-home setup.

  • Stick to the schedule to avoid procrastination.
  • Eat healthy meals.
  • Do not forget to stretch to avoid back pains later.
  • Connect to family and friends, and socialize!

When you do these and develop them into habits on top of having a clean floor and desk, there is a higher chance that you will be more productive and inspired working from home.

In Closing

Whether you are working from home for the first time or doing it for a while, it can be tough to stay productive. But with the right home ornaments and trinkets and a bit of organization, it is doable. We hope our tips and the AiBOB wood floor mat have helped give you some ideas on how to create a beautiful and inspiring work area in your own home. 

If you are looking for more ideas on how to spruce up your work area or level up the flooring of your room, feel free to browse through more of our reviews and buying guides. We have featured the best flooring and mats to help you decide. Happy reading!

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